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Jan 15, 2019

Support 2000Kenya school girls with reusable pads

Happy New Year 2019.  We thank God for giving us another year to serve the less privileged in our society and we thank all those who have walked the journey with us and we encourage them to continue the journey with us as we cannot go far with your kind support.  We thank all who contributed to this project that ensured that our girls received reusable sanitary towels and they were able to continue well with their studies.  As we start this New Year, we request our friends to consider supporting our girls with reusable sanitary towels.  We have realized that the number of girls in need of these towels is growing and many young girls are starting their periods at very early age compared to others sometimes back.  As we fundraise, we target more than 2,000 girls so as to ensure even those in lower grades who are starting their periods are well prepared with the necessary materials as well as the issues of hygiene and adolescents.  We have been conducting sessions when distributing sanitary towels where we also involve boys so that they can as well understand into details on issues of adolescence and what is expected of them when the girls are on their days. 

Previously we reported the needs to do more fundraising so as to support girls in PCEA primary school with towels but yet we have not managed to raise enough funds to buy the towels.  We have not given up on this and we hope this year we will have more funds which will enable us support these needy girls.  At this point we request all our global giving friends and other well-wishers to make this initiative realistic so as to help our girls and keep them in schools and in good hygiene and health.  This year we will work hard to ensure we improve the current situation there are many challenges but we believe together we will solve them and improve status of others.  Thank you all for your continued support and we request you to continue supporting our communities.  We wish you a prosperous year 2019.

Jan 3, 2019

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malaria

The year 2018 was good and we achieved in one way or the other, we appreciate all the support given by our Global Giving friends and partners and we wish them well in 2019.  Kokwa community is counting blessings despite the many challenges they faced throughout the year and they have high hopes that the year 2019 will be more successful.  As previously reported, we had a kid from the Island who required immediate medical attention and after various tests, it was recommended to have the kid operated in December 2018.  Am happy to report that the operation was successfully done on 12th December 2018 and the kid responded very well.  It was a complicated matter which required physiologist intervention and we supported to sessions which were done successfully.  To shed more light, the kid had 2 sexual organs and since birth the kid was treated as a boy but when all the tests were done, it was confirmed that the kid was a girl.  It is still a hectic moment especially for the kid to understand and accept the changes, the kid is in nursery school and since he started schooling he has been in boys’ school uniform and now the kid is expected to report school in a dress as her school uniform.  We are trying to have the kid transferred from that school but unfortunately there is no other close primary school where she can go for schooling.  The alternatives we have are having the kid move from nuclear family and be hosted by other family members outside the Island but we are concerned of this option as the kid requires mother’s love and care especially after the operation.  The other alternative is having the whole family move from Island and settle somewhere else.  The family depends on fishing for food and some little income which means they are not in a position to start a new life somewhere else.  The option of relocating is much better but require support for the whole family.   We are working on possibilities of supporting the family start new living elsewhere and have an income generating activity for them to move on.   We call upon our friends and well-wishers to help us in supporting these needy families as we realize in the Island we have several families who are very vulnerable and they have very little for survival. 

In the previous reported, it was reported that the cases of malaria are still high and we need to find ways of reducing them.  Previously we distributed mosquito nets to all households in the Island but this is some years back and most of them are worn out while other families don’t have them at all.  In regard to this, we hope to do fundraising for more nets so that we can distribute them a fresh as a way of reducing the disease.  To achieve this, we call upon well-wishers and partners to help us raise funds to start this initiative.  The current temporally dispensary have some drugs for malaria but we still need to support the dispensary where possible.  Again we express our gratitude to all our friends and partners for supporting our projects and we wish them a fruit year as they continue extending support to our needy communities.  Happy prosperous New Year 2019.

Dec 31, 2018

Help Educate 330 Mukinyai School Orphans, Kenya

We hope all our partners and well-wishers had fantastic festive seasons. We take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all our supporters for this far we have come together. Thank you for walking this long and tough journey with us and making it successful throughout the year despite the many challenges that we had on our way. Our beneficiary students have had a smooth year and they remained in schools as we were in a position to pay their school fees and provide them with uniforms and they were not sent home for school fees.  We are happy to report that our candidate sat for his final exams and the results were released just before Christmas but we are yet to receive his results which we are hoping will be impressing.  We are proud of him and we will support him in his university studies. In the next report we will update on the results and the way forward.  All the other beneficiaries were promoted to the next class and we are proud of them as they are performing very well.  They have had enjoyable long December holiday and they are now preparing to report back to school for 1st term 2019.  We intend to add more beneficiaries in 2019 who will join form one.  Some of them performed well and secured positions in good boarding secondary schools but some parents and guardians cannot afford to take them to those boarding schools due to the required school fees and other admission requirements and they opt day schools which are less expensive.  Some of them have approached us requesting for support and we hope to accommodate some of them.  We are very greatful for the donations contributed during December holiday and thank GlobalGiving for money disbursement.  We really appreciate as these donations and disbursements have come just the right time again we thank all those who generously contributed to this project.  We will have a meeting next week and discuss with the students, parents and teachers who have requested for the support then we will decide how many more students we will accommodate in the program.  The demand is high but unfortunately we cannot accommodate many due to the limited resources.  We will select the beneficiaries depending on families’ vulnerability and the students’ performance in just released national examinations results.  We will have a comprehensive report on this in the next reporting and we will update our donors on the progress. Together with beneficiaries, parents and guardians, we wish to take this opportunity to wish All a prosperous New Year 2019. May the year be filled with joy, love and good health and may your boundaries be extended as you receive more blessings and resources to continue sharing with the less privileged in our society. Thank you very much Happy Happy New Year 2019.

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