Oct 31, 2014

Flowers, friendship and Halloween

Feria de Flores concert
Feria de Flores concert
Hello Dearest Donors,
Long time, no see! Don´t worry, we're back with a bunch of great news!
Every year, as you may know, Medellin holds an event full of colors, music and FLOWERS! It is called "Feria de Flores", commemorating the cultural richness of our region. Fundación Sirenaica participated in various events. Two concerts given by our kids from "Youth Singers".
1. A total of 50 children from our program held a concert right on a street, organized by the city mayor
2. 80 of our children offered a concert in colombian music at the Pablo Tobón Uribe theatre. 
  • Both of the events showed an important improvement: some of our kids were able to sing some solos, which undoubtedly reinforced their talent and self-esteem. It was beautiful and breath-taking. These events were fully organized and directed by our young monitors which gain expertise everyday.
  • Our monitors keep training: one hour per week of choral direction, rythms, repertoire and concert set up.
  • Our progam is now benefitting 9 institutions, 250 children directly, and 2 new institutiones assigned to 9 of our young monitors in alliance with Municipio de Medellin, from which a total of 650 students are being taught.
We invite you to share our webpage and the pictures attached. New videos were posted and it is all very outstanding! 
Once again thank you for your donations, your interest. All of the above was possible with YOUR HELP! 
Happy Halloween!!!!
Feria de Flores concert
Feria de Flores concert
Monitors in choral direction lessons
Monitors in choral direction lessons
Jul 21, 2014

Share our link, let's go viral!

Monitors after pedagogy workshop
Monitors after pedagogy workshop
“Ampliando horizontes” also known as “Youth singers transform lives by teaching others” wants to grow even more. Results can be seen in the children who receive lessons from young monitors . Still, we need A LOT of help! Fundación Sirenaica is committed with thousands of students, all of them linked to one of our programs or chourses. The thing is, each program counts on different sponsors for financial aid. “Youth singers” counts on GlobalGiving’s donors; we want you all, our dear donators to spread the voice. Help us find more beneficent souls as you were to contribute to the expansion of this cause.  

The project you have all helped us sort out has some good news for you. Even though we still need more of your help we have managed to acquire some resources to keep it going without interruption. Seeing the results of these thousands of children growing cannot stop and with your help it won´t. Your help consists not only on donations but on sharing our link, our Facebook pictures, the upcoming events, the link to GlobalGiving, watching our videos, etcetera! 



Two of our senior girls began teaching classes too. This means that two new groups are learning from these young monitors.

Our monitors received a workshop on pedagogy, full of topics such as: 

  • Planning a class not as a job duty but as an encounter between student and teacher to exchange knowledge.
  • Using routine or repetition as an activity that encourages rather than bore.


Our monitors are constantly teaching but they never quit their own formation . Up to date they work 2 hours per week and with your help they will be able to teach more.

All monitors together are teaching a total of 250 children.

 If you have any suggestions we are listening! Email: sirenaica@gmail.com

Remember donors: SPREAD THE VOICE,! SHARE OUR LINK! VISIT OUR PAGE! All of these will certainly help!



TANGO presentation by Iuventus chorus
TANGO presentation by Iuventus chorus


May 5, 2014

Mother's month has arrived

Musical Cocktail
Musical Cocktail

Regards to all our donors,

April an May are two important months for our organization. Which better months to congratulate and encourage our foundation´s moms and children: the essence of our work! 

Mothers are a golden treasure, they silently take care of us, and delicately hold our hands even if they are not physically beside you. They follow our steps with stealth, keeping us from falling. A mother will focus all of her effort to teach us how to live intensley, savouring each and every instant. They teach us gratitude, the value of simple things, courage and patience. 

It is beacuse of the efforts of thousands of moms that Fundación Sirenaica has grown up to be what it is. Their love, passion, committment  and interest has lead this foundation to be what it is, and these children to become the young people they are. 


  • Coming up, and amazing musical performed by our best students, full of dance, beauty and off course, MUSIC! The event will take place at Cafe Teatro Pablo Tobon Uribe. See you there, May 6th.
  • Our webpage has been uptaded with new videos and pictures, go ahead and scan!
  • Our Twitter account has been renewed, same account, BETTER INFO! Follow us @SirenaicaFund


Mothers, congratulations for the the constant and tireless work taht you do; for waking up every day, for rasing you child and for your infinite love. 

"The heart of a mother is a deep abyss at the bottom of which you will always find forgiveness "~Honoré de Balzac

Sing when you want, sing when you want.... just, ALWAYS SING! 

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