Jul 31, 2017

Bridging the gap day-by-day

Hamida in class
Hamida in class

Dear friends

Our wonderful girls at Elwak and Al-Uweis Primary schools have continued to make good progress. Performance in all the three subjects have improved overall and considering their starting position, we are very proud with their achievement. According to the school records and our own data 80% of the pupils have shown remarkable improvement in their exams this year. One such example is Hamida.                                      Hamida is a class 8 pupil at Al-uweis primary school. Her family lives nearby the school. Hamida’s father is a small scale businessman while her mother and step-mother are both housewives. Hamida is a very hardworking girl who comes from a vulnerable family, therefore she was identified by the school administration to be included in the programme. Since Hamida’s enrolment to the GENCAD intervention program in 2015, the schools head teacher, Mr. Hassow, and her class teacher Mr. David reported great improvement in her performance. Hamida’s class position ranking has increased by 60% due to the increase of her performance in Maths, English and Kiswahili.


Generally, we are very pleased and excited for Hamida’s improved performance.

The evident positive impact of the programme on the lives of the pupils makes us be proud and motivated to continue helping girls around. Without your support this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you our esteemed donors and supporters for having confidence our programme and with your continued support we can reach more girls in and around Elwak Town, our current project location. Next term, we are planning to enroll about 30 girls in the lower classes to give them a firm foundation. We are very excited about that and plans are in place to 

Hamida at home
Hamida at home
Hamida at home with her sibling
Hamida at home with her sibling
Hamida at home
Hamida at home
Mar 2, 2017

A promising start to 2017

Dear wonderful supporters

Let me start by thanking you for your continued support. The pupils we support, GENCAD's trustees and staff and the wider community of Elwak Town appreciate your support and have asked me to extend their warmest gratitude to you, our lovely donors. Happy new year to you, your families and friends.

In our last report, I mentioned that 36 of our girls were about to sit their final year primary examination. I am happy to report that all of them have transitioned to local secondary schools. Although their performance was not as good as we anticipated, it's important that they have started their next educational journey. As a charity, we shall continue to encourage them to stay in school until they complete secondary education.

We have received a report that a few of them might drop out due to fee challenges and we are making every effort to help them stay in school. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, we were unable to make a firm commitment to these girls but we are working with the local government to ensure they are considered for the available bursaries.

The eight girls we sponsored in 2016 are still continuing with their studies and making good progress. During a recent visit to their school, Elwak Girls Secondary School, Faiza, one of the beneficiary had this to say.

''I have settled down well. Thank you for lifting a heavy burden off the shoulder of my mother. Please consider me for this year as well. I will not let you down''

Such a wonderful testimony wouldn't have been possible without the help of generous donors like yourself. Thank for giving Faiza and her friends the chance to pursue their dreams.  

I appeal to you to continue supporting our effort so that many such promising girls are provided the chance to pursue secondary education. Thank you.


On behalf of our staff, trustees, volunteers and most of all beneficiaries, please accept our warmest appreciation.

Thank you.

Nov 10, 2016

Great Expectations from the final year students

Busy studying
Busy studying

Dear esteemed supporters.

As we approach the end of another successful and wonderful year, allow me to share with you some of our success stories. 

First and foremost, on your behalf, GENCAD's Trustees and our volunteers, I had the pleasure of wishing success our 2016 candidates for the Kenya Primary School Examination (KCPE). 36 girls who are part of our intervention  project have completed primary education and we are very confident that they will perform well and secure admission to secondary school next year.  It's our long-held conviction that these wonderful girls who have braved the many challenges in their lives and worked so hard to complete primary education will not be denied secondary education because of lack of school fees. We are determined with your support to ensure that they will transition to secondary education come 2017 and stay for the full four years. We thank you for your continuous support.

The intervention we are providing is really making a difference to the achievements of our girls. For example, at Elwak Girls Primary School, 75% of the girls have improved in their school's ranking since the beginning of the intervention. Remarkably, at AL Uweis Primary the performance is even more impressive 88%.

In addition to the whole cohorts performance, our project coordinator this term looked into individual cases. One such example is Khadija, a class 7 pupil at AL Uweis Primary School. Her family lives nearby the school. The local community practices polygamous marriage and large family. Khadija's family isn't any different. Her father is married to two wives and has twelve children including her. Khadija’s father Abdi is a livestock keeper while her mother and her step-mother are both housewives. They live in a small Somali hut without basic amenities. When GENCAD was introduced  to Khadija's school, she was identified by the school administrations as a beneficiary. Main reason why she was chosen is because she is always hardworking in school and also needy. Since Khadija joined GENCAD program in class six (6), the school's head teacher, Mr. Hasow, reported significant  improvement in her performance. Looking at the school's performance data will explain why Mr. Hasow is jubilant about Khadija's performance.  Since the beginning of the intervention lessons, her class position ranking has increased by 43%, while scores in Maths and Kiswahili increased by 8% and 16% respectively. There was a drop of 7% in the Kiswahili performance. Overall, we are very excited for Khadija's improved performance and indeed the rest of the students.

It's because the evident targetable improvement we see on daily basis that we are so  proud of our program.

Once again, thank you all our esteemed donors and supporters and hopefully, in our next report, I will be able to share with you the results for the 36 girls who have completed primary education this year.  I hope that you will continue lending us your support to ensure that transition to secondary school.

Please visit our facebook page and our website to learn more about our programs.

Thank and May God Bless you. 

Khadija and her siblings
Khadija and her siblings
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