Jul 10, 2017

The flowing water in Mutulani

The site of the borehole.
The site of the borehole.

It is my pleasure to present our project progress report for the 2nd quarter (April-June 2017). The project; provide safe and clean water for 1500 children and women, aimed at improving water supply to Mutulani community, in Makueni County, Kenya. The journey that was started in the year 2014 is now bearing the long awaited fruits following the flowing water that was witnessed on 30th June 2017

Achievements of the second quarter include:

  • Water Resource Management Authority (WRMA) drilling Permit/ National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) drilling License


Following the investigations of the borehole by WRMA & NEMA on the effects to the environment and the people within Mutulani after drilling, it was found that the borehole will benefit the community and will not cause any negative impacts to the area. NEMA License No. 0041810 of 19/05/2017 and WRMA Permit No. WRMA/30/KBZ/3EC/12667/9/11 were issued and paved way for the actual drilling

  • Borehole drilling


Poverty Eradication Network (PEN) contracted Kisima Drillers Company with the task of drilling the borehole according to the requirements issued by the Hydro-geological surveyor-Aquawel. Kisima Company was identified after a rigorous procurement process where they emerged the best. The drilling took place from 25th - 26th June 2017. The test pumping exercise took place from 30th June to 1st July 2017. The Borehole drilling report, water chemical analysis report and the test pumping report have been produced and the results indicate that the water is safe for human consumption

  • Borehole equipping and water distribution


The drilled water requires a water pump to bring it out for use, installation of two storage tanks, electricity installation and pipes to distribute the water to the two schools and to the community. The post drilling activities mentioned above will cost £24,615.38this will actualize the dream of accessing water for use by the two schools and the community. PEN and the Mutulani community are engaging Makueni County Government to support the borehole with a water pump and distribution pipes. PEN will train the project management committee to oversee sustainability of the water project and initiate a programme of hygiene and sanitation within the two schools.

We are indebted to GlobalGiving and our donors who have sacrificed towards making this dream a reality. We are kindly calling upon well wishers and our donors to continue supporting this noble cause

Many thanks,

By Mary Mutuku

What the students currently use to clean dishes.
What the students currently use to clean dishes.
Some of the women who will benefit from the water.
Some of the women who will benefit from the water.
Students enjoying the flowing water.
Students enjoying the flowing water.
Donkeys currently used to fetch water.
Donkeys currently used to fetch water.


Apr 13, 2017

A few steps to accessing more water

Mutulani Water project Committee
Mutulani Water project Committee

It is my pleasure to present our report on the progress of the project; provide safe and clean water for 1500 children and women where the project is aiming at expanding water access to Mutulani community, in Makueni County, Kenya

A number of developments were accomplished in the first quarter of year 2017 which include:

Election of the project management committee

Members of the Mutulani Community led by Mawe CBO held a community meeting to identify a project management committee to oversee the implementation of the project. The committee is composed of eleven members where six are male and four are female. The committee was tasked to commit their time and good will to oversee the implementation of the project.

Hydro geological survey

Poverty Eradication Network (PEN) contracted Aquawell Services Company after a thorough procurement process to identify a suitable contactor with reference to competence, experience, and value for our money, quality, efficiency and effectiveness. Aquawell provided an expert hydrologist who undertook the survey exercise to establish the underground water potential of the Mutulani area. The exercise resulted in the identification of the exact point with adequate water to serve the Mutulani Primary School, Secondary school and the community at large. The spot was marked waiting for drilling the exercise. A Hydro geological survey report was produced and shared with National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) who are to provide authorization for the drilling exercise to begin. Copies of the report were also shared with the potential drilling companies to facilitate provision of quote for the drilling exercise.

Environmental impact assessment

This activity is a mandatory exercise that must be carried out as per the Environmental Management Conservation Act 1999. It is usually undertaken to establish all environmental positive and negative impacts of a project before it is implemented to ensure the negative impact are mitigated. Environmental Impact Assessment was done and the report submitted to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA) to facilitate drilling authorization.

Drilling of the Borehole

Poverty Eradication Network (PEN) will engage a driller who will be identified competitively to undertake the drilling exercise once the drilling permit from the Water Resource Management Authority (WARMA) is received.

Borehole Equiping and Water distribution

Due to the limited funds available at the moment, PEN has approached other stakeholders and institutions to collaborate with in the equipping and to ensure optimal water distribution. PEN and the Mutulani community appreciate the great milestone achieved to-date through all our donors. We still welcome you and your friends to continue supporting this noble cause of providing water to 1500 children and women of Mutulani community

Report by

Mary Mutuku

Project officer

Poverty Eradication Network

Jan 20, 2017

Achieving Sustaining Water Source for Mutulani

Mutulani Water Access Aspiration
Mutulani Water Access Aspiration

Poverty Eradication Network is awaiting to receive the Community Development grant of GBP £18,150 from Global Giving UK to provide a more sustainable source of water to Mutulani Community in Makueni County, Kenya. Joyce a woman resident of Mutulani was overwhelmed by happiness on learning that the community has been funded by Global Giving UK through the Community Development grants to undertake their desired water project.

She had this to say “I have learnt of the news with lots of joy, for the first time I am happy that our community will access safe water and ease women from the burden of fetching water from long distances. Our children will be safe from water borne diseases. Women in our society are the tasked with collecting water for home use thus the time used to get to water points, energy and money spent for healthcare will be saved. This will have a positive impact to the lives of women within the Mutulani community".

“Let me be the first person from Mutulani to thank Global Giving and the Poverty Eradication Network for their assistance to Mutulani community”.

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