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Nov 9, 2015

Safe Stoves Project Report Update October 2015

Darfur Women Network Needs You—Every $10 Counts

Our Donors and Friends,

Your strong support and generous donations provide safe stoves for Darfur refugee women and children who live in the Touloum, Chad refugee camp. Having safe stoves on site reduces by 75 percent the number of trips the women must make outside the camp to collect firewood, which greatly reduces the risks of rape and hostile attacks. 

The rain is still falling. The production groups are waiting for green light to start producing safe stoves. We are counting on year-end -campaign to raise money to continue our work. Our social media recived our request to prepare for this coming campiagn. Our staff is planning to develop strategy to raise enough money to provide service for those who are on our waiting list.

To donate, please click this link:

Help us make a life-saving difference in the fight against rape and risks associated with using traditional stoves. Every $10 counts toward giving Darfur mothers a safe stove and opportunity to create healthy and safe homes and to enable economic empowerment. 

Darfur Women’s Network (DWN) also wants to share what we recently learned from the Social Impact Academy, a training program run by non-profit experts courtesy of our partner GlobalGiving. During the two-month program, DWN defined its needs and resources. DWN identified and recruited professional volunteers in different areas such as social media, education, fitness, and nutrition. Please check our social media links, “Like” us, comment, and share with your network. 


Our Newsletter:

Thank you

Jul 31, 2015

Impact of Safe Stoves on Individual-Story Telling

Safe Stove
Safe Stove's group leader

Darfur is the Western region of Sudan and boarder to Chad. In 2003, the Sudanese government partnered with Arab militia and launched ethnic cleansing attack against African civilians in the region. They killed, raped, burnt down villages, and destroyed all the resources of livelihood.  The population of Darfur in 2003 was 6 million, 400,000 people were killed, 2.5 million survived the genocide, but were internally displaced in the camps in Darfur or they crossed the boarder to live in the Darfur refugee camps in Chad. Those who are in Chad are our clients.  

Halima is from Um lyoin village. Her husband’s village was destroyed unlike Halima’s; fortunately, he survived as a few men in the camp.

Since she arrived to the camp with her family; they depend on United Nations (UN) for their food and hygiene materials. However, in 2014, the UN reduced the ratio of distributed food and stop giving away hygiene materials, despite the camp lacking any source of income.

In June 2014, I visited her at her shelter to discuss with her crafting safe stoves for us.  She told me “I know how to craft clay for 15 years; I need money to create them and transportation to reach out to people in nearest cities to sell them to earn money, we have nothing at home, at me and my kids their dirty and hungry, this hard”

She enthusiastically agreed to lead the safe stove production group. She immediately talked to group of women and started to collect materials the same day.  She submitted our office over 200 safe stoves in 11/2month and received their money.

She said “I feel as if I am a new person, I am able to purchase food, clothes, shoes to my kids,and hygiene materials, I added another room for my kids, I have seven of them in very tiny room. I will not worry about rainy season anymore. My family members believe in me and I feel confident and useful. I saved some money; it helps me with transportation to sell safe stoves in Hiriba, which is the nearest city.”

Some of the people in the camp perceived the production group as if employees at huge company with high payment and benefits.Our project manager told me that all the campers are aware of the safe stoves and looking forward to receive theirs to reduce their numbers and distance of trips to collect firewood by 75%,and to have healthy and safe homes.

This is the testimony from one of 50 women who produced 400 more safe stoves to cover 100 widows and 300 poorest families in the camp as well as impacted at 2400 family members of the beneficiaries.

This concrete evidence of our effective project or its impact on the refugees occurred because of the support of our donors and our partner, Globalgiving. I need you to feel honor and proud of your support. Together, we can reach out to more production group to create more income, protect more mothers from expose themselves to rape during collecting firewood, and create healthy and safety homes for their families. Would you please let us know what do you think? Your feedback is essential for improving our services. Please, check this link: 

Jul 14, 2015

Update & Invitation to Unique Bonus Day


Dear donors, partners and supporters:


We simply do not know how to express our appreciation and gratitude for your continued support and generosity. So, we have provided exciting news from the field as our gift to you. We thought you should know that because of your charitable donations, the women of the Darfur refugee camps have made great progress!


DWN is very serious about measuring our impact, obtaining evidence about the effectiveness of projects, learning from experiences, reflection and defining areas of improvement.


Our very important goal is to make and provide 7,000 Darfuri refugee mothers with lifesaving safe stoves—at no cost—to reduce the number and distance of trips made to collect firewood from the forest. Firewood collection trips are extremely dangerous and often end with rape and attacks against vulnerable women and girls. Other serious risks of traditional stoves include smoke inhalation, burns to children and accidental home fires.


Our solution thus far has been the formation of production groups in Touloum camp to produce safe stoves. The production groups, made up of 50 women, have created over 400 units, which we have distributed to 100 widows and 300 of the poorest families at no cost.


This project has empowered women economically, by allowing them to provide care to their family members. This includes building rooms, purchasing new clothes, food and school supplies. The rest of the money was used to transfer their safe stoves and sell them in the nearest cities. Trips to collect firewood by the 400 beneficiaries has been reduced by 75%. This means that our beneficiaries are collecting firewood once a month from a shorter distance, compared to those on our waiting list at four times a month at much longer distances. Thus far we have helped 2,400 families by creating a healthy and safe environment. All of the refugees now know about our safe stoves and the positive impact they have had on the producers, as well as the beneficiaries.


To declare Touloum camp free of deadly traditional stoves, we need to develop our financial status, recruit additional staff and connect with more donors. Once this is achieved, we can move onto the formation of 100 groups of women making 6,600 safe stoves to be completed within a five month timeframe.


We need your help in order to do this, and invite you to support us in declaring Touloum camp as traditional stove free. Your upcoming opportunity is July 15th. Are you ready? 

Starting at 9:00:01 EDT on Wednesday, July 15th, $115,000 in matching opportunity will be available on This is our largest Bonus Day of the year! For the first time ever, Global Giving UK will also match £8,500 for projects listed on on the same day! Matching will be based on your Partner Rewards Level. Partners will receive a 30% match, Leaders will receive a 40% match, and Superstars will receive a 50% match.

 Here is the link to donate: 

We are looking forward to your support! Please help us reach our goal and provide hope to Darfur families by sharing with your family members, your friends, and your network.


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