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Sep 10, 2014

Report for Inside Darfur Refugees Camp in Chad.

Dear our donors and our friends,

On behalf of Darfur Women Network (DWN), I would like to express my gratitude for your generous donation and your commitment.  I am grateful for your support that enable DWN’s project leader to visit the survivors of Darfur genocide in the refugee camp, Touloum, in Chad, this year (July-August 2nd, 2014). Your commitment and donation help DWN’s project leader, Mastora Bakhiet, and local staff to achieve their trip goals, which are needs assessment, investigating and determining efficient stoves that reduces the rape and violence against women and girls during firewood collection.

Furthermore, I am enthusiastic to share with you that with your donation, 202 refugee families received Safe Stove on August 25th,2014, two weeks ago , and , now , the project is continue to cover entire 7000 families in the camp , with your support the refugees’ dream will be real, together will protect them.

likewise, we started income generating project which is Soap Production Project, four group of  20 women is in place, now, and we are in need to six more group of 30 women to ensure hygiene’s material is available in the camp, your support is necessary to achieve this  goal. our report from inside the camp is here:

Finally, thank you again for your contribution. I would like you to know that the DWN relies on the generosity of donors such as yourself and is grateful for your support. Your feedback is necessary for improving our performance.  You would kindly find our flyer  here: please share our information with your contact.

Thank you again for your support.

Jun 24, 2014

Invitation,sharing, and updating


                                            7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers’ Project


Dear friends,

Our project, 7000 Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers’ Project, aims to provide Darfur refugee families in Touloum Camp in Chad with safe stoves and cooking techniques as well as solar cookers in summer time to help the refugees in many ways such as: protecting women and girls from rape due to use of little amount of firewood with our safe stove; using solar cooker in summer with 99% protection from rape, reducing the smoke during the process of cooking, and increase the chance of safety  inside the shelters.

Update: in June our staff will travel to the refugee camp to build the foundation of our projects in the camps with concentration on Safe Stoves Project that we will test its specification with relation to some important factors such as to be practical, culturally accepted, efficient, and convinced for the refugee women to adopt it without hesitation. The stove is needed now more than ever due to increasing of violence against women and girls who collect firewood from the forest and due to escalating of genocide activities in Darfur.   

The staff and the refugees will start with small participatory group to create, test, and discuss the final result and recommendation to put the foundation of the project in place. This means that the work will be done with first group/team leaders are training to learn how to create stoves, using cooking techniques to make food in less time and use less wood.

You will be updated from the field by any available communication via our office in USA.  


Feel free to check our Gifts for Good on our partner, Global Giving’s website to support your project(Safe stoves): at, at,and

Please check our updated website



The Darfur Women Network, Inc. excited to invite you to support our one day campaign. It will start on June 24th, at 12:01 ET to June 25th.  Microsoft will be matching donations 100%, and there will be $200,000 in matching funds available!


Support us at


Thank You!

Apr 3, 2014


Dear our Donors, supporters, and our friends,

The Darfur Women Network wishes the best to all of you! We shared our fundraising plan that started yesterday and continue to the end of the year via our last report. We meant to share our first newsletter with you yesterday to support our new project called Food Security & Agriculture and provide us with your feedback. You will find our newsletter in this link:

Dear supporters, we have been preparing our fundraiser, we have a professional to help us by exposure via Face book, LinkedIn, website, and newsletter.  Couple months remain for rainy season in Chad and our refugees are depending on us for producing their food and for cooking their food by using safe stoves.

Since March 22, 2014 to present, we, the Darfur people in USA have traumatized by the sad news from Darfur.  The Sudanese army and Arab militia known as (Rapid Support Forces) RSF attacked the innocent civilians in 15 villages indiscriminately at unarmed civilians, using various kinds of weapons, including air force 300 pick-up trucks, equipped with machine guns, some of attackers on horses, and some on camels, and vehicles.

As a result, some of our beloved family members were killed, some were injured, and the survivors fled to hide in the mountain without food, water, or medicine, unfortunately, the government bombed the survivors which resulted in injuring kids (our blood relatives).  The Sudanese Government denied and refused the access of UNIMID and Red Cross to the area to help the victims –the majority is children, women, and elders.


The Darfur Women Network’s board joined a team from Darfur to gather information, connect the survivors with groups to stay in contact via cell phone, and insure their phone have credit. Please, help us with get the Sudanese Government allows the organizations to rescue our relatives. Please, help us to demand Obama Administration, Secretary of State (John Kerry) to pressure the Sudanese government to allow the humanitarian organizations to reach out the survivors of genocide to rescue them.  Delivering of food, water, medicine and doctors are significant to be on the ground very soon.   However, UNIMAD with their current mandate is waste of time and money.

Yesterday, the operation team in New York were able to connect with some survivors and informed about 100 people were killed, 60 were missing, and uncountable people who were injured.

 Here are some pictures from some villages that were burnt down to ground.



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