Apr 23, 2021

Making the Most of These Times - Snow Leopard Proj

Dear Donor,


Thank you for your ongoing support of the Global Big Cat Alliance. I just got off the phone with one of our jaguar partners in Mexico – there should be some exciting news to share with you on the jaguar front during the next reporting cycle! Stay tuned!


Today, I will be reporting on Snow Leopard work in Kyrgyzstan in partnership with Kyrgyz Elders who have been working to raise the awareness among school aged children of traditional knowledge, conservation of snow leopards, and how to live in harmony with nature. The project has been ongoing for the past year and a half, and though COVID has stifled some of their initial plans, they have been able to do smaller gatherings at which the Elders have been able to speak to the school children, have given public talks online and have also given talks to the press.


One exciting development in this time period has been a partnership developing with 8-10 young people who have been selected to work with these Elders to achieve the project’s goals. These young people have been collecting tales, folklore and legends related to snow leopards and are diving into the oral history tradition of Kyrgyz people, all of which will help ensure the transmission of this important knowledge and that will ultimately shine a light on why conservation of these sacred big cats is not only relevant to their culture and traditional, but critical to the delicate ecosystems on earth.


A local youth theater has also expressed interest in developing and putting onperformances about the snow leopard. This was initiated as a way to address the fact that the project leaders haven’t been able to reach out to as many children as they had initially hoped to due to the pandemic. Through theater performances that would be recorded and later shared, they will be able to reach a much broader audience than they otherwise would due to COVID.  


As with many throughout this pandemic, our partners are having to think creatively to be able to do this important work in these times of great uncertainty we all face. And all of this is possible through generous donations like yours.


Knowing there are many worthwhile causes, your support means that much more to us during these times we are in. Thank you for believing in our work and for spreading the word about the Global Alliance for Big Cat Conservation project.


We wish you and your loved good health and well being during these difficult times.  

Jan 6, 2021

Global Alliance for Big Cat Conservation Update

Dear Donor, 


Thank you for your ongoing support of the Global Big Cat Alliance. As we reported in previous updates, much of our 2020 funding shifted from direct project support to emergency support for our partners around the globe – either to big cat conservation organizations with whom we partner or to indigenous cultural practitioners (ICPs) in our network who support these sacred big cats. This trajectory has continued into early 2021. 


In 2020 we provided support for some of our Snow Leopard (educational programs for children) and Jaguar partners, including a Jaguar conservation facility in Oaxaca, Mexico, which directly works with rehabilitating injured jaguars. This last quarter, we learned that one of our ICPs who works with and supports various conservation facilities throughout Mexico, including Xaguar Xoo, has landed on challenging times himself due to the pandemic. 


Through your generous support, we have been able to provide some support to this ICP for him and his amazing work, which ultimately serves the jaguars of his homelands (he is a Mixteca artist, musician and jaguar shaman). We will also continue to support Xaguar Xoo in whatever ways we can (see report from May 2020) in the months ahead. 


Thank you for your support and for spreading the word about the Global Alliance for Big Cat Conservation project. We wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy and safe New Year and extend our hopes and wishes for renewed life and balance on Earth.  

Sep 8, 2020

Friends of the Snow Leopard

Dear Donor,


As always, we are immensely grateful for your support during these challenging times. Especially in these times, we know there are so many ways you can choose to share and that you’ve chosen to share with us means a lot. As in the previous months, much of the work of our partners has either ceased or has slowed due to the pandemic. However, one partner in Kyrgyzstan has been able to move forward with his plans to implement a program to teach school – age children about the Snow Leopard and its importance in not only their ecosystem, but also in their cosmology.  


This Elder and traditional cultural practitioner has developed a program through which he will travel to schools to educate children in fun and innovative ways about the Snow Leopard. Understanding that much of the cultural significance of the Snow Leopard to his people has disappeared, his motive is to bring the Snow Leopard and Snow Leopard consciousness back into the minds and hearts of children. As children learn and grow their understanding of the importance of this sacred species, the hope and desire is they will carry this knowledge and wisdom with them and will help in the conservation efforts of these sacred beings. Also, it gives them a firmer grounding in who they are and the importance of their cultural traditions. 


Though unable to travel to as many schools as he might like, he is modifying plans as he goes and as Covid-19 plans continue to evolve and be implemented in Kyrgyzstan and in his community. Some of this may move to an online forum, and where possible, he intends to travel to the communities to meet with the children and share his wisdom.

We thank you for your ongoing support of this work and other work in our alliance. And as always, we appreciate you sharing our work with others.


We hope that you and your loved ones and communities continue to be safe and well, and that balance be restored to the earth. 

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