Feb 5, 2021

Final Project Report

The Saturday Kids Clubs was how Kids Club Kampala began and continues to be an important project for the charity. However, it is no longer one of our core offerings and since COVID-19 the project has had to be suspended due to restrictions on large gatherings. We do plan to restart it once restrictions are eased but we have taken the decision to deactivate it on GlobalGiving so we can focus more on our two active projects. Below is a summary of our Saturday Kids Clubs and why they have been and will continue to be an important:

Kampala’s slums are notorious for drug and alcohol abuse and violent crime, poor sanitation and abject poverty. Children are often left unsupervised during the day whilst their parents try to make a living, and without a daily purpose or safe space to go these children become even more at risk.

Our Saturday Kids Clubs provide children with a safe space and the chance to play and enjoy being children, away from the challenges and struggles of their everyday lives. Here children can come and have fun, talk about their struggles or worries and receive love and attention. Having the opportunity just to play and have fun is so important. Play is incredibly therapeutic for young children who have experienced trauma, abuse or other challenges in their lives.

Each Kids Club is run by a team of local volunteers who have a desire to see the lives of children in their community change for the better. These volunteers give up their time each week to organise games and sports, sing songs, lead Bible teaching, dramas and stories, facilitate counselling sessions and serve the children a meal. This weekly club is so important to the children who attend. For many this is their only opportunity to attend an organised activity with other children their age since many do not have the opportunity to go to school. For others it may be the only chance they have to express themselves and feel secure and listened to by Kids Club Kampala’s volunteers.

Through running these clubs our volunteers are also able to identify children who are at risk or in need of emergency help. Whether this is because of abandonment, lack of education or food insecurity, our volunteers can raise these issues to the staff of Kids Club Kampala and the child at risk and their family can be supported through the other projects that Kids Club Kampala runs.

That’s why our Saturday Kids Clubs are so important. And that is why our Saturday Kids Clubs are still at the heart of what we do. Every Saturday throughout the year, up to 4000 children gather together in 18 different slum communities across Uganda to take play, be cared for and to just enjoy being children.

Thank you so much for supporting our Saturday Kids Clubs and I hope you will continue to support us through our two other projects on GlobalGiving.


Jan 11, 2021

Sophie's* Story

The Ewafe Project, launched in 2013, supports abandoned and at risk children in the slums of Kampala. The Ewafe home offers a safe place to stay when a child has been rescued from an emergency situation. It offers them a place to call ‘home’. At the home, our staff work with the children offering them all the support they need. This includes providing counselling to overcome trauma, giving each child individual, case-focused care to ensure for the best outcome for that individual. The staff work towards reuniting the children with relatives or reintegrating them with a love family wherever possible. This year, with the COVID-19 crisis, chronic poverty has only been further exacerbated. This puts children under a greater risk of abuse, exploitation, homelessness and abandonment as well as a higher risk of families breaking apart. The effect the pandemic has had is distressing. This has just increased the need for the work we do in Kampala. Below, Sophie* narrates her own story of how the Ewafe project helped her in her time of need.
I was only 8 years when our mother passed on. My young sister was 4 by then was taken to my maternal grandmother. I had to start staying with my stepmother and my father who had formerly abandoned us. Having lost my mother, I thought that my father would treat me well, but he and my stepmother tortured me so much.I would wake up early every day to do all house chores, prepare my step siblings and then after head to school. Though I was going through a lot, I was happy that I was in school. When I completed first term in primary four in 2018, my father said that he could no longer afford my school fees and the only option was to drop out of school. Then I had to stay home every day all day doing my usual chores.
In 2019, I remember it was around the month of March, my father started asking me to sleep with him because he claimed that I was old enough and good looking.
I got very scared because I never imagined that my real father would say such things to me. Every time he asked me, I said no to him because I feared that I would even get HIV or pregnant. One night my father came into my room in the middle of the night and slept with me forcefully. He did this more than six times and he said that if I told anyone about it, he would kill me. 
Sylvia (2).jpg
I was lucky that, one day everyone was away from home; I went to our neighbours and told them everything that I was going through. They hid me for some time, registered my case with police and also reported my father to the police and he was imprisoned. 
I am now 15 years old. I am so grateful to the Ewafe project because they provide me with everything I need.
Sophie at the Ewafe home doing some knitting.

