Dec 5, 2018

Now it is time for the bees to work!

Training of women in Sissa
Training of women in Sissa

As we have reported in our last report, we have provided 250 new hives to villagers, mainly for women.

Training and installation of the hives took place in July during the rainy season. Almost 100% of the 250 hives have been swarmed.

It is now time for the bees to do their job. Around the end of October, there is the possibility to harvest a little bit of honey. Taking into account the very long rainy season, we have decided not to harvest the hives. Bees need the honey they have produced for food until the new flowers comes out.

The main harvest will be in April 2019.

Climate change is having major impact on culture yields. Pollination can help maintain a certain level of production for fields and fruit trees. Bees play a major role in this pollination.

The extra revenue from the sales of honey is very important for the women. For once women get somebody else (the bees) working for them instead of working for others!

At this year-end we hope you can help more women get some hives.

Season greetings from the women of the villages.

presentation of the equipment
presentation of the equipment
Smoking a hive
Smoking a hive
Women in front of their beekeeping equipment
Women in front of their beekeeping equipment
Nov 12, 2018

New school year 2018-2019

Children walking to school
Children walking to school


Beginning of October 2018, the new school year has started in the 5 nursery schools we are supporting.

The rainy season this year went on longer than usual. Since young children stay generally with the parents in the fields, it is only at the end of October that we could look at the number of children for this new school year.

                            2017-2018                          2018-2019

Village                 Girls     Boys   Total           Girls       Boys  Total

Fina                       25        41      66                34         30       64

Kofila                     28         28     56                30         41       71

Kouekouesso        29         29     58                28         20       48

Oualana                25         30     55                26         28       54

Nefrelaye              19         22     41                30         25       55

Total                    126      150    276              148       144     292

We can see in most school an increase of a stable number of students per school. Only in Kouekouesso there is a decrease of the number of children attending the school. We will have a meeting with the leaders of the villages to discuss the issue.

We can also see an increase of the number of girls.

At the beginning of this school year we have renewed some of the equipment of the nursery school. Some toys are coming also in a container we had sent beginning of September from The Netherlands.

We have planning to open another nursery school next year.

We need your support to help poor children attend those schools. Early learning is essential for a proper development of a child.

Thank you for your donation and communicate your work to your network.

children of Kouekouesso
children of Kouekouesso
Oct 1, 2018

Beginning of school year 2018-2019

students in the garden
students in the garden

The students are back at the LAP since September 23rd 2018.

New study program:

The LAP this year opens a second cycle of studies of 4 years.

The first cycle also of 4 years prepares the students to pass the “BEPC” a national exam of general studies. On the third year the students pass a “house exam” on technical studies.

The second cycle is only technical divided in 2 parts. The first 2 years prepare the students to pass a national exam called the BEP Agricole (Agricultural studies certificate) and the following 2 years to pass the BAC PRO Agricole (Agricultural baccalaureate).

School year 2018-2019


This year we will have 205 students in the first cycle and 37 in the second cycle (total of 242 students: 127 girls and 115 boys) .

New infrastructure:

In order to accommodate all the students we had to build an additional dormitory for the girls. To better control the boys we have also built a new house for an additional supervisor inside the boys compound.


We have added one supervisor for the boys and we are also looking to strengthen the technical personal by recruiting an agronomy teacher. All the other teachers will be the same that during the previous school year.

You will find in attachment an activity report for schoolyear 2017-2018

As you can see the number of students is increasing and we really need your help to communicate our project to your network in order to find resources to run the school.

Fact: One year of additional secondary schooling increases potential earning by 10.6% in Sub-Saharan Africa (source: social value UK, quantifying the Impact of Investment in education)

Thank you for your help.

Parents at the end of the year 2017-2018
Parents at the end of the year 2017-2018
Children passing the test for the LAP in Nefrelaye
Children passing the test for the LAP in Nefrelaye

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