Apr 2, 2014

Local Partnership and Collaboration for E-learning Launch

Students and partners gathering for discussion
Students and partners gathering for discussion

Dear Donors and Supporters of Dar Si Hmad,

Our e-learning project is underway! We recently visited Mesti to meet with the delegate of the Moroccan Ministry of Education, the principle of the girls’ boarding school and the students themselves. Everyone was very welcoming and eager to develop a sustainable e-learning platform for the 35 girls at the boarding school.

Though the dorms opened in 1996, this is the first time that the students are introduced to e-learning education. Though interviewed, the girls continue being curious about e-learning and motivated to learn in a new and unknown way. The principle of the boarding school stated that “there is little attention given to rural schools in order to improve the students’ skills and qualifications,” making the potential of this e-learning platform to be very valuable and empowering for these young girls.

We presented the concept of e-learning to the students, it’s functions, style of learning and advantages. Dr. Jamila Bargach, the director of Dar Si Hmad, emphasized how the internet is a learning opportunity,  a valuable tool to educate. From the group of 35 girls, only one is studying science while the others are focusing on literature. This is an opportunity for us to introduce new topics of science and technology to these students, broadening their scope of interests and possibilities in their world.

This visit allowed us to organize our next steps in the e-learning process: we are partnering with Ibn Zohr University in Agadir to conduct the placement tests, and since they’ve previously established an e-learning platform with other collaborators, we will take this opportunity to learn from them. This pilot e-learning project will be conducted offline, though we are still in the process of obtaining sufficient internet-speed in the school in order to synchronize the offline platform with the online one. The e-learning curriculum will first focus on teaching and improving their language skills in English and French, then will expand to teaching science and technology.

We informed the students that they will need permission from their parents to travel soon to Agadir to take their English-language placement test. Once parents approve of the girls’ travel, we will be able to test their English-language level and begin developing curriculum. Our partnerships and spirits are strong for this pilot project!

Boarding School Students and Dar Si Hmad in Mesti
Boarding School Students and Dar Si Hmad in Mesti
E-learning Program at Ibn Zohr University, Agadir
E-learning Program at Ibn Zohr University, Agadir
Feb 11, 2014

A gateway to innovative learning for rural girls

Dear Donors and partners,

We have reached our first objective of disseminating the information concerning the plight of under-served communities, particularly girls, in the South of Morocco.  Your funds have enabled us to further advance the project and carry effectively a thorough study of the context and set up carefully selected milestones via which to monitor the progress of the girls.

We have successfully identified the beneficiaries’ needs in terms of education and academic hardships by conducting intensive semi-guided interviews with the girls, and we are now in the process of finishing a technical study evaluating and comparing the existing technology platforms addressing e-learning in order to select the most efficient and suitable tools for our project with the purpose of providing the girls with the best learning experience via ICT.  We are currently in the process of deciding on the methodology to adopt for delivering high quality online classes, we are also meeting with professors, deeply experienced in the field, closely collaborating with the official administrators and other institutions that have already launched e-learning platforms, so as to choose the optimal methodology, the most accurate content, and the most interesting material for our beneficiaries.  

We reiterate our deep and sincere thanks, and we commit to share further material on our future reports (budget and action plan).

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