Oct 21, 2021



Building a shelter for a widowed  family, orphaned children  and needy families in Burundi, helps reduce the expansion of HIV and the mortality, occasioned by the present conditions of widows and needy families in Burundi due to the lack of shelter.  From these pictures,  you can see how is the condition of living of those widows and orphaned children  that JRMD is serving in Buganda  and surrounding villages. Your help would enable JRMD provide shelters to 100 widowed families and orphaned children. So far, we have built 13  houses for 13 widowed families of the 100 homes we plan to build in Buganda.  87  widowed families and orphans, still need shelter, where they can live in security and peacefully. 

Helping a widowed family to improve the condition of living by providing an affordable home, which costs $998; a home that accommodates a family of 7 to 10 people is unforgettable gift that you can give to a widowed family in Burundi during this Christmas Season. Your donation will help provide a home to a widowed and needy family, reduce the expansion of HIV and the mortality of unprivileged children occasioned by the present conditions of their living. A home is one of the most important things that contribute to a good living of a human being.

As you know, peace is not possible for people who do not have where to live. There is NO way to promote peace, reconciliation, education, technology, development, safety, health in and among the families who do not have shelter.

Until our project is fully funded, we will be sending you regular reports about our work. You'll know what your donation has helped fund, what accomplishments we have achieved and what our current needs are. Donation can be made through the following link: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/providing-shelters-to-100-widows-in-buganda/

Thank you so much for showing your solidarity with those in need.

 Prosper Ndabishuriye

Ambassador for Peace-General Coordinator and Founder

Aug 6, 2021


#1 Iwacu Kazoza School Students and teachers
#1 Iwacu Kazoza School Students and teachers


                               NATIONAL EXAMS for the SCHOOL YEAR 2020-21

 Banking and Insurance Section: The Success rate is 100% as all 12 students have passed, the first with 78.2% and the last at 58.5%.

IT (Information Technology) Management:  The success rate is 85.71%. Out of 21 students, 18 have succeeded and 3 have failed. The top student had 70.7% and the bottom had 44.3%. 

The total school success rate (both sections included) is 33 students: The success rate of both sections: [(12+18)*100]: 33= 90.9% and School failure rate: [(0+3)*100]:33=9.09% . Note that appeals begin this Thursday at 7:30 am and the success rates for Iwacu Kazoza School may increase.

We are very grateful to our donors, friends and friends of friends who helped us make this to happen through their donations.  Because of you and us together, Iwacu Kazoza School is  counted among the best schools in Cibitoke Province. May God continue to bless you in a very special way.

Let us share with you about  some of Iwacu Kazoza School’s needs  which  should  be met before the school year 2021-2022 gets started on September 1, 2021.

The followings are our school’s needs:

-        Making  and painting  21 Blackboards: $967

-        Teachers Books & school supplies: $3,600

-        Making 186 Student’s desks and chairs and …: $6,000. TO STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID-19 AT IWACU KAZOZA SCHOOL, we need to practice social distancing in schools. That’s why we urgently need those student’s desks above mentioned.

-        Some rehabilitation works to be done at our school: $4,625

To make one student's desk  costs $35 and the 186   student's desks will  be made from eucalyptus wood. Eucalyptus wood lasts longer. To make 186 student’s desks it will  take about one month or more. There is only one month remaining before the school opens in September 2021.

To donate, please make your donation by clicking on the following link:  https://www.globalgiving.org/projects/providing-education-to-450-youths-in-ruhagarika/

To watch our 4 minutes school video, please click on the following link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXKzp0RvEys

With much gratitude and appreciation to each one you,

Prosper Ndabishuriye

General Coordinator and Founder

Jun 28, 2021



46 students, girls and boys graduated today, on  April 8, 2021. This is the results of what our donors, friends and friends of friends have done through their financial support and prayers.

We are  very grateful to each one of you all who continue to support financially  Iwacu Kazoza School.  Iwacu Kazoza School is very grateful to each one of you   for your  donations  which continues to enable JRMD continue to provide education to the underprivileged children.

Education is the key for a promising and a future stable life. If you want to lead a promising life and experience the good things that the World has to offer, you certainly need to get educated. To get a great job, a good social reputation, benefit your community and nation are few of the many benefits of being an educated person in the today’s World.

In Burundi, especially in Cibitoke, where Iwacu Kazoza School is providing education to the underprivileged and orphaned children, the following reasons  continue to make many children not to go at school or abandon the school:

  • Inability of parents to pay school fees for their children
  • Inability of parents to provide school materials and uniform
  • Inability of parents to provide food to their children before and when they come back home from school, even spend a night without eating

In one word, poverty is the cause of many children not to have access to education in Burundi, Africa. That’s why Iwacu Kazoza School is providing education to the underprivileged and orphaned children so that they can also have a chance in the future to lead a promising life and experience the good things that the World has to offer. This work of providing education to the underprivileged and orphaned children continues because of you and friends, and friends of friends.

A donation of $125 will provide education to one underprivileged or orphaned child schooling at Iwacu Kazoza School, including his/her school materials and uniform. You can help one or more of the above mentioned children who can not have access to their education due to the poverty of their parents or because they are orphans. This can be done by joining hands together with the community within and the community beyond.

It was a great Joy and laughter for each one of us to celebrate the graduation of 46  Students boys and girls  of Iwacu Kazoza School graduated after 3  years studying Computer Management ( Informatique de Gestion). I am very grateful and appreciative to our donors, friends and friends of friends for continuing to helping us make possible this work to continue to provide education to  over 500 underprivileged and orphaned children, schooling at Iwacu Kazoza School.

Prosper Ndabishuriye

General Coordinator and Founder

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