Oct 15, 2019

Where 'Each one teaches one'!

Kunal teaches English and Social Studies to Grade 9 students in Government High School Durgabhavani. A few months into his Fellowship, he witnessed an unusual yet wonderful scene unfolding in his classroom. After finishing the classwork assigned to them, a few of the gifted students started to help those around them who were struggling. Kunal noticed how Pooja, Akhila, Ashwini, and Sirisha explained the topic they were studying without a hint of impatience and observed them slowly and carefully answering the questions of their peers. Happy to see his students help one another he assumed this was a one-off incident and thought nothing more of it. But, it happened again the next day and the next and the next.

Kunal wondered if it would be possible to accelerate the learning in his class with the help of these students. The students had put this into motion but maybe with his guidance, he could help maximize the results of their initiative. He decided to appoint the students who were eager to help as ‘Mentors’ clearly because they were driven by the need to providing ‘individual attention’ to each student in the classroom. These students strongly felt that with consistent support, each child can become as good as the rest. The four students chose a topic of their choice each day that they would thoroughly study & research. They then taught that topic to the group assigned to them in class the next day. After having this system in place for a few days Kunal noticed that leadership in his class had increased not just amongst the gifted students but amongst the other students too. Many of the children were more confident about clearing their doubts and no longer hid it when they didn’t understand something. Slowly he started to see his students thrive simply because each one was able to get individual attention, which was otherwise impossible when there are fifty children in the class with different learning abilities and only one teacher.

This initiative called ‘Each one, teach one’ is truly unique as it is entirely student-led, created by the students, for the students.

Aug 22, 2019

Teach For India Organization Update

Student Leaders - Classrooms
Student Leaders - Classrooms

A. Fellow Leaders

  • Recruitment and Selection:

We successfully campaigned around the country to recruit young professionals for our Fellowship program.

In 2018-19, we received 12,367 applications and after multiple rounds of the Selection process, 815 Fellows were oered to join the Fellowship program. Teach For India maintained a selectivity rate of 6.6% (slightly higher than 6.1% from 2017-18) while screening the applicants. We welcomed 448 Fellows to Institute with an increased matriculation rate of 54.7% as compared to 53% from last year.

  • Institute

We trained 448 Fellows at the Institute 2019.

Institute is the first step of the Fellowship program. It is a five-week long training process as part of the induction of Fellows onto their Leadership Development Journey and takes place at summer schools in Pune. These Fellows took their first stride towards educational equity in the rigorous 5-week residential training program. Institute 1 saw active participation from Student Interns, or as they are called, “The Fellows of the Future”! We met the reading comprehension growth goal of 0.5 at the Institute. 3% of the Fellows dropped out during the course of the training in Pune.


B. Alumni Impact

  • TFI Connect

TFI Connect is our digital community platform with 3000+ Fellows, Alumni, Staff, and Partners of the Teach for India Community.

In quarter 1, the platform experienced an average of 850 visits per month and posted over 200 new jobs which had 800+ applications; around 3000 messages were exchanged on the platform. The team also conducted their first mentorship track where 6 Fellows leading projects in their regions were matched with Alumni with skills and expertise in that domain.

  • InnovatED

We innovate to multiply our impact in the system through entrepreneurship.

We opened out the applications for InnovatED 2019 Cohort in May and received 31 applications from 17 women and 14 men, across 12 regions in India, representing 8 Teach For India cohorts. After a rigorous selection process In June, InnovatED selected 8 Entrepreneurs to its 2019 cohort with a selectivity of 25% this year.


C. Innovation Cell

  • Firki

Firki continues to build strong content and make it accessible for all.

This quarter, Firki added 2600 new enrolments and secured partnerships with Code to Enhance Learning, and Life Lab – these partnerships will enable the creation of expert cocreated content in various formats. Audience engagement has been consistently high and attendance rates have also risen thanks to communication that focused on increasing registrations and their conversion to attendance. Another interesting update is that over 14 courses have been translated into 5 regional languages making it more accessible.


  • TFIx

TFIx focussed on enabling skilling and cooperation for Alumni.

