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May 28, 2020

support 2000 Kenya school girls with reusable pads

The year 2020 turned to be a very different year to many people in different countries world wide as a result of corona virus infections.  In some countries the pandemic started as early as January and since then many activities have been heavily affected.  In Kenya the first corona virus case was reported in March where the government closed all the institutions immediately.   Our plans were to visit the schools and conduct trainings in various schools and distribute sanitary towels but due to the pandemic this turned out to be a different story.  In February we managed to visit a primary school in Baringo County as earlier reported.  During the visit, we conducted empowering sessions to the girls and teachers and distributed 120 packs of reusable sanitary towels to the girls.   The sessions were very fruitful and we promised to continue with the sessions during monitoring visits in the course of the year.  We had scheduled visit to other schools in the course of the term in Baringo and Nakuru County which we had to cancel when the schools were closed.  The idea was to conduct more sessions empowering our girls and the teachers and distributing sanitary towels where possible.   We hope to continue with these sessions once the schools reopen.  At the moment, we continue fundraising for reusable sanitary towels to be distributed as we go for the sessions.  The number of schools requesting for our support is increasing where many teachers have reported cases of vulnerability in most families expressing urgent need of the sanitary towels as many young girls are dropping out of school at early stages.  Due to vulnebility, many young girls are being abused by the young men in the villages where they are sexually used for them to be given some money to buy some essentials as sanitary towels.  As a result of this, some girls end up getting pregnant and others getting married at very early ages thus dropping out of school.  We are concerned if they continue staying home due to corona virus pandemic as the number of these cases may continue to rise.  As we continue fundraising, we request for your support on this as we also thank you for your continued support. 

May 12, 2020

Empower 175 students for food security in Kenya

The year 2020 started very well and we all had a lot of hopes that the year would be much better than last year. Like previously reported, our youth polytechnics reported back to school after long December holiday and they started the school term well little did we know that the learning will be affected by the “monster” covid 19 pandemic which has affected the whole world. Although they had started their usual school activities they had to stop most of them and stay at home for their safety. We are happy that to this far we have not had any of our communities that we are working with tested positive with the corona virus and we hope for the best. Most of our agribusiness clubs that we have been supporting had already started their garden activities with most of them with ready vegetables which they were selling to their schools for their meals and selling surplus to their neighbors. It has been very difficult for them to work on their school gardens or even sell the vegetables as they used to since they cannot be allowed in the schools compound and they can only get updates from the few school workers who have access to the schools. Although the club patrons in some schools are coordinating sales of vegetables, the club members feel that it is not enough as they had a lot of activities they had planned for their gardens and most of them were preparing products to show case during annual agricultural show in Nakuru which is held in July every year unfortunately this year things are different. There are losses of farm produce for some of the gardens as it has been raining heavily and they feel they could have taken advantage of the heavy rains and especially on water harvesting and planting new crops. They fear that they will lose a lot and they will have to start all over again but since they don’t have an alternative they have to bear with the situation and we really feel sorry for these young youths who had high hopes that their agribusiness will be more productive this year considering the favourable weather. We hope this monster will come to an end soon and things will get back to normal. Thank you to our friends and well-wishers who have been thinking about us and our communities and also for their kind contributions. We really appreciate your support and concern during this difficult moments

May 12, 2020

Protect 1800 people on Kokwa Island from Malaria

Kokwa Island community is a community that we have been working with and they are our beneficiaries from the support we get through GlobalGiving community and especially on health sector.  The community is very vulnerable and does not really get support from the county government and the main government and this year they had a lot of hopes that the county government of Baringo will finally complete construction of the new dispensary.  Dispensary committee members hoped that they would follow up with the governor for them to have the dispensary completed and start operating but they were not able to visit him in his office as the covid 19 pandemic stopped most of the things in the country and they decided to hold on the meetings.  The community has really been affected by the pandemic and it has been very challenging for them due to their vulnerability.   Although there are no infections in the community, the cost of living has been very expensive and our organization has identified various interventions to support the community towards the pandemic.  We have already distributed bar soaps to the most vulnerable households as one way of fighting covid 19 as we were informed that most vulnerable families cannot afford soap for their families for regular hand washing and general hygiene.  We are also involving community health workers in the Island in creating awareness to the community by going door-to-door informing them on what they should do to fight the corona virus and the actions to take in case they have related symptoms.   Thank you to our friends and well-wishers who have contributed through this platform as we continue appealing for more support.  We are planning to distribute food stuff to the most vulnerable families as we have learnt that most of them don’t have any food to feed their families and since the school going children have been at home since much, they suffer a lot as they are not benefiting from the school lunch program resulting to most of them not having lunch at home since their parents cannot afford 3 meals per day.  We have identified 60 households who are very vulnerable and we will be distributing food stuff, masks and bar soaps to ensure they at least have some food for few days, hygiene soaps and masks for their protection.  Households improvised creative hand washing technics by using 5 litres water Jerrican  hanged on a tree to ensure that they have running water.  We appreciate their effort in protecting themselves from corona virus and we hope we will get more resources to support the whole community.  Thank you again for your continued support together with our community we really appreciate. 

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