May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Response from the Nanofilter Team in Tanzania

Proposed Medical Masks manufactured by 3D Printer
Proposed Medical Masks manufactured by 3D Printer

This quarter who don't have much to say outside the fight for COVID-19. We are so grateful for many partners who stepped in and intervened in this time of need. Among many others is the Royal Academy of Engineering, UK. The academy has decided to provide us with three 3D Printers to fabricate medical masks and visors to support the effort of front-line health workers who are in greater risks to contract COVID-19. The printers are about to be installed – we will provide updates with time. Please kindly WELCOME and join our effort if you are interested to step-in for this 3D Printer Project and/or anything else that is of interest. Worthy of mention are other projects we submitted to Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF) and the USAID to protect our Nanofilter operators (90 ladies) who are actively providing clean and safe water, even in the midst of COVID-19. These ladies are now considered as the real HEROES in our community. We are determined to strengthen their effort through a project with the following objectives:

• To conduct individual calls to operators to offer encouragement, determine their needs, and disseminate business model alternatives to avoid contracting and spreading coronavirus.

• To introduce Zoom call which can address all 90 operators - all of them at once and allow exchange of ideas

• Purchase personal protective equipment (PPE) – masks and visors for all 90 operators


NanofilterTM is an invention from Tanzania; a low-cost water purification system that increases access to clean and safe water to reduce water bone diseases. Nanofilter is determined to make a change through this innovation:


May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Response for the Biogas Team in Tanzania

Organic Fertilizer Processing Unit in Tanzania
Organic Fertilizer Processing Unit in Tanzania

Our Biogas Project, just like many other businesses around the world, was also hit by COVID-19. Nevertheless, we are so grateful to many partners who stepped in and intervened in this time of need. Among many others is the United States Africa Development Foundation (USADF) which provided $10,000 to assist our biogas customers to build organic fertilizer units. Moreover, we are grateful to the government of Tanzania for providing Tsh. 131,000,000 ($56,956) for skills development through (SDF) through Tanzania Education Authority (TEA). The main objective is to advance skills for harnessing organic fertilizer to boost crop production and generate income for biogas customers in rural areas and create job opportunity for the youth / technicians. With this grant we are determined to strengthen our biogas customers through a project with the following objectives:

1. To empower 100 technicians with skills of building organic fertilizer processing units

2. To train and support the current 300 biogas customers to generate income from organic fertilizer

3. To increase the income of the biogas customers by Tsh.100,000 per month

You are kindly WELCOME to partner with us, as it is convenient to you.

Along with the Organic Fertilizer – which is environmentally friendly - the promotion of cow-dung based green energy will reduce deforestation, carbon dioxide emission to mitigate climate change and make the rural communities resilient / adapt to climate change, as evidenced here:


May 26, 2020

COVID-19 Response done in Tanzania

THANKS to The Girls Foundation of Tanzania
THANKS to The Girls Foundation of Tanzania

“A friend in need is a friend indeed”! We are so GRATEFUL to the The Girls Foundation of Tanzania ( for providing our whole team with masks to protect against COVID-19. We continue to extend our gratitude to the GlobalGiving and its partners – including the sponsors / supporters like you. Our track record, through your support, has become a basis for us to apply for expansion projects and further training. This quarter we just submitted a new proposal to International Labour Organization (ILO) to train local entrepreneurs to be involved in various products we are producing, including the Solar Lantern.

Here is the track record we made as the basis for the ILO Project:

1. Training of 1,000 local entrepreneurs, mostly youth and young ladies to operate Nanofilter water stations – funded by Human Development Innovation Fund (HDIF)/UKAid (2016-2019): GBP 350,000.

2. The training of 24 Zambian Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs came to Tanzania and were trained under the sponsorship of Southern Africa Innovation Support Program (SAIS): 170,000 Euros. Please kindly consider the YouTube Video Link:

3. Training for 400 Tanzanians - sponsored by Tanzania Education Authority under the program sponsored by the World Bank called "Skills Development Fund" (SDF). The training solves the challenge of unemployment and failure to utilize locally available resources. The government of Tanzania provided Tsh.131,000,000 to to conduct this training.

4. Future STEM Business Leaders Training

This is training for young people - sponsored by the Institute of Physics (IOP), UK. Here is the testimony by some of the participants:

5. The Royal Academy of Engineering, United Kingdom: Sends intern students from UK Universities to work with us in Tanzania. The interns stay at the Inspire and Empower Centre in Tanzania.


Among others, the objectives of the ILO training are:

1. To empower 100 young people every 3 months with much needed skills in the real work environment

2. To enable the trainees earn a “salary” (as normal employees) of at least Tsh.200,000 per month during their work-based practical training

Please kindly let us know how you would like to be involved now or in future. We are open-minded!


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