Nov 26, 2018

Giving Tuesday is here and we need your help!

Giving Tuesday has become a global day of celebration focused on giving back to our communities. For PEAC, it's the kick-off of our once-a-year fundraising campaign. Our goal is to reach $20,000 to budget for the veterinary costs and care for our adoptable parrot program, which has helped many parrots receive a second chance to find a loving home. 

Here’s how you can help us reach our goal with this special bonus opportunity for #GivingTuesday:

Donations received by Global Giving, starting Monday, November 26th at 9:01 pm Pacific time, will qualify PEAC for a portion of an “incentive fund.”  Organizations which receive the most donations or most number of unique donations, receive the largest part of the fund.  However, any new recurring donation will receive 100% match for their first donation!

Also, many companies have annual matching programs for their employees or provide grants! Ask your Human Resource department to learn about what opportunities may be available for our parrots. Should you have any questions, or need assistance in making a donation, or you would like to volunteer, please don’t hesitate to email or call us anytime!

Stay Tuned for More Parrot Adoption Stories and Pictures!

This year we helped 15 parrots find a home or sanctuary, breaking last year’s record - AND - we still have one more pending!

This includes recent adoptions for Elvis, Munchkin, Buka and Sweetie.  But the adoption we are most excited to announce is… for WILLOW! After waiting more than three years in our program, Willow has found her forever home and settled in with her family last weekend.

AND… Munchkin also found his match!  Munchkin, a Double yellow-headed Amazon, came to us earlier this year from the San Diego County Animal Shelter.  We did not know anything about his history except that he would say “Hi Papa” and was interested in human interaction.  Our veterinarian determined that his unique face was due to an under-formed upper-skull, that happened during his development in shell. Munchkin was shy and did not solicit his caregiver for preening. However his attitude completely changed when he saw his future mom!  Munchkin had been talking to her “over the phone” and when she came and sat on a couch to meet him in person, Munchkin climbed down and over to perch on her chest and began to solicit her for head scritches while giving kisses. There wasn’t a dry eye among all the volunteers and family present who saw this moment and it was directly made possible because of your support and donations.

Empty spaces in our foster program are filling quickly with new parrots like “Sparkle” a young male Indian Ringneck who has unique cone-shaped eyes that make him nearsighted. He will require some extra TLC and veterinary care and because of your generous gifts, we’ll make sure he gets everything he needs to live a comfortable and happy life and find his new family.

We are excited to continue into our 23rd year of serving our community, and we hope you will join us to help even more parrots and parrot owners in 2019!  Keep following us on social media for all the latest videos, photos and news about our classes and parrots available for adoption.

Everything accomplished this year was because of your compassion and continued dedication to supporting our parrots. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

With our deepest gratitude,

Kelly Flynn, President and Barbara Crouse, Board Member

Munchkin meets his new mom for the first time!
Munchkin meets his new mom for the first time!
Munchkin meets his new mom for the first time.
Munchkin meets his new mom for the first time.
Meet Sparkle, our newest member of the flock.
Meet Sparkle, our newest member of the flock.
Sep 17, 2018

A Spook-tacular Fall Update from PEAC

Louie was Adopted!
Louie was Adopted!

Grab a mug of tea and curl up with PEAC's latest update - Happy Fall!

Our Adoptable Flock:

Louie, our Red-lored Amazon has been adopted! He now has a whole family to call his own and they are completely smitten with our lovable Louie. The adorable photo above, says it all. This is why we work so hard every day, and are so grateful for your support and donations to our flock and educational programs. THANK YOU for making this moment and so many more, possible. 

Panee, our hybrid Greenwing macaw who was introduced in our Summer newsletter, had come to us with a blind left eye. He had been kept outdoors and was no longer being handled in his previous home. Initially Panee was shy and defensive when we met him, but we hoped that most of it was because of an insecurity on his blind side. However after spending months in his foster home, with patient, daily interactions, Panee continued to avoid human companionship. We began to discuss the possibility of a sanctuary placement. Luckily, The Oasis (a sanctuary near Scottsdale, Arizona,) was willing to accept Panee as a long term resident, and he was able to join their flock.  Panee will now be able spend the rest of his life in the company of other macaws. We are so thankful to The Oasis, to the volunteers who drove Panee there on their own time, and to his foster mom who gave Panee all her love and care for so many months! 

Since our last update, we have several new flock members (of course!) Meet Buka (a male Eclectus,) Conner (female, Meyers,) Mango (female, Senegal,) Gonzo (male, Timneh African Grey,) Lucy (female, Indian ringneck,) and Ruby a male Greenwing macaw. Ruby was previously adopted out to a family in 2014, but has returned due to a significant change in their life. Our adoption contract stipulates that any bird adopted from PEAC, is to be returned should the adoptive family no longer be able to care for them. We welcome Ruby back to familiar faces and his foster mom says this silly boy is doing well. 

View all of our adoptable parrots’ profiles at

Volunteer Corner: 

At our last meeting, one of our long time volunteers Sue, shared her creative ideas for helping birds to step up.

