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May 18, 2020

Teach For India - Report

City updates - Chennai:

Chennai Students Kondattam is the largest Fellow-led event organized by Teach For India - Chennai. With an annual participation of 3000+ students spanning over the two days, it was a remarkable success this year.
While the stage was set beautifully by all our stakeholders, our students leveraged the opportunity well to maximize their learning and to showcase all their incredible talents.

Teach For India’s Response To COVID-19:

Our Staff, Fellows, and Student communities have been tirelessly working during these tough times. Over the past 3 weeks, through sustained and dedicated effort, our Fellows, have managed to get in touch with 70% of our students and their families. We have been looking to understand how these families are doing in terms of physical health, availability of essential supplies, housing, finances and access to learning. We are continuously working to identify the families most in need of assistance so we can use our emergency fund to help them. We are also preparing for the possibility that schools may remain closed for some time, and so we are working on a plan to help our children learn virtually.

Anantharaman and his school team identified the requirements in North Chennai Cluster and got onto to grounds in distributing food packets and essential kits (in collaboration with Yein Udaan). Immediate financial and medical needs of the community was attended to. Families in need of help for paying rent were directed to external support system.


Fellow Narrative from Mr. Srinivas Subramanian:

As the academic year comes to an end, I take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart. The last term whizzed in a flash as the students were filled with all-round activities right from their academic calendar to extracurricular activities like their yearly ‘Chennai student Kondattam (CSK)’ . As they
were rigorously preparing for their term end exams to finish their year on a high, things halted as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the globe.The focus shifted primarily towards working on the enhancement of the students reading and writing skills as they are moving to their 9th grade. Students indulged in systematic and consistent practice of reading various books apart from their school texts and were in the process of mastering their abilities to write a book review.

They have made considerable progress as it is evident from the tracker they use to record their reading routine, and they are better organized when they write their book review. Based on the tests they have taken
for mastering their other subjects, there are 30% students who fair between 65-85%, 30% students who fair between 35-65% and the rest have been working to the best of their abilities and have shown their ability to
pass their papers.

One of the big milestone which the student indulged in for enhancing their access and exposure was through their participation in rural-urban exchange program that took place between our school and Anna Gem Private school. Students from both the schools got the opportunity to visit each other's school and they got to learn a lot through academic and cultural activities organized at both the schools.The visit also allowed them to build their perspective about the country's education system in general by comparing the education system in both a public and private set up. They went on to expand their friends circle as children from both the schools went on to become friends by the end of the program.

In continuation to enhancing their reading abilities and develop a love for reading, the students took on an additional responsibility to help their peers in 3rd grade primary school by sharing their knowledge about
reading words and whole sentences. As the project kicked off the students shared additional skills with their buddies in 3rd grade by teaching the art, colouring and painting. They also did some craft work together by sharing their knowledge of making a bird nest which they had learnt in their previous term. The children also
helped their little buddies in making them realize the etiquettes that needs to be maintained in a classroom to allow a wholesome learning experience both for the teachers and the students. The students took their buddy role responsibly, and it was visible from the interactions they continued to have during their break hours apart from the regular weekly visits during which they met. Our children on the other hand began to grow in terms of responsibility, maturity and ownership.

Taking career guidance coaching for students of 8th grade was something that was exciting and thrilling for me to conduct during this term as it was unique and the whole of our 8th grade together for this. No day was fixed and the situation necessitated for us to be on our toes, ready to innovate and enhance to keep up with
the uncertainties that was throwing up. We could get through this as a result of combined efforts we put up as a school team including other teachers like me!

May 4, 2020

Empowering the 'Voice' of the Women Community

Binduja's story on her project 'Voice' that empowers women of her community

"I was always around strong women in my life who exposed me to different problems faced by women in our country. This was one of the reasons I chose to work in social sector. When I was struggling with the many uncertainties in the school, the interactions with parents made me realize that their problems were deeper than I expected. My conversations with the mothers in the community made me understand the importance of safe spaces for creating strong voice. That made me start the Project “Voice” in our community, a sharing circle where each and every mother is heard. It became a space for them to take some time out from their monotonous routine, to relax and share their concerns. Our community is diverse with people from different religions. Most of the parents are not educated and conservative in their thoughts and parenting. It was difficult initially to start conversations with mothers, but gradually they opened up about their financial problems, domestic abuse and entrenched patriarchy. All these were the basic problems which are observed in every community but I could see these impacting my students the most. And the mothers never saw these as grave problems because for them it was normal. Now with project “Voice”, these women who were otherwise used to normalizing these daily issues are actively participating in being vocal about it and problem solving.

I wouldn’t have gotten this opportunity to work on such deep rooted, divergent problems had it not been for the Fellowship at Teach For India. I had plans for doing my masters in chemical engineering before joining Teach For India but the Fellowship enabled me to work on my passion of working with community women, making them heard and empowering them to be the strongest stakeholders of the society. Going further I want to pursue masters in Community Development for women studies to work with the people transforming communities where women and their opinions are given importance and respected."

Feb 20, 2020

Kids Education Revolution Week 2020

Our Students
Our Students

The Kids Education Revolution program came into being because of an urgent need to shift the purpose of education by leveraging student agency, potential, and voice across a diverse group of organizations and schools. We hosted KER week in January 2020. The week was a significant step forward in having kids showcasing the diversity of our collective, and in bringing the powerful idea of a reimagined education to life.

After KER Night and Summit, our student revolutionaries have walked away with belief in themselves and in the power of communities. Educators and school leaders have shared glowing reviews of their experiences of student-educator led facilitation and the sessions that exhibited the wonderful work that different organizations/schools are doing to create a better world for our children. Individuals at different levels in the system have shared commitments to create more platforms for their own kids to contribute towards change, and to create opportunities through which students and teachers can co-create education by listening to and learning from each other.

 Here is what one of the attendees had to say:- “The sessions were wonderful with a lot of fun activities and let's hope that as educators we would be able to provide our dear students a world full of sunshine!”

 KER week began with a three-day residential Revolutionary Retreatwhich hosted 125 student revolutionaries from 15 countries. Over the 3 days, our revolutionaries explored the stories that make us who we are, deepened relationships with one another, and created the stories of what might be.

 KER Night saw our students showcasing their stories of Grey Sunshine through various theatre and spoken word performances. We also witnessed a panel where we were joined by Barkha Dutt, Amitabh Kant and Ashish Dhawan along with student leaders like climate change activist, Ridhima Pandey who spoke about their vision for the future of education. 

During the KER Summit, our participants got to experience various instances of student voice, leadership and the Grey Sunshine in the education sector. Through the Museum of Grey Sunshine, participants saw the realities of our broken education system and witnessed the atrocities through the eyes of the students. 

We also had the pleasure of being joined by Mr. Shailendra Sharma, Principal Advisor at the Directorate of Education. He led the opening of the Summit and shared stories about what inspired him to join the education sector. 

The panel discussion
The panel discussion
The Museum of Grey Sunshine
The Museum of Grey Sunshine
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