May 18, 2017

up date

Hello our friends,

I am excited today to share with you the result of our pormise to 200 Darfur refugee mothers
for the International Women's Day. You enable us to fillfull our promise and help the refugees
to celebrate that great Day. Thank you so much for your support and for protecting and empowering


"It's summer in Chad so the children take on the responsibility of gathering firewood
which is an all day trip. Their journey is exhausting and dangerous as they fight
extreme winds, 107 degree temperatures and bandits. The need to decrease firewood
gathering trips is necessary for their safety and their families. In addition to
harsh weather and environmental challenges, there has been a serious water shortage.
The women and their families who survive daily in these conditions are so brave and
true warriors of what the human spirit can do.

The safe stoves program helps reduce the trips for firewood and also helps with
environmental conservation issues. Darfur Women Network provided 200 safe stoves
to refugee mothers in the camps on International Women's Day 2017 as a gift.
The Darfur Women Network provided Darfur refugee women who produce safe stoves in the camp
with opportuntiy to generate income as gift as well to celebrate International Women's Day.

We pledge to continue empowering these women and their communities.
Thank you to all of our supporters who are directly impacting the lives of so many.
Without your help, it would be a daunting task. We ask that those of you who are new
to our organization please take time to read more about us and see what you can do to help!"

Our plan is to have for every stove provided, DWN also donates 3 trees to be planted in
or around the camps. However, the shortages of water, hot weather, and wind make it difficult
for us to talk to the refugees bout planting trees. You will find video showsthe suffering of
the refugees to reflect on our privilege


Apr 26, 2017

Update and excitement

Dear our  friends and our supporters,

We are looking for volunteers to help with Nutrition and Faintness Program as fitness coaches since our past coaches, Renee and Mary Ann, completed their volunteering period in January. Women are worried about their health after they lost a remarkable amount of weight and ended up gaining it back. It is hard for us, but we do not have any alternative choices.

This program is about changing the culture and eating habits of immigrants. Living in America is a different lifestyle. There is less walking and more driving, lack of access to fresh organic food, and less of manual work at home. As a result, all these factors lead to obesity and an unhealthy life.

We covered label reading, food facts, and healthy food cooking demonstration. We are planning to make the traditional meals from different countries healthier by substituting some unhealthy ingredients and the way of cooking by focusing on baking, grilling, steaming, etc.

In addition, I reached out to a volunteer who expressed her interest in helping with nutrition, on Wednesday April 12, 2017. She focuses on traditional food and substitutions. I sent her a volunteer agreement form and I am still waiting for the returned document in order to call our clients to set up time in order to layout the schedule and the syllabus.

On March 10th, I had the grand opportunity to be a guest speak at Women of Grace event organized by Parkview healthcare System (PHS). The Diversity Director of PHS reached out to me on April 15th and told me PHS is interested in supporting our program. We were very excited to hear that and hoping that women start to benefit from this program to maintain their healthy lifestyles and their families’

Moreover, the DWN and its partners were able to provide immigrant communities in Indianapolis with access to nutritional programs, healthy cooking, and smart shopping classes as well as access to education and resources about nutrition.  As a result, with the help of our donors, our volunteers, and our partners we were able to provide these women with service for their healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families.

Thank you so much for your support.

Apr 4, 2017


Dear friends,

The Darfur Women Network is grateful for your unconditional support! We cannot believe that we are counting the days down to Christmas, and the New Year of 2017.

Warm Christmas wishes from Darfur Women Network (DWN), its staff, and its constituencies to those who celebrate Christmas. We wish you a Merry Christmas and an enjoyable time with your friends and family.

We, DWN, are grateful for your support, your commitment, and your love!  Without your support, it would be impossible for us to provide 1,000 safe stoves and to help 150 refugee families to secure their food and reduce hunger.

After the harvest, the refugees had a grand religious celebration. They cooked their traditional dishes. They shared the food with those who have little and those who do not have anything at all. All ingredients were donated from the camp and from the surrounded villages.

Now we are working diligently to reach more people to raise their awareness about the conflict and the needs for the help to empower refugees. The refugees are waiting for your support to help more families to secure food for their kids.

Exciting news!
The GlobalGiving has selected DWN to receive a special, lower price on donations processed via through May 31st, 2017 at 11:59:59 pm EDT.

The Globalgiving charges us (5% Platform fee, Plus 3% processing cost) instead of 15%. We are thrilled to be selected and to work harder to benefit from this great opportunity.

Currently we are working on recruiting some volunteers to focus on fundraising and GlobalGiving fundraising event.

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