Sep 4, 2018

Protect and Inspire Street Children in Nepal


I would like to share with you some of achievements in the last year, which without your support, we would have never been able to achieve.

Our core child protection services including two shelters, one midway home and seven drop-in centres in Pokhara and Butwal, supported over 3,000 working, street-involved or at-risk children, including 80 girl victims of sexual abuse and exploitation

We developed and launched a new Life Skills & Life Awareness course with the aim of improving life skills, sexual & reproductive health and emotional wellbeing among vulnerable adolescents living in urban slums. The course is delivered via outreach to community peer groups and more recently is being delivered in government schools in slum areas. Feedback has been extremely positive with plans to expand into more schools in the coming year.

By working directly in workplaces and with employer, we helped to improve working conditions and protect working children and adolescents from abuse and exploitation. In fact, this work over the last five years has helped reduce the number of child labourers under 14 years of age by 73%.

We revised our approach for working with street children to align with new government legislation and we established a new rehabilitation centre and midway home, thereby increasing our investment in helping children to move on from street and working situations. From this we helped 300 children to return to their families or independently in society

We supported over 650 of the poorest children into mainstream education by providing books uniforms, exam fees and by working intensively with parents to encourage them to actively support their children’s education, especially ensuring regular attendance. 

We enabled 560 children and young people for whom due to their situations, attending mainstream education was not a realistic proposition, to participate in alternative learning opportunities either in our drop-in centres or in their workplaces. Within this our new Functional Learning curriculum has delivered some impressive results including an average 53% improvement in participants’ reading, writing and arithmetic skills.

We provided 335 children with on-the-job training, vocational training, business training or job facilitation.

We obviously need ongoing support and so if you can, we would be extremely grateful if you could continue to support our work by generously giving again.

Many thanks


The Kidasha Team

Aug 13, 2018

Escaping Abuse in Nepal

Kidasha works to improve the wellbeing, development and opportunities of children living in crisis situations in chronic poverty in Nepal. Children who are beyond the reach of existing services and support, including children living in urban slums, street and working children and victims of sexual abuse and exploitation. We have been working in Nepal for 20 years, during which time we have developed unique expertise in supporting the most disadvantaged and marginalised children living in urban poverty.

Our small team in Nepal, works in partnership with local partners to develop and deliver quality projects which have a sustained impact for children and families at grassroots level. We actively engage with local government agencies and the wider community to improve mainstream services, change attitudes and reduce exclusion and discrimination.  Our approach differs to that of other NGOs working overseas in that we aim to create lasting change for the most vulnerable children and not simply deliver short term benefits to as many as possible.

Together with our partners, we provide a range of services and support including: temporary shelter and rehabilitation support for street children and girl victims of sexual abuse; drop-in centres and outreach work with working children and their employers to reduce exploitation and abuse, remove younger children from labour situations and improve access to ‘on the job’ and vocational training opportunities; and support for ‘out of school’ children to access formal and informal education, including working with families to encourage parents to support their children’s education.

You have generously supported our shelter for sexual abused girls. Often visuals tell a stronger story than words ever can, I would therefore ask you to watch our short film which clearly documents the need for our unique shelter for sexually abused girls in Pokhara.

A big thank you from the children of Nepal.

Best wishes

The Kidasha Team


Jul 3, 2018

Safe to Grow, protecting Nepali children after EQ

It is now over three years since the devastating  earthquake  in Nepal which destroyed over 800,000 homes and affected around 8 million people. As well as destroying homes, it destroyed land, livelihoods and people’s way of life. In one of the world's poorest countries, in which inequality and extreme poverty were already huge problems, the earthquake disproportionately affected those already suffering. Unable to wait for support, many of the poorest were forced to leave their villages and head for cities like Pokhara to survive. However, no longer being in the areas directly impacted by the earthquake, these children and families were overlooked by the majority of other disaster responses. 

After the earthquake, we focused our response on an area in which we have the most experience and resources - helping children and families living in extreme urban poverty in Pokhara. Over the last three years, we have helped almost 1,000 earthquake affected children and their families who were forced to migrate to the city, the majority settling in slum areas. We helped them setup homes, supported them to access local services, and made sure their children could enrol in local schools. We rescued and rehabilitated girls who were victims of trafficking. We removed children from abusive and exploitative working conditions and reintegrated children with their families and back into mainstream education. For older adolescents, we worked with local employers to improve working conditions and provided skills training, business training and access to apprenticeships to prevent their exploitation.

We have integrated support for earthquake victims into our core programme in Pokhara and now almost 1 in 3 of the working and at risk children that we support have been affected by the earthquake in some capacity.

Thank you for your kind and generous support.

The Kidasha Team

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