Jun 12, 2020

Before and after

Children before and after they've found new family
Children before and after they've found new family

Dear friends, 

More than 50 thousand children have got videoprofiles made by our Foundation. These boys and girls are not invisible any more. 

And 763 of them have got a chance for a family within your support on GlobalGiving! 

How videoprofiles helped parents to recognise that the child would be the the one they would call daughter or son? 

Marina: "When I saw the photo of this girl in state database of orphan children, I was just scrolling. But when I've seen her video... I watched it several times a day, couldn't stop - I liked her so much!"

Natalia: "Words they said in videoprofile came right into my heart. Girls need attentive and wise parents. Would we be able to become such a parents? We watched the video again and again. We've remembered how sisters move, how they react, looking attentively, if they have earrings, thinking about the presents we can prepare for them..."

50 thousand children - it's more than there are children in state database by now, acording to oficial statistics. It's more we can imagine. 

50 thousand little lives.

50 thousand chances.

If it was't you, this wouldn't happen!


Feb 12, 2020

Three dreams of Varya

Varya and Ekaterina
Varya and Ekaterina

In May 2019 Change One Life foundation have made a videoprofile for Varya, orphan child. 

Her story was tragic. Varya's parents died in car crush, and Varya herself had a serious trauma - she could move only in wheel chair. Girl got to orphanage. She had 3 dreams: to find family, get well and visit Paris. They seemed to be pipe dreams.

Ekaterina have seen videoprofile of Varya and felt like she was her own child. It seemed strange to her that Varya lived somewhere else, not in her family.

When Ekaterina have shown the video to her husband they rushed to prepare nessesary documents to become foster parents.

Soon Varya became the part of their family.

So the first dream of Varya came true. Now girl is recovering. 

Thank you for giving chance for a family to children like Varya! 

Thanks to you and your support we have created videoprofiles for 722 children, and 179 of them are now in foster families or adopted. 

Please help us to continue the project and make children wishes come true! 


Oct 10, 2019

The way videoprofiles change children lives

Vitalik: 5 years in family
Vitalik: 5 years in family

"I made up my mind to look for a child via videoprofiles in Change One Life database. They are great in showing what the kid is. - says Anna, who adopted the child. - Just few minutes were enought to decide about the child to take to our family. Someone can think it's wierd  - to choose the kid from the database, like in a shop. This thought worried me at the beginning, but then I realized that I'm not choosing, but looking for my future child. Who would be my destiny. And I just need to recognise him from hundreds of others.

In his videoprofile Vitalik was described as little leader, curiouse and compassionate. It's just like he is. " 

Now 5 years passed since Vitalik has been found by Anna. He became beloved son and loving brother.

In fact, in Russia adopters and forster parents need to search for a child themselves, and the social services are not able to find families for all children who live in orphanages. 

So thousands of children are still left without parents as they were not found by those who can share their love and care.

That's why we continue making short films about all these kids and keep telling about them everywhere we are able to. 

Thanks to your support 680 children are not invisible any more: of all ages - newborn and teenagers, from all over Russia.

Here you can see and hear them too.

And 165 boys and girls are in families now, just like Vitalik. 

Thank you for making this world better for children left without parents care!

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