Aug 13, 2018

We have reached half our 2018 goal!

One way to break the cycle of poverty, especially on a generational level, is to ensure that children have the opportunity to go to school. Trailblazer has two parts to its Education program: building schools and providing bicycles so students can continue school.

Trailblazer Foundation’s first education project, in 2005, was to construct a primary school building. Since then, Trailblazer has constructed seven school buildings and two libraries. This year, two more school buildings are currently under construction. Each six classroom building can support 480 students, 40 students per classroom, two sessions per day.

Additionally, Trailblazer works to reduce a barrier to education by providing bicycles to our partner villages, so students can travel to schools within their district. This is particularly true of students in Junior and Senior High School, as not every village has one of these schools (they are often shared between villages). Without a bicycle, many students would simply drop out because their secondary level school is just too far away.

To date, Trailblazer has distributed 50 bicycles to students going into the secondary level of school. This is 50% of our 2018 goal. Now these 50 students have a means of travel to and from school and are able to continue their education.

You can help make the next half of the year have as much success by supporting a rural student's education. With a donation of $55 another student can receive a bicycle.

Thank you for your gift and for making a difference in a student's life.

Aug 13, 2018

Making An Impact Through Clean Water

Water-borne diseases are the greatest health threat in Cambodia’s Siem Reap province. In Cambodia, a country of fifteen million people, there are more than nine million cases of diarrheal disease annually, estimated to cost the nation about $448 million a year. These diseases are most easily combatted by providing access to clean water.

For Trailblazer Foundation, providing access to clean water includes both digging wells to access water, and constructing and delivering bio-sand water filters to purify both surface water and well water (the latter of which is cleaner than surface water, but still not always safe to drink). 

Constructing and delivering our bio-sand water filters to villagers is Trailblazer Foundation’s first priority, in terms of the services and products we provide. We distribute more water filters than wells, because most families already have access to some sort of surface water, although the water is typically not healthy for human consumption. This explains why water filters are the product or service most requested by the villages, through the local needs assessment process.

Given that one family each uses a water filter, with an average of 5 people per family, Trailblazer has benefitted 965 people so far this year by installing 193 bio-sand water filters.

Trailblazer is very grateful and proud of raising money because people are inspired to give for products and services which support the important work done in Cambodia. Our passion for improving health conditions and reducing poverty for our rural village partners cannot happen without your help.

You have the power to be an agent of healing and hope for rural villagers. Every gift counts. I want to thank all our donors for their continued support. Your contributions are making a difference and transforming the lives of people in rural Cambodia every year.

Thank you for bringing clean water and hope of a better life to rural families in Siem Reap province.

Aug 10, 2018

Families in need of improved sanitation

In the news, we regularly hear about poverty and need across the globe, of people struggling and living with hunger and disease. In Siem Reap province, the second poorest province in Cambodia, Trailblazer is providing rural villagers with healthy water through our filters, an abundant consistent supply of water from our wells, and better sanitation with latrines.

It all starts with water. There is little dispute amongst the Trailblazer Board, staff and recipients that when we provide access to water and clean potable water their families are healthier and have more energy. Adults are better able to work and provide for their families. Children can attend school and continue their education. The third component for improving health is having latrines.

The rainy season is in full swing and making the construction of latrines difficult until the end of the year when the rains stop. However, we can still have an impact on improving the enivronment and lives of rural families in Siem Reap province in another way. Trailblazer has been focusing on helping the communities where we work by conducting sanitation and hygiene trainings.

These trainings are preparing families for when it is possible to construct a latrine for them. Additionally, by providing these families with more education about sanitation and hygiene they are able to take what steps they can now to improve their situation until they receive a latrine. So far in 2018, Trailblazer conducted 23 sanitation and hygiene training sessions, directly benefitting 115 people and working to improve the health conditions for those communities.

So, although we cannot construct latrines at this time, you can still provide a family with a safe, comfortable, and sanitary place to relieve themselves. With your donation of $175 now, Trailblazer will be financially positioned to begin constructing latrines as soon as the country-side dries out enough do so. Our goal for 2018 is to construct 100 latrines, directly helping 500 people (at an average family size of 5 persons).

I think we can all appreciate the impact a latrine would have for anyone, especially for women and children. We need your help to make this project become a reality and provide 100 more families with a safer, cleaner environment for improved health conditions.

Thank you so much for your support.

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