May 31, 2012

Freedom's Letter

In the Community
In the Community

Dear Topsy Supporters,

I am sure you have thought many times about the children that you are supporting through Topsy –
what they may be thinking and feeling.

Today I have the privilege of sharing with you a letter, written by one of them. This child came forward
and sent this letter through his Caregiver to one of our caring Social Workers,

We were all so touched and warmed by his words. It is unbelievable that amongst all of the
hardship that these children suffer, there is time for counting blessings.

Here is the letter from a boy whose first name is Freedom:

Freedom’s Letter:

“I would dearly love to thank you personally.

All in all I want to thank you for the food, blankets, school uniform
etc and for I thank you for being a family to me and good friends I can trust.

I hope you will not stop with me, doing good things to people like me, I
hope Jesus offers you lots and lots of strength to help you help those who can’t
help themselves.

Lots of Love from Me

Yours Sincerely


When we at Topsy hear things like this from the people we help, it is beyond encouraging – it is a powerfully heart-warming reminder that we are doing something genuinely worthwhile.

You are part of this and so we extend the thanks to you. It is due to
your donations alone, that we can go out into our most impoverished rural communities,
with something more to offer than sympathy.

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie


Jan 26, 2012

Personal Story - Caring for Orphans in Poverty

Gogo Mary with the Topsy OVC food parcel
Gogo Mary with the Topsy OVC food parcel

Dear Topsy Supporters,

Welcome to 2012!

We would like to share with you a wonderful and inspiring story about one of our inspiring Gogo’s (Grannies). In South Africa it is sadly all too common to find children orphaned by the HIV and AIDS epidemic. Typically they will be taken in by a grandmother (Gogo) or other relative. The Topsy Foundation does its best to help these families through the tough economic and social challenges they face. We help through the Topsy Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) Project.

Here is the story of one of our Gogos’s. The story of Gogo Mary

“I’m Mary Kaleni* I ‘m 68yrs of age, staying at Qalabotjha, South Africa. I had two daughters who were sick. They did not tell me what was wrong.

It was only after they died that I realised. They left behind their children. Both daughters passed away in 2006. My elder daughter had 2 children and the other one had only one child, who was 10 months old when her mother passed away, she is now four years. The others are 10yrs and 9yrs of age.

In the beginning I looked after those children with my small amount of pension money - buying food, school uniforms, paying school fees and everything else they needed. I could not enjoy my pension because I was using everything to take care of the children.

Then one day Topsy came to my rescue. I like Topsy because they have helped me a lot. At Topsy I get food parcels and school uniforms for the children. They have also provided me with seeds for a vegetable garden. We are now eating the vegetables that I have planted. I also tell these children that they must thank Topsy because they helped them.

Before we go to bed we pray for Topsy to grow and continue to help the nation. I also see people that are attending the Topsy Clinic. They become better very fast. Topsy is working. Thank you Topsy, May God Bless you.” 

Topsy is blessed to have support like yours to provide the best offering to our beneficiaries who living in poverty in rural South Africa. Thank you for being in our family of supporters and showing extra care to those in real need.

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie

Communications Manager

Another of Topsy's inspiring Gogos and grandchild
Another of Topsy's inspiring Gogos and grandchild


Oct 17, 2011

The Topsy Foundation is at a Crucial Stage.

At the Topsy Free Clinic
At the Topsy Free Clinic

Dear Topsy Supporters,

 Your generosity is deeply valued by all of us here at the Topsy Foundation. You are the fuel for the engine that must keep working to give life-saving and community building services to our impoverished rural communities.

Right now we are at a crucial stage. There are 2 key aspects that have come together now.

Firstly, with ten years of service behind us, the word continues to spread in our impoverished  and isolated rural communities that Topsy is the place to go for help. We are so humbled by the recognition that our beneficiaries give to our work. They remind us daily and keep us inspired to continue to strive to offer them our very best. 

Everything that Topsy does centres around our core services extending from our Comprehensive HIV and AIDS Care Clinic (CHACC). When we reflect on the growth of the uptake of Clinic services, we can see both a dire need in the communities as well as the good reputation of Topsy filtering through to those people in need. To take a snapshot in time – in 4 years we have grown from attending to an average of 546 patients per month (2008) to a caseload of 2 754 per month today.

Our patients value the fact that at Topsy we take a holistic approach to ensuring the best treatment for HIV and AIDS – taking into account medical and social aspects affecting people. This is evidenced by the range of our services which include:

Orphaned and Vulnerable Children Project

Vegetable Gardening Project

Home-Based Care

ARV Therapy

Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission

Cervical Cancer Screening

Tuberculosis Diagnosis and Treatment

Skills Training. 

As we go from strength to strength in our abilities to help more people to not only handle their illness, but to develop their communities, we must strongly consider the second aspect.


This aspect is sustainability. It is essential that we are able to provide consistent support and provision to our beneficiaries. At Topsy we ensure that this is possible through a long-term fundraising strategy and an approach to service delivery that is both effective and efficient.

With the changes in giving behaviour brought on by the last few years of global economic pressure, we are mindful of the value of each and every one of our generous supporters. We appeal to you to continue to share what you can with those living in desperate need and very few options. 

A great opportunity to do this will be this WEDNESDAY 19th OCTOBER. is matching at 30% all online donations up to $1,000 per donor per project!  There is $100,000 available in matching funds on 19th OCTOBER. If you feel that Topsy’s work is something that you’d like to be a part of – then helping us through an online donation is the perfect way to do that.

We would very much like to take this opportunity to thank you again for all of your support and continued belief in the value of Topsy’s offering to our beneficiaries. Please continue to help us to save lives and build impoverished rural communities. 

Warm Regards

Helen MacKenzie

Communications Manager

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