Mar 13, 2020

Reducing Maternal Deaths through Institutional Delivery in Uttar Pradesh

Thank you for saving her life
Thank you for saving her life

Dear Donors, Friends, and Supporters,

This report will give you a true insight about the project and how it is changing the life of Mother and Children, belonging to Rural India.

She is Sitara, age 25 years, wife of Shyam, hailing from a small village called Bhogwar, Dist- Chandauli (UP). After the successful delivery of her Baby Girl, she is feeling very safe now. Initially, her husband was concerned about Safe Delivery, as the nearest hospital was more than 10 km away from their home.

Just after some weeks of her pregnancy, Sitara came across Meera, a Merry Tarang (MT) worker (Front Line Health workers, working under MerryGold Hospitals in UP) who was on her scheduled visit to the village Meera came to know about the new pregnancy case of Sitara. Upon meeting, Meera counselled Sitara about the benefits of institutional delivery, which comes with an added advantage of postnatal follow-up and necessary vaccination for mother and child.

That day, she introduced Merry Gold Hospital Network of Hospitals working across Uttar Pradesh (UP) to provide safe institutional birth that too  free of cost. It was an easy task to explain this relevance to Sitara, but not so easy to approach her husband.

Her husband Shyam was having a misconception that if his wife would visit any hospital, she may get infected with some diseases as the nearby hospitals do not maintain good hygiene and Sanitation practices. Our MTW thoroughly addressed his concerns and Shyam was finally convinced for their child delivery at the hospital. Sitara enrolled for necessary updates and medical consultation from time to time until she delivered a healthy child.

Merrygold Hospital chains in UP are providing the best & affordable healthcare services to the poor and marginalized communities. This includes Counselling, Identification of new cases, linkages with social services, and transformational help for people living in far-flung areas, service delivery, etc. Advocating for Institutional Delivery encourages mothers to deliver their babies in an appropriate setting, where life-saving equipment and hygienic conditions can also help reduce the risk of complications that may cause death or illness to mother and child.

Through safe & normal delivery, Sitara gave birth to a healthy girl child named “DIVYA”. The couple was happy, as Divya is their first child and no issues were faced during the whole procedure of delivery.

Like, Sitara, there are many other women who need our support towards deliver an institutional delivery with free medical consultation. They need you at the crucial phase of their life, where a pregnant lady becomes a Mother.


On behalf of my organization (HLFPPT), I am taking the privilege to thank you all for your generous support provided under the project “Safe Pregnancy for 200 poor Women in India”.

So far, through this project, we have received donations across the Globe with a tune to USD 15598 against the set target of just USD 20,000/-. Help us to Help Them. 


About the Project:

HLFPPT has partnered with more than 300 hospitals to provide safe pregnancy and delivery facilities to poor women. This includes medical check-ups, counseling support, medicines, tests, nutritional supplements, delivery care, etc. More than 600,000 women have availed services through HLFPPT hospitals.

Long-Term Impact

This project is helping to prevent needless deaths of mothers by ensuring that at least 500 poor pregnant women are blessed with healthy babies. Given the key role that mothers play in the health of their families, the program is also contributing towards improving the overall quality of healthcare in the state-starting with one mother-baby pair at a time.

Know your Donation Value:

Donations towards this project can be done on a one-time basis or a monthly basis. For more details visit the project page mentioned above.

Note: Due to some administrative reasons, donations received for this project may not be disbursed for the next couple of months. The disbursement of the donation will resume back to normal, once the technical issue gets resolved.


Feb 24, 2020

Enabling environment to choose an informed decision towards living a healthy life

Informed well in time to chose a healthy life
Informed well in time to chose a healthy life

Dear Friends, Supporters, and Donors,

We would like to thank you for your kind support. We appreciate your continuous contributions to the poor couples who can’t afford & access the family planning services. Your support has led to changes in our intervention areas. In this report, we would like to share the experience of Meenu in her own words.

 “My married life was not easy until I met with Asha, Merry-Tarang Worker, who helped me understand the pros and cons of repeated child birth." She made us (My Husband too) realize how our health would be impacted if gave birth to our third child, immediately after an year of second childbirth”.

                                                - Meenu (Beneficiary of the Program)

 Namaste!!! I am Meenu, a full-time housewife, managing my day to day work along with two children in a small village called Sahjor, Dist- Chandauli (UP). My husband Mr. Ram is the sole breadwinner for my family. He works as a daily wage worker in a local farm.  I am barely educated to know my rights or understand the facts about Family Planning and its methods. After my second child's birth, both females, my in-laws insisting on having a male child. It is very difficult to live with two girl children in a village like- Sahjour, where people constantly taunt and tell you to have a male child and the same was communicated to me through my husband. Despite my choices, he convinced me to have another child, though my health was not good to bear a healthy child.


