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Jun 4, 2015

Unite before Maestro, and play in harmony: Soma Children Orchestra plays with YOLA

“Now I have a new dream; I will visit Los Angeles as a member of highly regarded Japanese orchestra, namely, Soma Children’s Orchestra!”

Misaki (Grade 8) shared after the concert event “Dudamel and the Children” held on March 29, 2015, co-hosted by city of Soma, Friends of El Sistema Japan and Los Angeles Philharmonic. Misaki, one of the selected members to play with Youth Orchestra Los Angeles (YOLA), a well established el sistema inspired program run by the LA Philharmonic, conducted by maestro Dudamel at the most prestigious classical music venue in Japan “SUNTORY Hall”, seemed very nervous throughout the rehearsal and the concert. (and she had all right to be!) However, when she returned from the stage, she was full of confidence with sense of accomplishment and joyfully shared her new dream. 

3 years ago when we established Friends of El Sistema Japan, children in Soma were still living in challenging environment and struggling with traumatic stress caused by earth quake, Tsunami, and subsequent nuclear accident. Many of them lost their family members and friends. They had to be relocated to shelters, and restricted to play outside due to radiation.

We believed in power of music and potential children have. We vision children will grow zest for living through El Sistema inspired music program. We dreamed that someday, children will be able to talk about their own dreams again. Slowly but surely we see positive changes in children as well as community they live in.

This is all because of YOU! As always, our sincere appreciation for your donation and continuous support. Your donation is mainly utilized to provide and maintain children’s instruments, as well as for their daily lessons. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do let us know. We would be happy to hear what you think!

Mar 6, 2015

Taking initiative and learning from each other!

Concert is over!
Concert is over!

“We learned the importance of taking initiative, learning from each other, and keep polishing ourselves.” Naoko (Grade 6)

We are very happy to share that on March 1st 2015, we co-hosted El Sistema Children Music Festival 2015 successfully in Soma-city of Fukushima, together with City of Soma. It has been nearly 3 years since Friends of El Sistema Japan was established and 2 years and 10 months since Cooperation Agreement with City of Soma was concluded. But this was the very first time we co-hosted the event. We feel is quite meaningful at all levels that local organization and community are actively involved in the program 

At the opening of music festival, Naoko (Grade 6) spoke to the audience on the stage. “The earthquake from 4 years ago has caused inexpressible fear and traumatic stress to many. And many are still suffering emotionally, and living in challenging environment. But I feel since this El Sistema inspired program has started in Soma, I recognize gradual changes in ourselves. Through the power of music, we were able to rebuild our shattered heart. And, through the power of music, we are now able to look ahead and have hope for the future. Furthermore, El Sistema has taught us its importance of taking initiative, learning from each other and keep polishing ourselves. Today, we will sing with utmost gratitude, remembering each one of you who has been supporting us.”

Soma Children’s Orchestra and Chorus played and sung well-known pieces this time, including Tchaikovsky’s Waltz of the Flowers from “The Nutcrackers” and “Hallelujah” from Handel’s Messiah. Challenging pieces yet their performance was absolutely fascinating! The audience of more than 700 people, from inside and outside of the community seemed enjoyed the concert very much.

It may sound it is exaggerated; but we know the power of music is immeasurable, and it is our principle to grow zest for living through music. We are determined again to reach out more children in needs.

As always, we thank you for your donation and continuous support. We welcome your feedback and suggestions at all time. Please let us hear what you think!

Dec 4, 2014

As one, we are united!

With Maestro Dudamel!
With Maestro Dudamel!

“I send you and all of your colleagues and families back at home my un-ending support - as one, we are united!” The heartfelt message of Maestro Dudamel encouraged children of Fukushima greatly.

Commemorating 2 and half year anniversary of establishing Friends of El Sistema Japan, we had an honor to hold a Charity Gala Reception at ARK HILLS CLUB, Tokyo, on Sep. 23rd, 2014 surrounded by over 130 dedicated and committed supporters, including Maestro Gustavo Dudamel, one of the greatest conductors in a century produced by Venezuela.

 The reception hall was filled with joy and excitement; however for those 13 selected members of Soma Children Orchestra, it might have been little different – extremely exciting, yet very nervous considering they were playing Mozart “Divertimento K136” in front of Maestro Dudamel!

 Unceasing effort of children was definitely repaid. As their bows glide on the strings for the last note, entire audience stood up to give round of applause which lasted a while. One of the children bursted out crying. Later on, she shared with us that she was so happy to be able to play without any mistakes on the passage which has been quite difficult to concur. Each one of them looked very proud and standing little taller. The achievement was not only on the music but also what they have learned along the way. Tireless effort to brush up skills, courage to learn and challenge new piece, reaching out to one another with the mind of “no one is left behind”. But most of all, they learned the true beauty is to be able to play not for oneself but for others and contribute for others happiness.

We thank you, Global Giving donors for your continuous support that enables children to learn such a valuable experience.

After the excellent performance, Kanon (grade 9) spoke to the audience; “Our hometown Soma is the town of rich nature and long-established traditions that we are proud of. However, since the earthquake and Tsunami hit our hometown in March 2011, we faced numerous challenges and hardships such as losing family members or place to live. During such difficult time, El Sistema Japan came to our town, Soma Children Orchestra and Chorus were established and once again, we were able to play music. This meant so much to us, and we felt hope. We felt finally we could take a step forward. Now we even feel that our music is comforting and contributing to rebuild our community little. Oh behalf of 150 members of Soma Children Orchestra and Chorus 13 of us are here in Tokyo today. We played earnestly Mozart remembering our families, teachers and friends who supported throughout the challenging time. On this beautiful autumn day, I would be happy if you enjoyed, felt something from our music, and visit us in Soma to meet us again. (in Japanese)”

She also added in English. “ Maestro Dudamel, we hope you enjoyed our Mozart. Thank you so much for being with us today. We look forward to welcoming you in Soma someday.”

Maestro Dudamel responded; “To all of the children who played for me in Tokyo from Soma, I want to send to you my thanks, my gratitude and my love. It was a moving experience to hear you perform Mozart and I send you and all of your colleagues and families back at home my un-ending support - as one, we are united!”

Again, thanks to your committed contribution, many children are making positive changes in their lives and community they live in. We are determined o expand our program and reach out more children in needs. Your continuous support and kind attention would be immeasurably appreciated!

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