Feb 28, 2018


Thanks to Safi, our namesake and County Director, we are now sponsoring more than a dozen young women and their children in our daily community project called NDASHOBOYE.  Meaning "I am able/capable", NDASHOBOYE is helping women and teens who have been trafficked into prostitution, or shamed by their family for having a child out of wedlock, to earn a living for themselves.  By teaching them a skill, in our case knitting, we are helping them to be self-sufficient, in hopes that one day soon they will be our next scholarship recipients.

Please see the wonderful reference photos of the clothing they are creating in house, and if you would like to purchase some of their handiwork in the future, email info@safilife.org!

Safi Life is also planning our next fundraiser with some artists in the Los Angeles community.  Local actors and philanthropists will be putting on a play in a 100 seat theatre, and inviting friends and neighbors to attend.  All proceeds will go to charity.  Not only will the series of one-acts showcase emerging talent, but it will also provide for multiple new scholarships for the women in Rwanda to go to college or vocational school.

Lastly, Safi Life is excited to be partnering with a Rwandan lawyer from NYC who has made it her life's work to provide genocide survivors with the resources they need to thrive.  In our case, she is hopeful that she can raise money for dozens of future Safi Life scholarship recipients, all genocide survivors, to attend a univeristy or vocational school of their choosing.  There are no age restrictions here; she simply wants to ensure the survivors community is never overlooked.  Safi is currently gathering scholarship applications for this particular program, and we look forward to highlighting our bright potential students.

Thank you for your continued support and charity.  When all seems lost for some of our beneficiaries, Safi Life is proud, honored, and humbled to offer the encouragement they need to keep fighting.

We are so grateful for you!

Dec 4, 2017

Kenya, new friends, and February fun!

Beatrice, studying maritime management in Kenya
Beatrice, studying maritime management in Kenya

Safi Life is expanding!!

We are so pleased to announce that we have expanded into Kenya, thanks to our new friends who work locally at the Sikizana Trust Rescue Center in Kibwezi.  Sikizana Trust was established to provide highly needed rescue for abandoned children and those who are victims of abuse, neglect, early marriage, or child labor, among other forms of child abuse.  Safi Life has partnered with them to support two vulnerable female orphans, Beatrice and Caroline.  Both girls desperately needed tuition funding in order to continue with their university studies - Beatrice in maritime management and Caroline at the teachers college.  We are so grateful to be able to help in some small way as these young ladies pursue their dreams!

In Rwanda, Safi (our namesake and County Director) has come up with a beautiful new project to give back to the local community, called NDASHOBOYE, meaning "I am able".  In addition to our scholarship receipients in Rwanda, Safi (and many Safi Life graduates!) are helping young teenage girls in the community navigate health and personal safety, and offer them skills training five days a week.  A few of the young ladies are pregnant or already mothers, so it is imperative that we help them to become self-sufficient.  Hopefully one day, we can also offer them a university education.

Safi Life Rwanda also held a first of its kind tree planting ceremony, where they planted over a thousand trees, and made the local news!  We are so proud of their efforts to better the world around them every day. 

Back here in the states, we are working hard on our next fundraiser!  It will be held in Los Angeles in early February. The theme: love, of course! We are putting together a variety show, complete with comedy, art, drama, even a "singles auction" for those looking for love.  More details to come in the blog space of our website, and of course on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  If you are reading this, you are invited!  We can't wait for another fun event, where we are able to join together to raise money for our students in Rwanda and Kenya.  Together, we can return hope to the hopeless, and a voice to the voiceless.  We are able!

Caroline, studying to be a teacher in Kenya
Caroline, studying to be a teacher in Kenya
The girls beginning at NDASHOBOYE in Rwanda
The girls beginning at NDASHOBOYE in Rwanda
Safi Life tree planting community service, Rwanda
Safi Life tree planting community service, Rwanda
Safi Life tree planting community service, Rwanda
Safi Life tree planting community service, Rwanda
Safi herself at the service event in Rwanda
Safi herself at the service event in Rwanda
Sep 6, 2017

Back to school 2017!

Congratulations to our two newest scholarship recipients, Zoula and Safi, for their successful fall start in the Hospitality Program at the University of Tourism, Technology, and Business Studies in Rwanda!

In Rwanda, hospitality studies are very prestigious.  One of the country's main industries is tourism, and much of the economy relies on it.  Therefore, enrolling in a hospitality program is a smart move for the future; there will almost always be work available.  Safi and Zoula are thrilled to be embarking on this new journey... but they couldn't have done it without YOU!

Your steady and generous donations, combined with our most recent fundraiser (photos attached), will allow for these wonderful students to complete their degrees and enter the workforce.  Without your support, they would have never had this opportunity.  Both girls are orphans and don't have family to help with university bills.  

Here is more information on Zoula's personal journey, in her own words:

"My name is Zoula and I am the last born with 8 children. I haven't parents, when I was a little girl my parents died.  I was with my big sister who was in mum's place even if she was also very young.  It was very hard for me to start  primary school, it was strange life but I got Compassion International support, which helped me through primary and secondary schools.  I was finished in 2015 my secondary studies but I didn't have yet opportunity to continue my studies. I need to study Hospitality management option because it will support my dream for having my own business where I can also support my community by offering jobs to youth. So, I appreciated your help. It will change my life.

Zoula's Plan to study:

Today we are living in a world where companies are working in stiff competition, and the business environment is changing on a daily busis due to the changing of technology.  For that reason, a job seeker is required to adjust to those changes, by improving their knowledge in every aspect of discipline. Therefore I am encouraged to pursue the studies in hotel management in order to get enough knowledge in this domain so that I can be competitive in the job market.  At the end let's take this opportunity to thank Safi Life of helping me to realize my dream."

Thank you so much and be Blessed.
your faithfully

We will continue to update you on Zoula and Safi's first year at school, and the employment opportunities for our other graduates.  Attached are some photos from our Sept. 2nd "Back to School" fundraising event in California - we hope you enjoy!  See you at the next one!

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