Mar 15, 2016

LAP report 13th March 2016

LAP report 13th March 2016


New infrastructure:

We have been able to find funds for the construction of a stable. It will be ready end of May 2016. We are planning to have 1 bull, 3 cows, 2 oxen, 1 ram and 10 sheep. This will complement the alreday existing piggery for the husbandery studies at the LAP.


Second cycle secondary studies at the LAP:

4th year students who are succesful with their state exam (BEPC) will be able to continue their studies at the LAP. This second cycle is for 4 years. The goal is to have at the end of teh 4 year the baccalaureate in agriculture. We expect to have between 40 and 50 students in this new program starting September 2016.


Liquid organic fertilizer:

The agronomy teacher has taught the students how to make liquid fertilizer using earth, grass, manure and water. It is being tested on vegetables and it is very promising.


Distribution of water bottles:

In order to inprove hygiene and decrease spillage of water, each student got a water bottle offered by the association "jointhepipe".

Dec 17, 2015

Newsflash December 2015

In this news report we have a lot of photos for you. We wish you happy holidays and a fantastic 2016. 

New infrastructure at the LAP

For this school 2015-2016, we have 6 permanent teachers. This will help us to improve the quality of teaching. In order to accomodate on the site those trachers, we have just built 2 new houses.

flash lap dec 1

All the students are fully boarded. The girls have their own foyer in which there is a large room where they take their meals and where they can study. Until now the boys foyer does not have this large room. This will be change as of January 2016. A new refectory / study room will be completed for the boys. Pisture of this room being built.

flash lap dec 2


Il y a maintenant 102 filles et 124 garçons au LAP. Our goal is still to have 50% of girls at the LAP. Some parents in the villages where we get the students for the LAP still prefers to send boys to the LAP. The parents who have sent girls to the LAP slowly realise the benefits of the boarding school. This is mainly true regarding the decrease of teeen pregnancy of thsoe girls.

Boys and girls have there head chaved, difficult to see the difference and the boys on the pictures.

Boys and girls from the second year outside the classroom between 2 lectures.

flash lap dec 3

First year class during a French class.

flash lap dec 4


The Lap has now 6 permanent teachers. The LAP had only 4 last school year. The permanent teachers are housed on the site of the LAP. This improved the quality of teaching and also the contact with the students. On the picture we have also one the two temporary taechers.

flash lap dec 5


The contact between the LAP and the villages is made via a parents'council. Two representatives per village formed this council. They are meeting at the LAP a minimum of 3 time per year. Following those meeting a parents general meeting is called. In this gathering the council communicates to the other parents the content of the discussions of their meeting. There are generally about 60% of the parents attending those gathering. Some of the parents representing often several students.

 Picture of the information meeting in November 2015

flash lap dec 6

Parents’ council at the same meeting

flash lap dec 7

Garden activities

Part of the technical activities is the gardening. First, second and third year students have their own garden. They ahve to prepare plants nursery (picture below), work the land of the garden and grow the vegetables which will be used for the meals of the students when ready. Each day they have to water the plants in the morning around 6 AM and in the evening around 6 PM.

flash lap dec 8

Melon and zucchini growing nicely in the garden of the second year students

flash lap dec 9


Sep 15, 2015

Activity 2014-2015


The LAP has been open for 4 school years. There were 215 students at the beginning of school year 2014- 2015.

Infrastructure keeps on being built. Funding for new infrastructure of the school is getting more and more challenging to obtain, as well as to find 70 new sponsors each year.

The number of permanent teachers went from 2 to 4. The challenge is to find teachers with initiative who are willing to participate in the creation of this school using a participative and appreciative approach.

We have not been able so far to link our school with a similar school in a French speaking country. It is still an important objective.

The first group of 46 students passed a national exam called the BEPC. Only 19 of them succeeded. This is very disappointing. In this report (see attachment) we will try to find the answer to this low result.

Since April 1st 2015, in order to better split activities in Burkina, the school is under the management of a local association called ALAP (Association for the LAP).

There are major challenges ahead of us. However, we are very motivated to meet them based on the feedback we have from the students and their parents.

A huge thanks to all who have made this possible!

Hervé Millet


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