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May 9, 2019

Buid School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

We appreciate the support given to Kachiuru primary school to improve the learning environment in the school.  In our previous report, we requested support for the school desks and we really appreciate our good friends for generously contributing towards that.  We managed to increase the number of desks by 20 last term which had a great impact especially in the new classroom which is now very useful to the school and Kachiuru community at large.  On another note we are happy that the feeding program in the school is ongoing and helping a lot the pupils especially during this very difficult moments for many Kenyans and unfortunately arid and semi-arid areal like Kachiuru are even worse compared to others.  Thank you for the great support given.  Kachiuru school garden which has been the learning point for the pupils and parents have been affected badly by the prolonged drought and the simple irrigation system installed could not stand the harsh and prolonged dryness I post parts of the country.  Like many areas in the country, it rained a bit and immediately the pupils and teachers started planting as they were optimistic that the rains would continue but that was not the case.  They lost everything they had planted and they will be expected to start s fresh. 

We have purchased 40 packs of reusable sanitary towels for the girls in Kachiuru school from grade 6 to grade 8 to ensure that they have this essential basic need which has been a stress to many school girls and their parents as they have been struggling to have them where any parents have not been in a position to buy them to their daughters due to low income.  This has resulted to many girls to miss school during their periods as they feel unprotected.  During the distribution girls will be taught on how to use and clean them as well as discussing hygiene issues, productive health adolescence and motivation talks to encourage them to work hard in school.  Thank you for this support as we invite more well-wishers and friends to support Kachiuru school as there are very many challenges among them school uniforms and shoes for the pupils, teaching and learning materials as well as increasing the desk as they still need more to improve learning environment.  Thank you for the great support given and we request for more to help our kids in schools who are facing many challenges even at very tender age.

May 8, 2019

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-Affected Families

As reported previously, the prolonged drought in the country has affected everybody in the cycle.  We had a lot of high hopes that the situation would improve but unfortunately it has been worst.  Our project beneficiaries prepared their land long time ago with hopes of rains coming but that has not been the case and to some extent some farmers had already planted unfortunately due to lack of rains some seeds did not germinate while those germinated withered afterwards.  They are now requesting for the support for the seeds and planting materials as they have nothing to plant.  Towards the end of April there were some rains in some parts of the country.  In Nakuru County where our beneficiaries are, we received some rains and farmers started planting expecting the rains to continue but we are now all concerned as the rain has not continued.  Those who planted, their crops have germinated but they need rains at this point.  It is very confusing at the moment as farmers are not sure how to continue.  We remain optimistic that the situation will improve soon and the rains will resume as farmers continue planting.  Livestock rearing has been a hectic for the farmers due to lack of pastures and as earlier reported, our beneficiaries are really struggling to feed them and also to provide water for the livestock.  Next week we will be distributing seeds, fruits and tree seedlings to some farmers to support them during this difficult period as we educate them on climate change mitigation so that they can understand the importance of planting trees in their areas as well as environment conservation and protection.  We also intend to distribute dairy goats, sheep and chicken as well to improve their worse situation especially on improvement of living standards.  During the distribution of livestock, seeds and seedlings, we will as well consider our HIV/AIDS victims to benefit from this initiative and especially those who are more vulnerable.  We are happy that despite the hard situation we are still in a position to support them and help them get started after a very difficult period.  We appreciate our well-wishers and donors for supporting our beneficiaries and improving their living standard.  We request for more support to help our farmers and beneficiaries especially on food and nutrition security as well as reliable source of water for domestic use and simple irrigations during the dry spell to ensure the continuity of vegetable production and water for the livestock.  Thank you for your generosity

Apr 24, 2019

Empower 175 students for food security in Kenya

The year 2019 started very well but as it grows older, it surprised many Kenyans due to strange climatic condition.  It has been extremely dry in most parts of the country including Molo in Nakuru County where a lot of farm products comes from.  Usually there are long rains beginning March to May with short rains in January and February but this year it has been totally different.  There were no rains since January until 20th April when rains started in some parts of the country and in Molo the rains started on 23rd April and we remain optimistic that the rain will continue.  As a routine farmers prepared their farms early and some of them even planted as they normally do but unfortunately they lost everything they planted as there were no rains at all although some seeds germinated, they didn’t survive.  Our young youths in polytechnic also experienced the loss of seeds as most of them planted in mid-March as they had high hopes the rain would fall before breaking for April holidays. 

They will be reporting back to school next week after April holiday where they will start planting again.  Since some of them lost all the seeds and planting materials they had saved previously they are now requesting for the support of more seeds to be planted during this rainy season.  They visited our office last week to inform us of the situation and requesting for the support of seeds and planting materials.  We have promised to support them with maize, peas and beans seeds as well as vegetables and other planting materials like sweet potatoes vines, spring onions and fruit tree seedlings.  During the distribution of the seeds and planting materials we will discuss the issues of water harvesting techniques to take advantage of the rains which we hope will continue.  Some of the simple water harvesting techniques that we hope to discuss with the schools management are roof water harvesting and ground water harvesting in water pans.  This is not the first time to discuss this issue but we hope to actualize the ideas together.  These schools are in need of support to enable them realize their dreams with their young students for food security and self-employment as a result of successful agribusiness activities.  It is very encouraging to see the good efforts put in place by the youths who are now appreciating agriculture and eager to learn more skills and knowledge.  We are proud of those who have succeeded even after finishing their courses where they have ventured into agribusiness activities and they are depending on themselves for income generation activities.  This has been made possible through well-wishers, donors and friends kind contribution and we take this opportunity on behalf of all the beneficiaries to express our gratitude to all.  Thank you very much and be blessed as we request for more support to our youths in polytechnics. 

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