Mar 13, 2021

Fight Against Covid-2019


The residents of a slum have been living under a constant, unsettling threat of eviction. Developed under the central government scheme in India, the slum redevelopment project in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra is collaboration between the slum dwellers, Snehalaya and CSDC. Residents of Sanjaynagar are active participants in the design process.

Sanjaynagar is a slum in Ahmednagar city in Maharashtra, home to 298 families. The redevelopment plan addresses the need for formal housing for these families, while also providing safe and adequate community spaces, preserving the strong social fabric and bonding of the community. 

As the first in-situ slum development project in this district, the initial focus of CSDC and its partners has been on trust building and empowering the residents of the slum to take on the development and construction of their homes. The apartments have been designed with the help of the residents such that they allow for multiple iterations and combinations based on the needs of the families. To retain the social fabric of the slum, the G+2 buildings have been designed around seven courtyards of varying sizes, a community center, gymnasium, a government-run creche or aanganwadi, shops, etc.

While slum redevelopment in itself may be rather mainstream, the Sanjaynagar project has been developed with design, social and financial components unique to the needs and aspirations of the community. The success of this participatory model has the potential to impact housing policies and help build thousands of such thoughtfully designed communities in the future.


Community Representatives (CRs) are young men and women from the Sanjaynagar Slum who help with the work at the slum redevelopment site and act as facilitators between the residents and the architects from CSDC. During the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide lockdown, most families lost their livelihood and were struggling to feed themselves. The CRs rose to the occasion and helped galvanise resources to help their neighborhood survive the hardships.


Watch the video to learn more about our efforts.


Mar 13, 2021

Our Babies going in a happy family in USA.


Snehalaya is one of India’s most trusted nonprofit organisation. We give life changing quality care to abandoned and destitute children. Our team provides systematic approach of care to our children so they are safe, healthy, educated and happy! We want every child to grow in a family, so we work hard to reunite children with their families or place them in loving and caring Adoptive families children through a legal process.

We actively support vulnerable children and strengthen families in their difficult times through our Nutrition, Medical, Education and Awareness programmes. 

We are always overjoyed when one of the abandoned children whom we rescue, gets adopted in a family, home, love and hope because of loving foster-parents. We are also sure that after the adoption they also experience great satisfaction and meaningful life than in the past. We are always including such families in our prayers.


 Following are the success stories from Snehalaya's Snehankur...

1.Bhakti – [Name Change]

 Her mother was raped by her own cousin and she became pregnant with Bhakti.  After she was born, we found that she was a low birth weight baby. Further investigations revealed that she also had ‘Laryngomalacia” a condition in which there is a hole in the wall lining the wind pipe and the food pipe. This created problems in her breathing as well as swallowing. She was operated upon for this condition by a renowned pediatric surgeon and received excellent medical care. She has now been adopted by parents in Mumbai.

2. Kunal – [Name Change]

 Kunal was a low birth weight premature baby and needed utmost care and medical aid. He has a rare condition of absence of one external ear called ‘Anotia’. Both the mother and Kunal were abandoned by the relatives ad had nowhere to go. So the baby was relinquished by the mother to Snehankur while she was given shelter in our Women’s shelter Snehadhar. Kunal has been adopted and will be going in a happy family in USA. 

3. Shruti – [Name Change]

 Shruti’s mother was HIV positive but received treatment at Snehalaya through our hospital throughout her pregnancy. So Shruti was born HIV negative but had tuberculosis.  She was given complete treatment and has been now adopted by parents in the US.


Adoption of a child is a beginning of the new relations as we have also adopted each other as our extended family members.


Mar 8, 2021

Celebrating women

Happy IWD
Happy IWD

Happy International Women’s Month. To help us celebrate all of our women, we are proud to have been selected to take part in GlobalGiving’s International Women’s Week Campaign to advance gender-equality and uplift women and girls in communities around the world.  During the campaign which runs until 12 March, all donations up to US$50 will be matched by 50%.

 We rely on the support of you and partners such as GlobalGiving to help us raise much-needed funds to support women of all ages but we equally need your help to raise awareness of the issues.

The World Health Organization (WHO) considers that one out of five women has been physically or sexually assaulted by a man in her life and, in 2017, Reuters ranked India the fourth most dangerous place to be a woman. Gender-based violence such as domestic violence, sex and forced-labour trafficking, dowry deaths, rape, workplace harassment and child marriage continues to increase, irrespective of the education that’s been given on these topics.

Child marriages in Maharashtra where we operate have surged by 78.3%. Every third adolescent girl aged 15-19 years is married and every second married adolescent girl has given birth to a child. Despite harsher penalties, crimes against women and girls in the country are continuing to rise with a 31% increase in the number of reported rape cases over the past 10 years, averaging 88 cases every day. 

COVID-19 has added to the issues with the ‘shadow pandemic’ resulting in dramatic rises in the cases of violence against women and girls. On top of this, online harassment such as stalking, misuse of personal pictures, and inappropriate messages has also gone up making social media and other online platforms an unsafe place for an already restricted female population. 

With your support we are working to end this systematic violence and ensure lives free from inequality, cruelty and discrimination. We believe that every woman deserves a life with dignity and freedom and we stand with them to create a life they truly deserve with all of our love and support.

This week and month is the time to celebrate women and we hope you enjoy this video from our celebrations last year: We will once again be hosting activities for the women who call Snehalaya home. 

We truly do appreciate you and with your help we have made a significant difference:

  • Snehalaya’s Childline team (ranked no 1 in India) rescued 88 girls from child marriage during lockdown - over 40% of all rescues in Maharashtra!
  • Our 3,500 sex workers were also hit hard during the lockdown period and so far we have helped 35 of them leave prostitution and find new vocations.
  • Our women’s shelter and helpline provided sanctuary to hundreds of women experiencing violence.
  • Our adoption center, despite being 20% over capacity, continued to support pregnant women and victims of rape.
  • Food and hygiene kits distributed to 40,000 families in our poorest communities
  • Roadside assistance to 40,000 migrant workers on the long walk home from Mumbai and Pune.
  • Our new mental health project helps women rejected by their families and forced onto the streets.

You can help us to support many more survivors of abuse and violence today by building them a better, happier tomorrow. We believe in the power of you! 


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