Dec 18, 2018

The plants are growing and we are so proud of our school


The Oasis School Program is continuing its amazing growth.  Our team has a monthly visit to the premises of the school during which we check on the status of the plants and learn from the children about what they have done so far.  For this past 3 months (September through December), we are so happy to say that the plants have grown substantially and that the children and the school master are proud of the work they have accomplished.  Funds were used to purchase additional seeds, to fix the water-cistern and to organize a one-week intensive for planting and weeding.

These are small acts, but their impact is immense in a region that is increasignly suffering from lack of water.  This year, the rainy season was not as abundant as it should be, and desertification is keeping apace.  Creating a small Oasis is an activity and an engagement that acts as a buffer and especially creates hope that acts do bear fruits. So far, 3 primary schools in this region have contacted us as they want to replicate this program.  We are again happy and proud that this garden is begetting other gardens.  Please stay posted with us. 

Sep 7, 2018

New Academic & Programming Year

Hello everyone,

August is our summer holiday in Morocco, a time of rest and slumber for students and families.  We are now back, full of enthusiasm and passion to accomplish a whole new year of heart-felt environmental education in the poor region of Morocco.

Please stay tuned as we share with you our redesigned programs to which we have added a new learning  opportunity for our eager students, the community's permaculture farm in the region of Ait Baamrane. 

Your support has made our earliest empowering education initiative possible, and you have seen us grow, re-evaluate, and re-focus our areas of intervention.  We are confident that such an initiative holds hope and promise for our pupils, the community, Dar Si Hmad and our supporters at large.


Thank you GlobalGiving Community!

May 29, 2018

Bitter-Sweet Goodbye: Closing the Oasis School

Closing ceremony group photo
Closing ceremony group photo

This past week we have closed our Oasis School for the 2017-2018 edition. Parents, officials, teachers, our team and, of course, the pupils all came together to celebrate the end of this year-long rewarding program. 

The pupils performed a play, a very telling story of what they have learned through the year. They were crouching and then with water, started rising to become trees. Life-giving trees, akin to the Argan trees that are unique to this region of the planet. Loiters barge in, throw garbage, seesaws cut branches and for the children to crouch once again, weak and sad trees. But yet again, other pupils run in to the rescue, they clean, water and, especially, love the trees which then sprung up again, trees wearing the happy children’s face who understood and enacted with their bodies what care and environmental care do mean in reality.

We were all so happy to see such a performance and proud of the initiative of the children. But it was a very bitter-sweet moment, like when the little Khadija who, at the end of the ceremony, mouth still full of cookies and sweet couscous, was chocking and saying how much she will miss the Oasis School, and if “we are coming back next year?”

Dar Si Hmad and its partners delivered over 86 contact hours, 280 meals, made an insect-hotel, installed a pump, bought equipment for the school, seeds and seedlings, and taught the children with passion how to care for one’s environment. As Husin, one of the 10 year old boy participant, this has allowed us to not only understand but to work with our hands and see the difference in our dry garden in September and today, all green and beautiful.


Thank you all for supporting Dar Si Hmad in its initiative and making such experience possible for poor rural children. Without your support this would not have been possible. Simply thank you.  

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