Recently Sue fostered a disabled African Grey who was unable to perch easily and was insecure being handled.  Sue came up with a creative and practical solution: she attached woven grass mats to the top of a ping-pong paddle! (See photo below.) Once she slowly acclimated her charge to its presence, he quickly learned how to step up and be safely transported to a new location. He felt secure with an easy grip of the grass mats and flat surface of the paddle. Sue enjoyed having a handle to balance him comfortably and provide precise control when moving him. Giving our parrots a predictable feeling of “confidence” and “security” in their experiences with us, leads to better long term relationships (and more fun!) 

Sue also reminded us to never make an assumption about what might work, or not work with a parrot. She is currently the foster mom of Conner, a Meyer’s parrot. Conner initially preferred men and would try to bite Sue when she asked Conner to step up. This made them both more hesitant to interact and somewhat fearful of an encounter (which was reinforcing Conner to prefer men.)  Normally, we would not suggest a glove when handling a parrot, but Sue noticed that Conner was not afraid of a blue oven mitt. So she slowly and gently (through offering treats and positive encouragement) enticed Conner to hop on her oven mitt. Conner was fearless and it didn’t take much to start using the oven mitt for transportation to fun new places with treats and toys waiting! 

Slowly, Sue continued to work with Conner, letting her know that women can have wonderful treats, words of praise, and fun stuff to do too, and began to remove the oven mitt from the experience, using only her hands to handle Conner (after all, both parties had gained confidence that this would be a fun experience with a reward at the end.) With repeated practice stepping up on Sue’s hands, and lots of positive interaction and special treats, Conner has become much less fearful of women. And Sue can be proud that patience, creativity and positive reinforcement has once again paid off in helping to reshape an insecure parrot’s behavior. 

Each parrot has a different personality and/or preferences. Come to one of our classes, volunteer meetings or outreach events to get your creative juices flowing. Maybe you need ideas for switching your picky seed-eater to a healthier diet, or to encourage them to play with toys (rather than destroying the couch.) We love “talking parrot” so please stop by!

Upcoming Educational Seminars in North County: 

"Parrot Behavior, Foraging & Enrichment" is scheduled for Sunday, October 7th and Sunday, November 4th, at the San Diego County Department of Animal Services in Carlsbad (2481 Palomar Airport Road, Carlsbad, CA 92011,) from 1:00 pm to 3:15pm.  

These are possibly the last seminars this year, so please join us for a little seasonal cheer! This general class is perfect for those thinking of adopting or who just want some new ideas.  Pre-registration is required, just head to our website at under "Seminars and Registration" to put your name down!  Remember: MEMBERS ARE FREE! 

The Last Outreach Events of 2018:

October 20th from 11 am to 3 pm, we'll have our booth, volunteers and adoptable parrots at Grossmont Center for the MEGA Adoption event “Howl-O-Ween Hounds!" Hundreds of available pets by dozens of rescues will be available, and almost everyone (pets included!) will be in costume! Last year was a blast, you won’t want to miss this spook-ta-cular event! 

October 27th, from 10 am to 6pm, PEAC will be at "San Diego Pet Con" at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Its a brand new event for us, but will be fun for the whole family! Hundreds of vender booths from all over the US, and local rescues ready to share their adoptable pets! We can’t wait!

November 17th is “Doggie Street Festival Adopt-a-thon” at Liberty Station in Point Loma. It’s our third time attending, so get ready to holiday shop and adopt! It is a beautiful location that will be filled with hundreds of pet rescues from all over San Diego County - make us part of your day as you peruse the booths and nearby restaurants and shops! 

December 8th from 11 am to 3 pm, we are back at Grossmont Center for the MEGA Adoption event “Santa Paws!” You know the drill: See a movie, do some holiday shopping, and meet hundreds of adoptable pets, including our parrots!  You might find someone to kiss under the mistletoe and ring in the new year!

Have any questions, an idea for fundraising or a program? Never hesitate to reach out to us at anytime, we love hearing what's on your mind! 

As always, we thank YOU for your support and for making a difference in our adoptable parrots' lives! 

Sue's Cleverly Crafted Step Up Tools
Sue's Cleverly Crafted Step Up Tools
Look at those faces just waiting for your love!
Look at those faces just waiting for your love!
Jun 18, 2018

PEAC's Adoption-palooza and Summer Update!

The "Graduating Class" of Adopted Parrots!
The "Graduating Class" of Adopted Parrots!

We hope you and your flock are enjoying the long summer days as much as we are in Southern California!

PEAC is having an Adoption-palooza! 

Pickle (Double yellow headed Amazon), Lance (Senegal), Tiki (Yelllow naped Amazon), Sweetie (Yellow naped Amazon), and Baby (Red lored Amazon), have all been adopted! Additionally, Kasuku, who has been with PEAC for over two years, was transferred to The Oasis and is now in a large aviary with many new friends to share his days. Because he was still somewhat fearful of humans, it was decided that this was his best possible outcome, and we are grateful that The Oasis was able to find a spot for him. Thank you to all our foster homes, adopters, volunteers and especially YOU our donors, who loved and supported these birds until they found their forever homes!