Sophie at the Ewafe home doing some knitting.

We eat and sleep well; we are given time to play and pray. We’re raised to be good children and treat others good. While here at Ewafe, I have also been taught how to make tablecloths, bracelets and sponges and other activities. I want to study very hard such that in future I am also able to help out children who are suffering. (*name changed)
There are estimated to be over 40,000 children currently in institutional care in Uganda. This is the story of just one. 
Dec 23, 2020

Ewafe Project: Christmas Update 2020

£20,873 raised for The Ewafe Project!

Since 2017, Kids Club Kampala has taken part in an annual match funding campaign called The Big Give Christmas Challenge. In previous years we have used this campaign to raise money for the Feeding Project. However, this year we decided that the campaign would instead raise funds for the Ewafe Project, as due to COVID-19 there has been an increase in the number of cases of children being abandoned which has exacerbated the need for this vital project.

The Big Give 2020 took place in the first week of December and we had set an ambitious target of raising £16,000. I am delighted to let you know that we managed to exceed our target by over £4,000, raising a huge £20,873! 

These funds will enable us to rescue even more children who have no safe space to go, help them to heal at our transitional home before reintegrating them into safe and loving families.

Simon's Story

During Big Give week you may have seen a lot of social media posts about our Ewafe Project and some familiar Ewafe impact stories shared on our blog. However, last week we also shared something brand new with our supporters: a moving video which follows Simon's story. If you have not yet watched it then please do click on the video below to find out how the Ewafe Project was able to completely transform Simon's life.

Please click play to watch Simon's story!

Ewafe Project 2020 Highlights!

  • In 2020 we managed to rescue 35 new children from abuse or abandonment and admitted them to our transitional home, with all children being provided with counselling, medical care and rehabilitation.
  • Throughout the year we also successfully and safely reintegrated a further 12 children back into loving and caring families.
  • During the COVID-19 lockdown we increased food supplies at the home and installed handwashing stations.
  • Our transitional home was also blessed with a 'brand new' office which was created by re-purposing an old shipping container. This has enabled us to increase the capacity of the home and rescue more children.

Below is our 2020 impact video in which we share how we responded to COVID-19 as well as celebrating some of our key achievements across our different projects areas.

2020 Impact Video: How Kids Club Kampala responded to the COVID-19 crisis and some of our key achievements across our different projects areas.

Our Plans for 2021

Despite all of our successes in 2020, sadly COVID-19 has exacerbated poverty levels, with a further 3.5 million Ugandans having fallen into poverty. Children have lost vital time in education, and women and children are now at a greater risk of violence and abuse. Many families are still finding it hard to find work, and need to continue to use our food banks.

To respond to these complex needs, we have developed a 4 step plan that will map our Road to Recovery for children and their communities during 2021.

The Ewafe Project falls under the second stage: Protection (if you would like to read about the other stages of our Road to Recovery in more detail can do so here).

Phase 2: Protecting

This phase involves the strengthening of our programmes that protect children and provide immediate safeguarding in the slums.

We are aware of an increase in cases of child abuse, domestic violence, drug and alcohol abuse, poor mental health, family breakdown, homelessness and exploitation of children in the slums that we work.

In response we have already increased the capacity at our Ewafe Project so that in 2021 we are able to rescue even more children from situations of abandonment, abuse, exploitation and neglect. We will provide these children with a safe place to stay whilst receiving medical care, counselling and support whilst social workers search for safe alternative family members or loving foster families.

In order to meet the anticipated increase in demand for our Ewafe Project in 2021 your kind support has never been more vital. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

We would like to thank you for all your support in 2020 and we wish you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year. 

From the Kids Club Kampala Team - Olivia, Corrie, Jo and Andy 

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