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May 10, 2015

Happy Mother's Day!

Sacrifices of mothers
Sacrifices of mothers

Dear friends and supporters,

Happy Mother’s Day

It is already summer in Indianapolis; we are excited to grow our own vegetables soon. The most exciting thing is your support for survivors of Darfur genocide who are in the camp, 85% mothers and children. Experiencing war is the worst thing in a human’s life. I remember, almost two decades ago, when I visited my family with my 11/2 years old son.

Afternoon of quiet day, we heard that there was conflict between my tribe and another one in a village far away from the city. Suddenly, it reflected in the city and the atmosphere was changing. There was a rumor that we were targeted and everything was changed while there was no protection, communication, or transportation.

Next early morning, the other tribe looted all my tribe’s shops and houses of the rich people and declared that we were under attack. I heard different types of weapons around and voices of my tribe enemy threatened, it was real scary specifically when you don’t know where to go and how to survive.

I remembered my mom saying to me, “Mastora, I am sorry that you had to visit us and this conflict happened, no one predicts what will happen during war, but we will stick together, please if we are killed don’t leave your son behind if he is alive.” My mind could not accept the fact that my innocent child could be killed as happened to many kids his age. My mom and I had to stay three days and two nights without sleeping and expecting to be attacked in each second of the 72 hours. Now, my mom’s voice in my ears, I hear it throughout two decades and still follows me.

Therefore, I always work hard to support those who experienced worst that I did and now, they are in the refugee camps to continue their suffering. I always feel that I am so lucky to have Global Giving to help with connection, training and many great services and have you put your trust and your donation to make difference in women and girls world.

I would like you to celebrate Mother’s Day with me to say Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in the world.

We need to celebrate Mother’s Day in two ways:  To protect girls from rape by providing a safe stove for $10

Or to match your donation on May 13, Bonus Day-Global Giving will match the entire donation on May 13TH day long.

Please check the link: 

Mar 17, 2015


Hello our generous donors!

I hope all of you excited about Bonus Day (March18th)!

Our representative is now in the field to meet our staff, Women Economic Empowerment groups, and the beneficiaries. Our production groups have made 75 safe stoves so far, and they working diligently to make 200 safe stoves.  However, the 6750 families still collecting firewood from the forest to cook for their children despite they expose themselves to rape and hostile attack in the forest. Our great partner, Globalgiving is doing an excellent job by providing us with great opportunities like Bonus Day, March 18th to raise money to protect the survivors of Darfur genocide in the refugees’ camp.

This is your moment and your opportunity to protect women and girls and to save lives by gearing up to support our BONUS DAY- THIS Wednesday!

 Would you please share the simple add below with your contact, post it on your social media to help us to make more safe stoves to save lives.

Darfur Women Network.Inc.

Wednesday is Bonus Day . The  GlobalGiving  US offers  30% Bonus Day 

 Which means your donation goes even farther to benefit the survivors of Darfur Genocide in their refugees’ camp in Chad. Every dollar matters.

GlobalGiving's first matching opportunity of 2015 is Wednesday, March 18th! Globalgiving is offering a 30% match on all donations up to $1,000 per donor per project, while funds remain. There is $60,000 available in matching and matching begins at 9:00:01 EDT and lasts until funds run out or 23:59:59 EDT.

Please check the link below:

Mar 3, 2015


Women and Girls project
Women and Girls project

Hello Dear friends,

Thank-you EVERYONE for your donation  and  your support to Safe Stoves for Darfur Refugee Mothers inside their camp in Chad, as well as those who could not make it to  Year –end- Campaign and have been so supportive!  our some great friends who continue support us from the entire world! As well as everyone who has shared our event online! Thank-you GlobalGiving for this opportuntiy and being the best partner. A special thanks to our friends and our volunteers who have been working hardly to raise awareness about ongoing genocide in Darfur and its consequences on women and girls. Also, they are working with our Executive Director to gather information to design a new project to work side by side with save stoves to protect women and girls who are still collect firewood to use their traditional stoves to cook for their kids. Our goal is to find effective communication tools to provide to women and girls during collecting firewood to request help if there is danger until we will ensure that the 7000 refugee families in Touloum have safe stoves and announce the camp is free of traditional stoves.

Please, check this link to learn that genocide is active our homeland, Darfur, Sudan:

We are kindly inviting you to join our 50% matching for women and girls campaign.

We are excited! We Believe in Girls 50% Match Campaign starts in 20 Minutes and ends on March 9th, 2015.The GlobalGiving UK offers £18,000 funds available for 50% match any donation of up to £500 to our Project:

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