Sign Up for our Seminars:

Upcoming Educational Seminar: Parrot Behavior, Foraging & Enrichment is scheduled for Sunday, June 24th, at the San Diego Humane Society, 5500 Gained Street, San Diego, CA 92110.  MEMBERS ARE FREE! Have you stopped by lately for a class to stir up some summer creativity with your parrot care routine? This is a great general class and perfect for those thinking of adopting or who just want some new ideas.  Pre-registration is required, just head to our website at under "Seminars and Registration" to put your name down!

Meet Our New Kids on the Block:

We have some new faces who are looking for love and a family.  Skye (a grey colored Indian ringneck parakeet), Louie (Red-lored Amazon, very friendly), Merlin (Sun Conure who prefers the company of men), Lucy (a shy Alexandrine parrot), and unique “Munchkin!”  Munchkin was turned into the Department of Animal Services and says “Hi Papa.” His upper skull is somewhat deformed which resulted in a “too small” upper mandible and no functional nares.  Munchkin can feed himself on a soft diet and if items are broken into smaller pieces. His plumage has already improved and he enjoys human companionship and wants to interact, especially once he knows you a little better. Help us spread the word about these wonderful birds for adoption by sharing our newsletters or social media posts with a friend! If you would like to hand out our parrot care or informational brochures, please let us know, and we’ll send you some! 

Want to know about our latest adoptable birds? View all their photos and biographies through the Petfinder link on our website:! 

Our Partnership with the San Diego Humane Society:

As of July 1, 2018, the San Diego Humane Society will take over contracts for animal related sheltering and law enforcement from the Department of Animal Services, for a total of 12 cities in the county, including San Diego.  PEAC has been accepted by the San Diego Humane Society as one of their qualified rescue partners and we will continue to use their facilities for our educational classes on Gaines Street.  The San Diego Humane Society works with all their rescue partners to cross promote adoption and facilitate the exit of found or relinquished animals to rescues. These are very exciting times and we encourage you to learn more about their future plans and campus expansion at their website  

Recap - America’s Family Pet Expo:

PEAC had three booths this past April at the largest pet expo in the west; America’s Family Pet Expo in Orange County!  We went “live” on facebook and were swamped as our volunteers worked numerous shifts to answer everyone’s questions while showcasing some of our adoptable parrots.

Very special thanks are in order to Michael Keens who set up his booth of Jungle Toys, with a portion of the proceeds donated to PEAC! This was his second year, and the bird-stands went so quickly that Mike had to bring in even more.  Additionally, PEAC shared booth space with “My Right BIrd” whose focus is on engaging companion bird owners with education about parrot care and who generously donated to PEAC on behalf of our adoptable parrots. If you visit their website you can find local supplies, avian vets AND parrots listed for adoption - including ours!

We are so grateful to Mike, Jungle Toys, My Right Bird and ALL our volunteers who made this three day event a success for us and our parrots!! *High Four!*

The “Generosity Train” continues - choo choo!

Speaking of amazing donations, PEAC would also like to thank Planet Pleasures for sending twenty cases of toys for our parrots to enjoy and destroy! This really helps our foster families keep our parrots entertained and engaged while lowering everyone's expenses. Thank you Planet Pleasures for thinking of all our parrots - they are happily leaving little bits of toys everywhere!

Celebrating National Volunteer Week! 

You may not be aware, but PEAC is run on 100% “volunteer power!” Everyone who fosters our parrots in their own homes, takes them back and forth to veterinary exams, feeds and cleans up after them, who attends to educational classes and meetings, spends their free time engaging the public and answering questions about parrot care at the many adoption fairs and events we attend, is a volunteer!  (Whew, that was a mouthful, but they really do it all!) Should you encounter one of these extraordinary people in the wild, please share a hug or pat on the back for the services they perform. If any of this sounds like fun, please feel free to join us, we need help with social media, office duties, foster care and educational outreach programs/event attendance - you can help out as much or as little as you like!! Visit our website to contact us or email to spend some of your summer with us!

Our next Volunteer meeting is July 29th! Additional details to be shared as we get closer, or let us know you're interested in joining and we'll forward them to you.

Meet Us at Our Next Outreach Events:

On July 14th from 11 am to 3 pm, we'll have our booth, volunteers and adoptable parrots at Grossmont Center for the MEGA Adoption event "Dog Days of Summer!" Hundreds of available pets by dozens of rescues will be available and its a great time to stop by and get your questions answered or meet your next best friend. 

October 27th, from 10 am to 6pm, PEAC will be at San Diego Pet Con at the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Its a brand new event for us, but will be fun for the whole family. We'll share more details about the event as we get closer.

Don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the very latest news (and lots of cute pictures of our adoptable parrots!)

Have any questions, an idea for fundraising or a programs? Never hesitate to reach out to us at anytime, we love hearing what's on your mind! 

As always, we thank you for your support and for making a difference in our adoptable parrots lives. 

New Kids on the Block and Ready to Adopt!
New Kids on the Block and Ready to Adopt!
Thank you PEAC's Volunteers - Simply the Best!
Thank you PEAC's Volunteers - Simply the Best!
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