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Jul 22, 2019

Support 2000Kenya school girls with reusable pads

Our girls in schools are progressing on well despite the challenging moments beginning of this year. It has been raining since April and slowly the situation is improving. As earlier reported, we managed to buy sanitary towels for 1 school in Isiolo (Kachiuru primary school) and 1 in Kajiado (Endonyio Sidai primary school). The sanitary towels were distributed to the school girls in the two schools and the girls were very happy and excited to have them. We also managed to support 2 secondary schools in Baringo in July 2019. It was our first time to distribute towels to secondary schools where we not only did the distribution but also conducted detailed trainings on sexuality, hygiene, reproduction health, family planning, early marriages among others. Baringo County is an area where girls are facing serious challenges where they are dropping out of schools as a result of early pregnancies and early marriages. One of the contributing factors to this is high poverty levels affecting most families in the region and providing sanitary towels to girls has been very challenging with parents not able to buy them for their girls where they end up falling into men’s traps of engaging into sexual activities so that they can be given some money. The teachers confirmed to us that just like in primary schools most girls fail to attend school during their periods as they feel that they are not safe depending on the type of materials they use as sanitary towels. Girls were very happy and they promised to work hard and avoid being absent from school. They also promised to avoid sex when they are still in school. We really encouraged them to concentrate on education at this point. The teachers appreciated the training provided to both boys and girls as well as the sanitary towels given to their girls. We are happy that through your kind support we have been able to support more girls and we are very grateful for your generosity. We still have a very long way to go as we have so many girls that are still in need of the sanitary towels and we request for more support. Thank you very much.

Jul 8, 2019

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malaria

We are happy to have another opportunity to report and update people on Kokwa Island progress. In our previous report we reported that there was urgent need of relief food for the Kokwa community due to the prolonged drought in most parts of the country where Kokwa was much affected. We appreciate all the support given by our friends towards Kokwa community. We received food donations from our good friends and we were grateful for the wonderful support, thank you very much. There have been rains in most parts of the country and we are very optimistic that there will be plenty food in the country. Kokwa has received some rains also but due to the rocky land, we are not expecting them to do any farming but in one way or the other the economic status will improve. There were plans to fundraise for mosquito nets as earlier reported but due to the urgency of relief food, we decided to address the issue first. Since now things are shaping up, we hope to embark of projects fundraising to ensure that the community health is addressed and improved. It is sad to report that the new dispensary which was being constructed by the county government is yet to be in use after so many years and the community is highly affected by the situation. The community who is out of the Island most of the times is not able to do much especially in serious cases and assisting pregnant women in delivering. Most of the women have been delivering in their small huts with very poor hygiene an issue which has been forwarded to the county government but nothing has been done. We are sensitizing the community so that they can raise their voices on the matter since the dispensary committee members have tried in vain. We will be having a meeting with them soon to discuss the issues and help them do an official letter to the county government ad if possible assist them to meet the team concerned. Community members with serious and special cases are being referred to other hospitals to seek for further medication but due to inadequate funds most of them are not going to the referral facilities which is now alarming. During our meeting with the community, we will follow up on those cases and discuss ways of addressing them. We don’t take for granted any support given to this community and on their behalf we are very grateful and appreciate the support given. Thank you very much and please don’t get tired as these community members need all us.

Jun 28, 2019

Help Educate 330 Mukinyai School Orphans, Kenya

Progress with our beneficiary students has been fantastic and we sincerely appreciate the support given to these vulnerable students. They reported back to school after short April holiday. They all came to the office to bring their report forms for the first term and we are happy with their performances. They are doing well and we keep encouraging them to work even harder for them to achieve their objectives. As earlier reported, our last year candidate was expecting admission letter to join public university in the cause of the year and we are happy to report that he has received admission letter to join Maseno University to pursue medicine course and he was very excited. His parents, friends and well-wishers are mobilizing resources to help him pay school fees and meet other requirements as expected by the university. We had hopes to support him but unfortunately we have not received much donations to enable us continue supporting him like we did when he was in secondary school. We contributed some support but we have not given up on fundraising. The other beneficiaries in secondary schools are doing fine and the beneficiaries in form one are progressing on well and they are happy in their secondary schools. It has been challenging to raise funds and we are concerned on how to continue supporting the increasing number of vulnerable students and their families, we request all our well-wishers to consider contributing to our project for us to continue supporting our beneficiaries towards education. We appreciate the support given this far and we pray for more blessings. Thank you for the continued support.

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