Sep 30, 2020


Help 100 children in India fight Cerebral Palsy

(Project #36518 from Balajothi Centre for the Disabled Trust)

Funding goal : $10,000 / Funds raised to date : $970

Project Report due date : Oct 10, 2020

Project Report sent on : Sep 29, 2020


CEREBRAL PALSY can involve brain and nervous system functions, such as movement, learning, hearing, seeing, and thinking. Its symptoms include:

·         Delayed milestones such as controlling head, rolling over, reaching with one hand, sitting without support, crawling, or walking

·         Developing handedness before age of 18 months

·         Persistence of "infantile" or "primitive reflexes," which normally disappear 3 to 6 months after birth

·         Abnormal muscle tone

·         Abnormal movements

·         Skeletal deformities

·         Vision problems

·         Hearing loss

·         Speech problems

·         Seizures

·         Mental retardation

·         Dental problems

·         Bladder control problems


Cerebral palsy is caused by injuries or abnormalities of the brain.

There is no permanent cure for cerebral palsy. The objective of treatment is to help the person be as independent as possible.

·         Our physiotherapy expert at Balajothi recommends occupational therapy for children suffering from cerebral palsy. An occupational therapist helps kids with severe developmental delays learn some basic tasks such as bathing, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and feeding themselves.

·         He also helps kids with behavioral disorders, learn anger-management techniques (i.e., instead of hitting others or acting out, the children would learn positive ways to deal with anger, such as writing about feelings or participating in a physical activity).


Balajothi thanks YOU, DONOR, for your generous and sacrificial giving of $970 to-date towards this worthy cause.  We thank you especially for your donation during this period of COVID-19 pandemic raging all over the globe.  Thanks to your kindness our special children are not only safe but also healthy as they stay indoors.

Balajothi thanks GlobalGiving for their constant endeavors in helping the underprivileged disabled community.  Our grateful thanks and prayers for the safety and welfare of GlobalGiving’s staff and volunteers in their service to the people affected during this pandemic.  God bless and keep you safe !!

Project leader

Balajothi Centre for the Disabled
Love, Hope, Security

Sep 25, 2020


Provide a home to 150 special children in India

(Project #24535 by Balajothi Centre for the Disabled Trust)

Funding goal $75,000 / Funds raised to date $4,997

Due date of Project Report : Oct 9, 2020

Project Report sent on : Sep 24, 2020


Just 40 special needs children across the country were adopted from April 2018 to March 2019, reveal government figures, highlighting societal bias and the reluctance of adoptive parents to take on the responsibility of dealing with the challenges of a special needs child. The 40 children accounted for 1.12 per cent of the 3,374 children adopted in 2018-19, according to an RTI reply by the Central Adoption Resource Authority (CARA) of the Women and Child Development ministry. Of the 40 21 are boys and 19 are girls. Behind the numbers are the narratives of children struggling to find a loving home and parents wary of accepting them for a variety of reasons, including lack of awareness, perceived stigma and financial considerations.

Balajothi Centre’s ambitious proposal to build a residential facility for 150 differently-abled under privileged & orphan children is gradually taking shape with visits to possible site areas.  This facility intends to provide life time care, rehabilitation and training to these special children which will enable them to lead a life of dignity and self respect.  It will also be a source of much relief to families as they will be assured of a safe abode to these children. The atmosphere and system specially designed in this facility would give an opportunity to these differently-abled children to experience freedom and live the rest of their lives happily and safely. This also answers the most frequently asked question of 'what happens after me' by many a deeply anguished parent of such disabled children.

Balajothi thanks YOU, DONOR, for your generous and sacrificial donation of $4,997 against the required goal of $75,000.  YOUR DONATION during the current COVID-19 pandemic is greatly appreciated.  This donation speaks volumes of your concern for disabled these children despite the difficulties you faced during the current COVID-19 pandemic, raging all over the world.  We thank you from our hearts and pray you will continue to keep safe indoors.  We thank you for your continued support to this cause.  Please rest assured that every dollar you send is being spent carefully for the entire benefit of such children.

Balajothi thanks GlobalGiving for its role in spreading the need to support the disabled community.  Thank you for your guidance and continuing support through this difficult period of COVID-19.

Project leader 

Balajothi Centre for the Disabled
Love, Hope, Security

Sep 25, 2020


Mid day meals for disabled children

(Project #16999 – By Balajothi Centre for the Disabled Trust)

Project goal $19,800 / Funds raised to date $11,429

Project report due on : Oct 8, 2020 / Report sent on Sep 25, 2020


Dear Donor, Balajothi thanks YOU for your loving contribution of $11,429 raised to date for providing mid day meals to our under-privileged special children.  We thank you especially for your consistent support even during this difficult COVID-19 situation.  This is rightly so because there can be no better time for doing this when this community is struggling to sustain themselves in the absence of work and opportunities to make a living.  At a time when their very existence is threatened your donation is making such a great difference.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for enabling us to provide sustenance to these special children.  Please rest assured that the money you send is being used to feed these children and their families during this coronavirus pandemic, complying with the limitations imposed by government.


Balajothi thanks GlobalGiving for their endeavors in raising funds for this very important cause.  Thank you GlobalGiving for all your support.


Project leader

Balajothi Centre for the Disabled
Love, Hope, Security

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