Aug 10, 2015

Exam results for 2014 - A success story

Three more young women finished high school at the end of 2014. They all did really well and we are hopeful that their future will be bright, just like Nthabiseng, who tells her story below.

‘‘My name is Nthabiseng (Nthabi for short). It means ‘rejoice with me’. I am rejoicing right now, having successfully finished high school and gone on to complete a university degree. I am now doing a part time Masters degree while working in a government department as a senior administrator. I am now married and have a daughter who I know I can support to get a good education so that she has a better life than I did.”

 Nthabi’s story could have been completely different. Like many young people from poor families, finishing high school is in itself a huge challenge. Her father was retrenched from his mining job in South Africa. The years of mine work had taken their toll on him, but even if he was able to work, jobs were scarce. Meanwhile Nthabi’s mother eked out a meagre living growing and selling vegetables to support the family. Nthabi’s uncle did his best to help her stay in school, paying some of the fees, but he had his own children to think about. Unless a miracle happened, Nthabi would have to leave school.

 “The principal at my school had heard of the support that Educare Fund gives to girls like me so that we can finish high school and maybe attain university level education. The moment I heard that I had been offered sponsorship, all traces of tension and worry left me. I knew that if I worked hard I could achieve my dream of getting degree level education, thus improving my chances of getting a good job. I made up my mind that I would work hard, not only to pass, but to actually excel in all the subjects I did so that I would not struggle to get a government grant for university level education. The hard work paid off and now I can see my future is bright. Moreover, my ambition is to be able to help other young people whose dreams would vanish like mine nearly did had I not been given the wonderful opportunity to further my education. My aim is not only to take part, but also to encourage others within my generation where possible, to extend the hand of fellowship and help support other young women in a similar situation.”

Last year Nthabiseng joined the committee of the local non-profit organization that works with Educare Fund to reach as many young women from poor families in Lesotho so that they can lift themselves and their families out of poverty forever.

It is our hope that thiese and many more young women in Lesotho will benefit from the project and have stories like Nthabiseng's to tell in the future.

Once more, thank you for continuing to work with us. Please feel free to leave comments and/or ask any questions you may have.


Liphethiso Monica Harris

May 11, 2015

Feedback from the last visit to Lesotho

Dear everyone

The visit to Lesotho last month provided an opportunity for Liphethiso to meet some of the principals from the schools which have girls supported by Educare Fund. This was made possible by the fact that the teachers were in Maseru for one of their scheduled meetings. The consensus is that the support that Educare Fund gives to each girl has more impact than just helping the individual. This is because the money enables the school to manage its cash flow and as a result it is able to ‘carry’ other students who are also struggling to keep up the school fee payments. Thus, the support given reaches further than we imagined.

At the end of 2014, three girls wrote their GCSEs, thus graduating from high school. Ten girls wrote their year 10 exams and are set to continue on to write their GCSEs in just over eighteen months. 2016 looks like it could be a bumper year with potentially all 10 girls finishing high school!

Students at one of the schools (Lesia High School) took part in a short video expressing gratitude for the support given by you through Educare Fund and our partner organisation in Lesotho, Ithuteng Basetsana Educare Association (IBEA). You can access the video on YouTube via this link:

The students express in their own words what the support from Educare Fund means to them. Of course we would not be able to do any of that without your support. I hope you enjoy the video!

I would really appreciate your comments on this and future reports. Any suggestions as to how best to help you help us would be very welcome. If there is any information you would like included in the reports or any questions about the project, please feel free to ask.

Once more, thank you for helping Educare Fund help the girls in Lesotho! 

Best regards

Liphethiso Monica

Jan 15, 2015

Happy New Year

Educare Fund wishes you a happy and prosperous New Year. I hope you had a pleasant festive season.

Many of you kindly supported Educare Fund during the GivingTuesday campaign, a collabotaion between GlobalGiving and Microsoft which was held on the 2nd december 2014. Together you helped us raise £755, inclusive of matching funds and the UK Giftaid. This is a handsome amount to raise in one day and we would not have done it without your kind help.The sum raised could pay annual school fees for up to seven girls!

December is the end of the school year in Lesotho. Those in the final year of high school wrote their exams and are now awaiting the results. This year 5 girls sat their year 12 exams and are now about to find out how they have done and what bright future awaits. Our hope is that all 5 will have successfully prepared their way toward a brighter future which you have all helped to shape. Two girls wrote their year 10 exams, leading to progression to year 11 and on to the final year of high school. 

In the previous report I indicated that the process of recruiting new girls, administering the distribution of funds to the schools as well as obtaining feedback from the beneficiaries was proving to be an increasing challenge for Ithuteng Basetsana Educare Association (IBEA),our sister organisation in Lesotho. You will be pleased to know that you have helped to solve the problem. During the December visit to Lesotho, Liphethiso worked with the local team to 'set up shop'  in a shared office as a base for IBEA to operate from. A laptop and a printer had already been procured, so it made sense to engage an office assistant to support the secretary and 'man' the 'office'. The hope is that the collection of feedback, among other things, will be a lot easier in the future. Needless to say, none of this would have been possible without your very kind support. 

The 'office' has only been operating since the beginning of January, but we are already reaping the benefits. The letters in the attached document are proof of that and we hope that we will be able to gather more feedback to share with you in the future. The letters highlight the importance of the work made possible by your kind and generous donations. Some of the girls even express their hope that in future they may also be in a position to help someone else. 

I hope you find the students' words inspiring, as I did. May 2015 prove to be as successful a year as last year was so that together we can continue to help more girls In Lesotho to a brighter future.

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