Jun 17, 2014

The lifes of 7 children were changed

Alexey and his daughter Aisylu
Alexey and his daughter Aisylu

Dear friends,

We have greate news for all of us. The most important thing that could happen - 7 children from our project have found new families. It's a simple miracle that we can make with some easy steps: donation, sharing the information about the abandoned child and about the project.

Being togeter with loving mom and dad is the only thing that matter for these kids: Venedict (1 year old)Nikita (3 y.o.)Darya (10 y.o.), Artem (4 y.o), Alexander (4 y.o), Artem (1 y.o) and Anar (5 y.o.). And it became real thanks to you all.

Anar was among of 12 kids, whose video profiles were made quite recent thanks to the donations on Global Giving.

We're pleased to share with you the links to the rest of 11 video profiles of children, made on your donations:

Ivan (born in 2006)Victoria (born in 2008), Artem (born in 2011), Victoria (born in 2010), Ekaterina (born in 2010), Victoria (born in 2011), Vasiliy (born in 2010), Diana (born in 2011), Danil (born in 2007), Vladislav (born in 2008), Pavel (born in 2008)

You can help these kids find new family quicker sharing the project information with your friends.

And we hope they'll soon be in tender arms of mom and dad just like Aisylu. Aleksei and Dina have found the video of little girl on the website of our project and adopted her despite her bad diagnosis. As they say, from the the first moment they felt that Aisylu is their own child. 

Dina says: "I was astonished by Aisylu during our first visit to her. She was in my hands for an hour, though she was frightened a bit and tried to stay away, but she couldn't stop looking in my face. I was speaking to her, singing, wispering, smiling - and she kept watching like charmed. Maybe it was because she didn't see anybody's face so close before. And now 4 monthes passed, she loves when we are talking to her and the parent's face is very close. 

I think that love comes with care. I knew that our task would be to take care of her. And love - is the bonus".

Thank you all for staying with us, 

And together we can make much more!


Feb 11, 2014

Your support helps 9 orphans find loving family

Dear friends,

Thank you for your trust you've gave us along with your donations.

Your support in November and December 2013 was very important for us, and allowed us to make the video profiles for another 9 kids who need family. We hope this videos would help kids and their parents to meet each other and their lifes would be changed.

Alexander (born in 2007)Sergei (born in 2001)Dmitry (born in 2003)Ilya (born in 2005)Fedor (born in 2004), Roman (born in 2010), Alexander (born in 2009), Alexander (born in 2004)Artem (born in 2013).

For two years of it's activity Foundation "Change One Life" has made the database of almost 8 thousand video profiles of orphans, and more than 1 thousand kids were adopted already. So every month we receive the news about 100 new kids in family.

We wished to share with you with the story about one of these kids and his new family.

So these are the words of Nataly Petrochenkova, who has found her son watching the video profile from our database:

"I never thought that after just watching of a video about the orphan, the next day I would call to regional social services for the  the infromation about the kid, and would go to the local social services to make the application for the foster parenting. My relatives couldn't understand what's happening whilst I've shown the video of the boy - and they were very surprised for he's alike my eldest son. And I've settled all the formalities for the "guest regime", to have the opportunity to have him in the family on weekends and holidays, meanwhile I'm preparing the papers to take him to our family entirely.

So now he's with us on a "guest regime". It's the hurricane, not a child. In the orphanage he had sad eyes, but now he's smiling and getting surprised of everything he sees in big city. In his characteristics from the orphanage it was written than he's secretive, and it's difficult for him to contact to anyone. That was a lie! He's very communicative, caring and curious. He always knows what to do, and there are many things interesting for him. So when your heart says that's your child - everything would help both of you to be together."

And we'd like to inform you there's a perfect opportunity for your donation to make the greater impact

There would be Bonus Day on 12/02 - starting in 9:00 EST (18:00 by Moscow time). Global Giving would add 30% to each donation untill all the matching funds would run out. And there would be an award for most individual donors. See more details here

Thank you once again for supporting of children who need parental care!

Dec 23, 2013

Full report on September 2013 donations

Natasha's video profile was placed in database
Natasha's video profile was placed in database

Dear friends, 

We are glad to share with you with the rest of 10 orphan children video profiles made on your donations in September 2013. Natasha's video is one of them.
And here is the full list of 58 films.
We hope these kids would find new parents in year 2014, like in the story we've received from Julia Vodopianova, who have found her dauther in our database of video profiles:
"Thank you very much for the video profiles made by your foundation. Thanks to them we have our little daughter sleeping in her bed now. I wasn't afraid to go to another region to see her, as the video profile was so charming. We've seen the photos too, but they leave the doubt if something can go wrong when we meet the kid. With gratitude from us and our daughter, we've found each other"
Thank you again for the support of our project!
And there is a greate opportunity in the end of this year to increase the impact of your donation - the Recurring donation match. 
Global Giving would double your monthly donation if you would become the new recurring donor and make the initial donation and would last your recurring donations for 3 months - so we can receive the doubled donations for 4 months. Here you can find the details.
This chance will be for last 12 days of the year only - from December 20th to December 31st
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