During one of her routine visits, HLFPPT’s MerryTarang worker (MTW) Asha,  visited the village to counsel the community about family planning and its importance where she come across Meenu. During her conversation, she found that Meenu restricted herself from using any family planning methods. Shewas bound by a lot of myths being practiced in the community and started believing without logic. It was very hard to show the real world to Meenu, but our MerryTarang worker did not give up on her and counseled her along with her spouse. Her efforts didn’t go in vain, when Meenu visited Aman Hospital to attend a counselling session with the Doctor. The Doctor suggested that they should not go for another childbirth and opt for permanent female sterilization (FST). Earlier, they denied the option with an idea of having a male child. But as a result of rigorous follow-ups and various counseling were done by MTW, finally, Asha (MerryTarang Worker), succeeded to make them realize that, , two-children are enough to live a happy life. It will not be a wise decision to have a baby boy just for the sake of society wanted them to have it.

 They underwent permanent sterilization and chose happiness over societal pressure and bad health. Now, both are happily educating their girl children and empowering them to live a healthier life by making them aware and informed about their rights.


It would be very hard for us to reach and serve the underprivileged area without your support. To serve in every hard to reach the area, we would require your support. Many women like Meenu are still waiting to understand their health rights for taking correct decision if they informed timely with adequate knowledge and possible way to choose the Family Planning Services. They also have the right to live a respectful life. Through this project, HLFPPT is enabling a caring environment for these women and couples.


 About the Project:

Since 2016, HLFPPT is helping poor couples in Uttar Pradesh, (UP-India) to avail easy access to Family Planning Methods through our Network of MerryGold Hospitals. These Hospitals are well equipped with trained and qualified doctors, Counsellors and Merry Tarang Workers (MTWs), also known as Front line health workers (FLHW). These MTWs are well versed with the local community, having detailed information about the poor families, who need family planning methods.


We would like to thank our GlobalGiving donors for providing continuous support to our Project “Poor Couples to Access Family Planning”. Your kind contributions are giving them (Married Couples) a chance to make informed decisions about their Sexual and Reproductive Health.


In addition to the above, this is just a matter of fact that, all donations made towards this project may not be released by GlobalGiving due to some administrative reasons. In a couple of months, service to disburse the fund will get back to normal.



Dec 16, 2019

Capacity Building Training of Healthcare Professionals

Staff Nurses during the Training
Staff Nurses during the Training

Dear Friends, Donors, and Supporters,

Greetings from HLFPPT !!!

The Year is about to end now. Many of us have done a lot towards benefiting the communities in many ways. Some of us are still waiting for the best way to support and give back to the communities.

There is a famous quote made by John Bunyan  “ You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you”.    

The above quote is very relevant in the time of ThanksGiving days, where the whole world is pondering their love towards the underprivileged communities by giving a donation (in any form).

About the Project:

We at HLFPPT are working tirelessly to provide quality healthcare services by providing simulation-based training to the Hospital Administration, Staff Nurse, Doctors, and Technicians, who are dealing with the patient on a daily basis. The objective of these training sessions is to improve maternal and child health by providing high impact, low-cost training tools for health workers and facilities.

Capacity Building Training to the Staff Nurse:

Under the project, HLFPPT has conducted a demonstration of clinical tools, cum awareness sessions for nearly 50 Staff Nurses of Mahi Institute of Nursing, UP. The session was based on strengthening the Technical Staffs for operating Delivery and Infant care very diligently and uphold the quality. The session was appreciated by the attendees and administration.

What this Project does:

Your generous donation towards this project is helping HLFPPT to train the Healthcare Professionals and also to provide free ads to the children. The Nifty Cups, which is a lifesaving tool to enable mothers and children for easy feeding; is the most affordable solution adapted by the healthcare sector. The main purpose of this project is to provide simulation-based training to healthcare professionals so that at the time of delivery at the institution, the possibility of Maternal and Infant mortality can be reduced.

Since the last couple of months, Donations towards this project were not received, but still, HLFPPT is providing training to the healthcare professions, technicians and Staff nurses to perform the delivery of safe childbirth at the hospital and help Women and Infant to live a healthy life ahead.

To support the cause, click here to donate online. At this page, we have the list of how worth your donations will be. This value list will help you to understand the initiative and also will help you to choose the correct amount for donation.

HLFPPT has partnered with Laerdal Medical India Private Ltd. to improve the quality of care by enhancing healthcare provider skills through simulation-based training as well as to strengthen facilities with life-saving tools in India.

Note: This is just a matter of fact that, due to some admiistrative issues, GlobalGiving is not able to relase the donations whih may received in coming days. This will be sorted out soon and disbursement of fund will be resumed back at normal.

Wishing  You all a very happy Christmas and happy New year in Advance,


Sharad Agarwal


Gaining Experience by Doing it
Gaining Experience by Doing it


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