Jul 10, 2019

The dream of Anya. oprhan from Siberia, came true

Anya and Natalya
Anya and Natalya

Dear friend,

Here is the story how videoprofile can help the orphan child to find new parent.

Anya lived in an Siberian orphanage and dreamed to go to Sochi. She whatched Olimpic games in Sochi and wished to get there once in her life.

40-yeard old Natalya lived in Sochi and was looking for a child.
Once while Natalya was studing on parental courses for foster families there was a task to imagine the future child. Whith all the details: age, how he looks, character. 

"I've decided that my girl would be Anna, she's 7-9 years old, from distand Siberian village. It's just came to me like this" - says Natalya. - "I've begun to look for my Anya.
I've opened the database of Change One Life Foundation, typed this name in search field and looked through many video profiles of girls whith such names.
Can't say that I felt something special when I saw my Anya's profile. In that video girl shared she wish to be a doctor and to save lives. But in fact she needed urget help herself.
Honestly, I've watched the video and continued my searches.

A week later I've seen the post of foster mother Eugenia about Anya. Eugenia took a girl to her family from the same orphanage where Anya lived.
Anya came to her and asked to make her foto and to tell about her in the internet.
At that moment I thought - why not?! Then everything went smoothly, and just 2 weeks it took from the moment I've made a decision to the day I've got the documents for foster parent for Anya.

The meaning of video profile of orphan kids is huge, because video can create the emotional portrait of the child, it opens the door to the child world a little bit."

We have a great news - 16 000 orphan children from the  database of Change One Life Foundation have found parents/

Whith your support we can continue our mission - to give change for a family for all children in Russian orphanages.

We invite you to take part in July Bonus Day on Global Giving on 18th of July.

All the donations starting at $100 and up to $1,000 will be matched while $130,000 in matching funds remain. The higher the donation, the higher the match!

Together we can help chilren still waiting for a family.

Thank you!

Apr 8, 2019

7 years together

Video profile helped Polina find the family
Video profile helped Polina find the family

This month we celebrate a Birthday -  7 years of work of our foundation Change One Life.

7 years - is it much or little?  

It's 44 368 children from orphanages who received video profiles. It's 15 534 kids who are in families already. It's 78 regions of Russia where our project works. And it means many hours of specialists' consultations for foster parents, and online courses for them. It's a countless materials about adoption and foster parenting on our website. And thousands of happy families.

All of these could not happen without your support and your belief that every child should have a family. 

And only you can help us to continue our way to the world without orphans. 

Please, give us the most important and the most precious present to whom we're helping. 

Support us in Little by Little Campaign starting 9:00 ET on April 8th and ending on April 12, 2019

These 5 days every donation to our project up to 50$ would be matched 60% untill the bonus funds lasts. 

Small donations can make a big change.

Thank you from the behalf of every child you are helping!

Jan 10, 2019

Best present for the whole life

"We had a merry New Year. I like when there are so many of us. It's never boring on New Year, and in other times too. How did I spent New Year before I don't remember. I remember I lived in orphanage and there were no celebrations there. 

When I grow up I'll celebrate New Year in family curcle. And I wish to have a big family, with dogs and cats, and spend a good time together."

These are the words of Roma. Five years ago he has found family thanks to videoprofile made by Change One Life Foundation.

He has got to orphanage just when he was born. If the videoprofile of him hasn't been made, probably he stayed in orpnage by now. And he could remain invisible, one of a thousands children. 

Now Roma lives in big and harmonious family. He has mother, father, brothers and sisters. Bogdana, his little sister, also lived in orphanage before, and the only wish she had is to find a real family. 

Thank you for long way you've passed with us! 

For changing lives donations.

For 597 videoprofiles for children living in orphanages.

For 146 kids in families.

For your belief that every child should live in family.

Lets give all children needing family chance to have it.

It's best present not only for upcoming year, but for the whole life! 

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