Aug 28, 2015

Mission Accomplished

A page from a Pop- Up Book
A page from a Pop- Up Book

We are happy to report on the success of the 2015 annual art program, organized by Youlou Arts Foundation. We accomplished what we had set out to do. We provided the children with rich, varied and meaningful projects which they truly enjoyed.   

All thanks to you donors, your financial support has allowed us to continue and grow this program.    

We completed the 2015 program August 7th with a " big bang".

On the last day of the program we were given permission to set up tables and a PA system under the General Post Office, in the middle of town, and display the children's work to the public.

There was the recitation of poems the children had, written with such enthusiasm, about the Botanical Gardens. There was the "performance piece" in which the children made up skits and pretended to be the main characters who played a role in starting the St. Vincent Botanical Gardens 250 years ago.   

On display were pop-up books, some with monsters and others depicting garden scenes,which paid homage to the botanic garden.   

There were scroll books, each contained an illustrated proverb. Sewn books with covers made from paper the children had marbled, folded books which some children wore around their neck like a necklace and flag books in which they wrote their poems, and personal  secrets. Collages were made using dried banana leaves.

We admit creating the program was fun. The execution was intense and now it is with a sigh of relief that we can sit back and pat ourselves on the back and feel content. We did it!

Donors we hope you are also feeling happy and glad to be our financial supporters, without your donations our art program would not exist. Thank you.

 We look forward to your continued support throughout the year. Please continue to visit us on the Global Giving website! 


A Scroll Book with Proverb
A Scroll Book with Proverb
Marbling the Paper
Marbling the Paper
Dried Banana Leaf Collage
Dried Banana Leaf Collage
Jun 2, 2015

Youlou Arts Foundation 2015 Art Program

Having a Great Time!
Having a Great Time!

Yes, summer is around the corner and we are busy finalizing plans for the annual children's art program. Needless to say we are fired up for this year's program. It will mark 15 years Youlou Arts Foundation has been organizing this program. 

 We are truly amazed at the stamina of the organizers and the generosity of our kind and loyal donors and supporters.Your donations have carried us through all these many years. Please believe me when I say we are truly grateful. It has not been an easy feat! 

The 2015 program is titled "Discovering the Botanical Gardens, SVG's Jewel". For the third consecutive year we will focus on the St.Vincent Botanical Gardens, which is celebrating it's 250th anniversary. We have planned a "performance piece" which will be designed and created by the children. It will take the form of a radio program where each child will be given a chance to share their thoughts about the garden.

 Among the other exciting projects for this year's program are screen printing on T-shirts. This will be introduced by Mr. Dillroy Tesheira. He has been a teacher in the program at the Georgetown location, for at least 7 years.

Ms. Jennifer Polshek will give the children some extra attention with their poetry writing. She is a poet from the US and is very keen on teaching children the art of poetry writing.

Camille Musser will be making art books with special focus on making creative covers using banana fibres, drawing and painting.There will also be a landscaping opportunity for the children in the Georgetown location.  

The program kicks off with the Teachers' Training Workshop on July 13th to July 17th.The children's program starts July 20th and ends August 7th. Three full weeks of art making activities.

We want to continue making the children happy and excited about making art. Donors, with your continued support we will continue our commitment to providing an art education to primary school children in St. Vincent.

Thank you again for your support.

Mar 10, 2015

Youlou Arts Foundation Manifesto

The bitter, biting cold, and snowy winter days have indeed made a profound impact on our spirits.
It has caused us to think deep and hard about what our organization is really trying to do and why. This state of affairs has caused us to create and publish our manifesto, to keep us relevant, vibrant and on target.  

Youlou Arts Foundation declares the following:

 Art is vital. 

 We need art in our daily life. It is the driving force which keeps us all sane and human.

To quote Picasso "Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life" 


 Art is powerful 

It has the capacity to bring about action and awareness. 

Art has the ability to bring people to together. 

It encourages curiosity, willingness and responsibility.


 Art is inclusive

It is for everyone. 


 Art can drive economic gain

Arts and cultural activities can draw crowds from within the community and around the world.

Increasing the number of visitors as well as enhancing resident participation helps build economic and social good.  

We need to recognize and market the arts and cultural assets of our community. Creatively acknowledging and marketing community assets can attract a strong and skilled workforce as well as help sustain a positive quality of life.

 It is for these reasons Youlou Arts Foundation has a vested interest in organizing art programs for children. We know by getting the youth involved in art making we are making an investment in the future of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

 Youlou Arts Foundation has spent the past 15 years ensuring the continuation of the children's art program because we operate under the notion that "every child is an artist". By dedicating time and energy to providing art activities to children, we are promoting a culture where children will be inspired, motivated and become model citizens.

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