Jun 12, 2018

Update from Darfur - Food Security & Agriculture

Darfur Women Network (DWN) is delighted to say thank you for your generous donation and endless support. Without your support, we couldn’t help some refugees to grow their own food. Now, the government and the people believe that the solution for their hunger is agriculture. 

The people in Darfur and Chad are excited to secure food for their families. DWN shares the same believe. However, most of the work at farm to feed the displaced families relies on women.

I talked to some displaced women and others and I observed the life there, I found that the culture of a husband is the head of house hold has been diminished. Women, now, are doing some jobs that have been known as a man’s jobs for hundreds of years ago.

Our Executive Director is currently in Darfur. She said that the rainy season is around the corner. Displaced people are enthusiastic to grow their own food, but they are concerned about security, finding food during the farming season, and the agriculture inputs including land.

DWN is determined to help some elderly, widows with orphans, and refugees with disability. Our volunteers are ready to help after they determine the neediest people in the camp. We are waiting for their report. Communication is difficult. One of the volunteers had to travel for two days to talk to our Executive Director.

We will share the update that we are waiting for.

Thank you so much!

Mar 27, 2018

6000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers Update

Hello Supporters!

We've seen an increase in the production of safe stoves despite the difficult seasonal challenges in Chad. Along with increased production, more famlies have acquired safe stoves for their homes. Our production groups have worked well together providing women with economic empowerment. Each group is made up of 50 women who have created 800 new units sold to DWN. We have in turn purchased and distributed those stoves to an additional 200 widows and 600 of the poorest families in the Touloum Camp.

We began with the goal of supplying 7000 stoves. We've now dropped that number since we've been able to provide over 1000 stoves since the inception of this project! With another 800 stoves produced and delivered, we're making great progress in our mission.

We couldn't do it without you, our supporters, and your generosity. We couldn't do it without the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and the brave women working to create these stoves in Touloum. 

DWN is committed to continue the Safe Stove project til we get that number down to 0 for Touloum and can move to another camp.

Thank you for all of your support and we look forward to seeing what 2018 can deliver!

Feb 20, 2018


Hello friends,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network, I would like to share with you our excited news. Thank  you so much for your strong support.

During the rainy season and the end of the harvest the refugees suffer a shortage of water. They have to clean the wells to be able to get water. Cleaning up the wells means the refugees would designate volunteers to tie them with a rope around the waist of a young man.

The volunteers would be sent carefully down 12 meters in the depth of the wells. The container and shelf should follow them to the well. They should clean up the wells and would remove the dirt and trash by pulling the rope. The refugees around the well will pull the volunteer out of the well. Afterwards, the well would be ready for serving our refugees community.

Challenges: Risky and dangerous for the volunteers who would allow people to hold the unsafe cord to get them deep into the wells. In addition, it is painful to be pulled out with a rope, they have no safety tools.

Solution: Provide safety tools to those who clean up the wells.  

Proposed solution of our first stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OzYtoZPOM54

Accomplishment of the first stage of the project: providing safety tools:


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