Nov 25, 2014

Your kindness has made all this possible thank you

The mobile health solution for Nigerian youths keeps making head way in offering responses to young Nigerians . This service has succeeded in remaining non-judgmental and confidential dishing out relevant and adequate information to young people on a timely bases.  Within the last three months the service has been able to reach 25,243 young people in Nigeria. In addition to providing this helpful information, the service also encourages young people to seek clinical services when necessary. The service helps young people get answers relating to puberty, bodily changes, and organ function, and pregnancy safe motherhood, reproductive services. No question, no topic is off limits as every question is answered.

“I thank you people for this information 29, male Uyo

“Thank you so much for your wonderful answer, I appreciate it

“hi, this is Alex thanks for the response. It worked!!

This great work wouldn’t have been possible without your generous donation and support. Because of you we are able to provide these service to Nigerian youths and do so much more. The mobile health solution has been of great use to young Nigerians. Education As a vaccine thanks you!

Aug 21, 2014


The mobile phone health solutions keeps improving the quality of lives and helping more young people in different states in Nigeria. Young people are more in tune with questions relating to sexual reproductive health and HIV/AIDS. Young people are texting in and showing love for the service.In June 2014, the total number of messages received was 32077, 28520 were responded to 860 questions were rejected. The service is used by young people to ask questions that they wouldn’t feel comfortable asking a friend, a parent or anyone else.

The service is handled by experienced counselors who respond in a friendly manner. Users of the service are put as easy and encouraged relax cause of the response from the counselors. Hawua from kubwa in Abuja sent this comment back “thank you so much for answering my questions I felt reassured and safe. The answer you gave me was very helpful thank you so much”

Due to the increase in messages to the service, it is believed that young people are using the service getting great results and recommending the service to their friends. This beautiful work would have not been possible without your kind and generous support. Education as a Vaccine thanks you for your support for this service.

May 19, 2014

All questions answered satisfaction granted.

Education as a vaccine (EVA) is a nonprofit organization that is youth focused. EVA has introduced a mobile service that caters to the questions young people have regarding sexual reproductive health (SRH) amongst other issues that affect them directly. The service also provides information on nearby facilities where these young people could go get treatment whenever and wherever they are. An independent survey was carried out by EVA, This report is based on the finding of this independent evaluation

1500 people participated in this survey. More males participated in this survey, the average age of participates was 24.  A greater number of participates were single people (people who had never been married). This survey showed that more young people in school were using the service and referring the service to friends. The most effective way of accessing the service for most participants was via service message service (SMS) 85.8% of males and 92% of females found it most convenient to access the service via SMS, male participants were more inclined to send emails to the service. Participates discovered the service through a friend, an ad and radio. Clients were suprised about how helpful and assessible the service was to them. 

In 2013, female participant were more likely to be motivated to use the service to ask questions about general sexual and reproductive health issues, whereas male participants were more likely to ask questions about HIV and AIDS or STI related issues.

The survey showed that in 2013 80.1% of male participants and 80.9% of female participants felt the service had helped them, and met their needs. Participants were asked how the service helped them, a great percentage of male participants felt the service help them understand and get useful information regarding HIV and STI’s. A greater number of females felt the service gave those answers to sexual and reproductive health issues such as menstruation and pregnancy. Clients expressed more satisfaction with the service,they commented that responses where quicker than in 2012.

The results of the evaluation indict an increase in the use and the knowledge of condoms and oral contraceptives. This is a quick summary of the independent evaluation carried out in 2013, without your support this project wouldn’t have recorded this such impressive statics. Many thanks for the support and encouragement. Education As a vaccine hopes to make this project reach ever young person in Nigerian. Thank you so much.                                                        

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