Jun 7, 2013

Keeping up our hard work

Job search workshop held with Accenture and AMIA
Job search workshop held with Accenture and AMIA

Dear friends,

As you already know, one of our main goals in Cimientos Graduates Network is to help our high school graduates obtain jobs.

In Argentina, there are now 900,000 youth who neither study nor work. This situation exposes them to vulnerability and danger. In Cimientos Graduates Network, we work to change this terrible situation!

In recent months, we offered 50 job opportunities from different non profit organizations and firms that work with us. We also invite them to workshops about job search, in order to help them get a better job. Participants learned how to prepare a resume, they receive tips for job interviews, and other important advice for future employment. These workshops also help youth appreciate and give real meaning to work.

Last but not least, we want to share Juan´s words about our work. He participated in one of these workshops and also volunteered in Cimientos annual raising funds event:

“There is no way to give back Cimientos what they did for us on a stage of our life that is really important. They gave us an incredible support, they always are there telling us that nothing is impossible with proposition and commitment.”

 Next Sunday is Mother`s Day in USA. If you want to give your mother a gift, please consider a gift card so that she can make a donation to our project and you both can share the gift of giving! :) 

Learning how to do a job search
Learning how to do a job search
Mar 12, 2013

Bonus Day on March 13th -- GG is matching 30%!

Jose`s visit to Cimientos office
Jose`s visit to Cimientos office

On Wednesday March 13th, GlobalGiving is hosting a Bonus Day! If you donate to 'Job Training and Education for Argentine Youth' Project. on Wednesday, Global Giving will match your donation by 30%increasing your impact!

If you want to make a contribution to our cause, Wednesday would be the perfect day to do it. Another huge help would be if you spread the word with your friends and family –or share the link on your blog or social networks, use the share with a friend feature on the project page to email your network, or just bring us up in conversation. This could increase our donors as well as our possibilities of reaching more poor Argentine youth!

An exciting update on our progress is that in February,  José Ignacio López, a graduate from the northern province of Corrientes, came to Buenos Aires for the first time to participate in a youth leadership conference. While in attendance, José had the opportunity to meet 16 youth from 10 different provinces and participate in leadership workshops as well as meet with profesional mentors. He was also interviewed by Radio Cultura (Radio Culture).

This whole experience was an amazing opportunity for José, who told us:

"I’m so happy because this trip has been so rewarding, not only for me but also for all of the other young people that participated. I’ve met some wonderful people that really supported and guided me.  When I got to the hotel, I met up with all the other youth participants, with whom I shared some truly unforgettable moments, and which surpassed all of my prior expectations,

This experience has been very valuable for me and has taught me so much, I went to the Cimientos office and all of the lovely staff that works there day in and day out to help so many young people all over Argentina spread their infectious positive energy. They made me feel like I was in my own home.  So truly happy, and now I’m going to pass on all of this acquired happiness to my hometown, where I will carry out 3 cultural outings with 15 youth to help build community and solidarity, and to make this country better. There is little more tos ay but thank you, thank you so much to Cimientos por giving me this opportunity. I hope that I can do it again. I’m sending you lots of love and gratitude!!

At Cimientos, we work so that more and more kids can achieve their dreams and through the Graduates Network, we help them develop their own unique life plans.  José is one of the 1200 young people who receive educational and profesional opportunities from the Graduates Network as a result of support from people like you. Thank you!" 

Jose at the hotel, on his 1st trip to Buenos Aires
Jose at the hotel, on his 1st trip to Buenos Aires
Dec 26, 2012

Keeping our New Years Resolutions

Tucuman Job Training
Tucuman Job Training

Dear GlobalGiving Friends,

This year we worked hard to keep our New Years resolutions to help our graduates, meaning that in 2012:

  • 1500 participants received useful information about education, employment or job-training opportunities to help them reach their personal and professional goals.
  • 480 graduates are subscribed to our Graduates’ blog and 446 became followers to the Graduates Network Facebook profile.
  • 463 graduates received vital job training such as how to search for a job, computer skills, and accounting lessons.
  • 10 new participants were granted scholarships to further their education so now we have 45 students that were granted scholarships.
  • 11 graduates found jobs thanks to our help help and they obtained personalized mentoring from a human resources specialist during the first 3 months at their new jobs.
  • 39 participants volunteered at Cimientos and other organizations.
  • 6 graduates meetings were held in Buenos Aires, Tucuman and Santiago del Estero where its participants exchanged their experiences about searching for their first job.

Like us, is one of your New Years resolutions to do a good deed for someone else? Now you can! Help us keep our New Year’s resolutions for 2013 and keep yours to give back by supporting us or by spreading the word to your friends about the life-changing work we do today! Consider giving gift cards to your family and friends as a present! Give the gift of giving!

Thanks for making it possible for low income Argentine youth to get jobs and further their education this year!

María and Josefina– Cimientos Graduates Network Team

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