One of our strategies for supporting our Alumni was through Regional Hubs. Our aim is to launch two hubs – Bihar (recently launched) and North India. The idea is to provide an ecosystem of support for our entrepreneurs by bringing in different stakeholders, including other entrepreneurs. The team also conducted 2 Alumni webinars – while one of them focused on inspiration and passion (for the cohort of 2018), the other focused on the technical aspects of running a fellowship (for the cohort of 2017). We received positive feedback on these webinars.

  • Kids Education Revolution

KER team ensured cross-functional collaboration to   focus on student leadership.

Some of the big wins for KER this quarter were investment of staff team for the track at Institute, clear communication with Students, Staff, and Fellows, designing strong learning experiences for the students and integration of this track at Institute 2020. The KER team collaborated with Firki team to finalise the 6 themes they wanted to work on for the Firki courses and a draft of their first course, ‘Safe space for voice’, is ready. Inspired by our KER, Teach For Armenia held its first Kids Education Revolution National Summit in May 31st. 20 kids from 5 regions participated in the event at Vanadzor Technology centre, North Armenia.


D. Organizational Updates:

  • Project Lion

We have taken concrete steps in our pursuit towards making Teach For India stronger.

Project Lion aims to make Teach For India a stronger organization that honours and protects our people's right to safety, fairness, and support in the workplace.

We wanted to address not only the complaints, but also the blind-spots in the organizational health.

For the latter, a diagnostic was planned and executed in phases:

We collected new data from a revamped Fellow Engagement Survey, a survey intended to measure overall Fellow engagement levels.

We conducted focus groups across cities for a more profound qualitative discussion on culture. We reflected on our values by undertaking the Barrett Cultural Values Assessment Test. Besides, the Senior Leadership Team took individual leadership assessments designed by the Barrett Values Centre to understand their unique strengths and areas of development, and worked with a coach to know how their leadership tied to organizational culture.

Following this, we shared a synthesis of insights, actions and next steps with our leadership team, and then with our Board to validate it. Finally, we distilled all of this into this report so that our community could also see the journey we’d undertaken.

Post the diagnosis the following changes have been implemented:

1. We have strengthened our policies after consulting multiple stakeholders and have begun implementing them in various degrees.

2. We redesigned the ecosystem of support for Fellows and Program Staff and clarified the role vision and expectations.

3. We have refocussed our Phase 3 vision around leadership development and redesigned our planning process to enable greater clarity.

4. We have also appointed child protection officers across cities to ensure the safety of our students.

Fellow Leaders - Institute
Fellow Leaders - Institute
Aug 2, 2019

Fellow Sankirtana's leadership journey!

Every Fellow at Teach For India, craft their unique experience of Fellowship journey with their students! Please read the leadership experiences of our Year 2 Fellow, Sankirtana.

"My journey so far has been one filled with learnings of all kinds. Right from being immensely solution oriented, to enhancing the skill of execution, to vision casting, to planning, to balancing care and candor, every aspect of my life has undergone a revamp, in a meaningful way.

In the classrooms I teach, I have seen a holistic improvement in my children’s approach to studying as such. In Science especially, I have noticed a huge improvement in students taking up real life application projects of their own accord that led to increased investment in classes s as to implement heir learnings in real world situations.

The students conducted a Science seminar in the first term under the guidance of my then co-fellow and myself. Through this, we saw a lot of positive shifts In terms of student accountability, student leadership and ownership, apart from increased interest in Science as a subject.

During my first term, I conducted a school level seminar on Independence Day through which students spoke about the diversity in Indian culture, by highlighting different aspects of 9 different states in India. This included them conducting research, gathering information and dressing up in the traditional attire of that state. To top things off, the students conducted a quiz for all attendees to highlight the importance of the National Anthem. 

I think my most exciting moment last year has been the following: I had a student in my class who’d consistently seemed disinterested. At one point, due to her family circumstances, I visited her house and had a conversation with her. Post this, noticing that she had a teacher who cared, she had a tremendous improvement in Reading Comprehension. I hope such student impact is possible with the continuous support of everyone."

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