Social Development International

To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable nation state.

Social Development International
Bonduma Gate, Near Community Hall
Bonduma Village
Buea, South West Region P.O.Box 44
(+237) 243133761
 BRIDGE Number: 4235770170


Sulaiman TURAY

Management Team

Suliaman Turay, Nzue Eseh, Michael Khalil Sydney, Doh M Abit, Tezeh Ndoh, Meanchop G Pohsie, Linda A Mbandi

Board of Directors

Suliaman Turay, Peter Kwok, Usha Gopinath, Dr Ernest Molua, Tankjong Nchang Pauline, Dr Emmanuel Y Vembu, Mbella Mokwo C Mbame Velere, Barrister Ernest. A Atongsang

Project Leaders

Suliaman Turay
Lynne Adrienne
Dan Bertin


To facilitate the social and economic empowerment of the poor and vulnerable inhabitants in communities, enabling their participation in the process of building a more developed, integrated, egalitarian, peaceful and sustainable nation state.


Social Development International (SODEIT) works in Cameroon and has a representative in USA and Sierra Leone. We work through a dedicated network of international volunteers. They work in challenging conditions making sure our grants and programmes are effectively managed and delivered. Education, Health, Agriculture, Advocacy, and Charity Programs Social Risk, Vulnerability Awareness and Management The activity's main goal is to foster community interest on social risk and vulnerability issues, problems and challenges and prepare people to stand up to eradicate social risk and vulnerability of societies at risk. Also, it creates a platform for refugees and IDPs to discover and develop their potentials while working for safer and more secure cities. Poverty Reduction This aims to build the capacity of poor and middle income communities to design and implement effective poverty reduction strategies; customized "best practices" to leverage the resources of poor communities to fight against the deprivation, vulnerability of powerlessness of poverty working within the frame work of poverty reduction strategy (PRS), during all stages/in analyzing and evaluation of specific set of poverty reduction policies and activities. Economic initiatives include land, labor, capital development, entrepreneurial and technological initiatives to solve unemployment. The Risky and Vulnerable Population Activity assures the safety and maximizes the well-being of children and youth through the provision of services to prevent delinquency and abuse of children and youth. In addition, it promotes women economic empowerment and aging and disable care and development. Health and Society It works for the health of mothers, children and their communities using networking and advocacy to strengthen local structures and institutions through collaboration, cross learning and enhance technical resources, strategies and exchange of volunteers in infant, maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning, HIV/AIDS, TB, Malaria and infectious Environmental Protection and Management It has like goals, educates and sensitizes schools and communities on healthy environmental management practices. OUR 4 YEARS PROJECTS PLAN We work together with our partners and supporters During our next planning period between 2013 and 2016 we will work with our partners/supporters to address poverty, improve health, education opportunities and challenge injustice and to achieve positive change in the following areas: 1. Welfare and Poverty Relief 2. Community Development 3. Early Childhood education development and Basic Education 4. Public Health 5. Citizen led Monitoring and Advocacy 6. Agriculture and Rural Entrepreneurship 7. Water Supply and Sanitation Services 1. WELFARE AND POVERTY RELIEF Our Goal : To help develop communities to be self reliant, independent and free from human rights violations, violence and fear. Together with our partners we: We work to address people's basic needs in education, health, food and bio diversity security. Support people to be empowered, independent and for their voice to be heard for socio-economic inclusion. Promote gender empowerment and capacity building. Promote agriculture, rural entrepreneurship and micro credit. Promote justice and human rights education in communities. Help promote creative industries in communities. 2. COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Our Goal : To promote and support participatory community development, good governance, income generation projects and income saving activities. Together with our partners we will help communities: Support art and craft education in schools and communities. To work toward asset based community development and participatory community development. Promote water education and green communities. To promote democracy, good governance, peace and justice. Support water resource management, hygiene and sanitation. Support the prevention of juvenile delinquency. Help young adults and women develop life and livelihood skills. 3. BASIC EDUCATION Our Goal : to increase literacy and education levels among low socio economic communities. Together with our partners we work to achieve Early childhood education development, primary, secondary and higher education for human development and to increase employment opportunities Work towards increasing the educational opportunities available in the communities. We work towards establishing early childhood education centers' , supporting children's attendance, sponsoring children's education and capacity building events for caregivers and teachers. Support the opportunity for everyone to learn and become responsible citizens. Promote art education in learning and skills development for new creative industries. 4. PUBLIC HEALTH Our Goal : to make health resources and infrastructures accessible and affordable to all Together with our partners we: Promote community health education, and community health care services. Analyze and evaluate public health financing, infrastructures, and management in promoting sustainable health practices in communities. Promote nutrition, sanitation and hygiene campaigns in schools and communities. Work for awareness of common tropical diseases like TB, Malaria, Typhoid , HIV&AIDS Promote sex education, reproductive health and family planning in schools and communities. 5. CITIZEN LED MONITORING AND ADVOCACY Our Goal: To introduce and equip participants with basic skills on participatory monitoring, advocacy and lobbying techniques for effective, efficient and sustainable use of state/community resources. Together with our partners we: will enhance the understanding and practice of the concept of citizen led monitoring, advocacy and lobbying Lead participants to discuss with greater sensitivity various monitoring, advocacy concerns and how they can effect the campaigns Promote Crowd sourcing Develop Dialogue strategies Raising awareness on participatory development and governance Bringing people together/networking Peaceful marches to public administration offices Meeting decision makers One to one lobbying Sending letters Art/Photo Exhibition 6. AGRICULTURE AND RURAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP Our Goal: To promote self reliance and sustainable development in rural communities championed by women and youths; enhancing connection with community assets. Together with our partners we will work to achieve: Ecosystem health focus on ecological and social context Sustainable livelihood from natural fibres Develop capacities of entrepreneurship in Natural fibres farming, processing and trading. Organic gardening/farming campaign 7. WATER SUPPLY AND SANITATION SERVICES Our Goal: Educating the target population on water, ecosystem use and management; Establishing Orchards in schools and communities; Research and develop sustainable water supply and sanitation systems in targeted communities. Together with our Partner(s) we will work to achieve: Training /capacity building in community based appropriate water supply sanitation and ecosystem management; Networking with appropriate organizations and institutions involved in water supply, sanitation and ecosystem Management; Supporting applied research in water, sanitation and ecosystem management; Advisory services and quality assurance in Water supply, sanitation and ecosystem management; Water, sanitation and ecosystem management information dissemination and; Adoptive research in water supply, sanitation and ecosystem with special emphasis on Catchment area, guttering, storage, rain and communities sustainable livelihoods.

Statistics on Social Development International

Financial Statistics

  • Annual Budget for 2009: $25,000
  • Annual Budget for 2008: $70,000
  • Maximum Annual Budget: $25,000
  • Other funding sources: Membership dues, contributions, consultancy, grants, donations.
  • Religious Affiliation: none.
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