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Nov 4, 2019

Improve Livelihoods of 225 HIV-Affected Families

This project has progressed very well and our beneficiaries are very successful since they started the journey with us. Although the year started with many challenges, eventually the situation improved and all has been well. There has been rains since May this year after prolonged drought in most parts of the country. As previously reported, there have been a lot of farm produce and our beneficiaries are not left behind in terms of production. They have been harvesting and planting short term crops and enjoying variety of products from their own gardens. The income they have been earning from sales of surplus farm produce have been catering for other family basic needs as well as paying school fees for their children. We are happy that they have achieved a lot from this which has been made possible by the generous contribution from our friends and well-wishers. Thank you for improving livelihoods of our people. Those who received livestock have not been left behind as they have been enjoying eggs, milk and meat from chicken, goats and sheep. Their diet has also been great since they have been getting most of the animal proteins that they require most. During the distribution, we had agreed that those who received the livestock will share with the rest once the livestock get young once and many have received chicks and others are waiting for the kids and lamb from goats and sheep. This has been great step of ensuring that all our beneficiaries will have livestock once the chain is complete. There have been internal trainings on animal husbandly for the project beneficiaries where they are being trained various animal management practices an exercise which has been very important to all of them. We hope to have many more trainings to ensure that they gain more knowledge on livestock management so that they can also be training other community members. Thank you for all the support that we have receive and we request for more support to enable us achieve even more.

Nov 4, 2019

Buid School for 80 Students in Arid Kachuru Kenya

Kachiuru primary school progress has been good despite the many challenges in the course of the year.  We are happy that they still managed at long last year and the school year has ended successfully.  Third was quite short and not much could have been considering the grade 8 pupils were preparing for their end of year national exams which was completed last week.  As earlier reported, it was expected that the school head teacher would resume duties after the motorbike accident last term.  He reported back for third term and resumed his duties.  Grade 8 pupils sat for their national exams last week and we are happy we managed to support the pupils and supervisors with the necessary support that they require during exams.  For the pupils we supported them with exams materials like geometrical sets, clip boards and stationeries.  For the supervisors we supported them with transport, meals and accommodation and we are optimistic the pupils will perform well and secure admissions in various secondary schools.

In the earlier reports there, were plans to organize fundraising event to raise funds for school desks and other learning materials but as earlier reported, parents were not in a position to raise funds as a result of low income mainly caused by prolonged drought in the region leaving them with very little for survival.   The school management decided to put the event on hold until when the situation improves.  We have not given up on this and we have continued fundraising on behalf of the Kachiuru and we appreciate the support given by the well-wishers as we continue requesting for more. The school is expected to increase next year therefore in need of more desks and learning materials to improve learning environment for the pupils.  We will not get tired or give-up and we continue requesting our friends and well-wishers to consider supporting this project.  Thank you for your continued support and we urge you not to get tired either and continue the journey with us.  Thank you very much.

Oct 21, 2019

Support 2000Kenya school girls with reusable pads

Provision of sanitary towels to the school girls has been a very successful interventions with a lot of impact to the girls and their parents.  We have been following up the impact of the sanitary towels distributed to girls in primary and secondary schools and the feedback we received from the girls and teachers was impressing.  Their performance has really improved since they have been attending school throughout the term unlike before where they used to miss school during their monthly periods which really affected their performance.  The teachers informed us that they have also gained a lot of confidence and courage and they are now in a position to raise their voices and whenever they are any type of harassments by the men or boys they speak out and raise the alarm.  The teachers said the girls are now empowered and the boys are feeling threatened.  We were impressed by the feedback from the girls and the teachers and we would like to express our appreciation to our friends and well-wishers for their generous contribution and improving the life style of our young girls. 

We bought more sanitary towels which we distributed to another vulnerable primary school in Baringo and 60 girls benefitted.  During our previous sanitary towels distribution in other schools, teachers informed us that some girls did not have panties and teachers requested us to consider supporting most vulnerable with panties when distributing sanitary towels.  Through our friends we managed to raise some money for panties and when we were distributing sanitary towels we gave 2 panties to all the sixty girls.  We will be requesting contribution from our friends and well-wishers and when possible we will be distributing them to vulnerable girls when distributing sanitary towels to the girls.  We therefore extend the invitation to our global giving friends and well-wishers to consider continue contributing to this initiative and also consider contributing towards panties for the vulnerable girls.  Thank you in advance for all your support.  Our schools will be closing school next week for the long December holiday and we hope to do more fundraising between now and January so that we can raise more funds to continue supporting our school girls once they resume school next year.  As they break for long holiday we wish them all the best and we always advise them to take care and especially during the festive period we believe they will be safe and we will have them back to school next year God willing.  Thank you.

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