Feb 11, 2015

Preparing for the reopening of school

 After months of fighting the Ebola epidemic in Liberia the reopening of schools were not setting but now as l look on the faces of the kids of Liberia and the Carolyn A. Miller’s School I see smarts. The children of Liberia have been out of school due to the Ebola epidemic but with the effort of the people of Liberia and the world now the story has changed.  Due to the great improvement in the fight of the Ebola epidemic the Government of Liberia and the Ministry of education have pronounced the re-opening of school is now schedule February 16-March 2, 2015. This pronouncement has been a good news to both parents and schools but there are still conditions that is, many parents feels that their children should be in school at the same time complaining of financial hardship as well as the fear of Epidemic not being total eradicated since Sierra and Guinea still have a lot of cases.

However, the Carolyn A. Miller School has been in a terrible condition since the epidemic, fund donated could not be received since there were some inconsistent, mistakes or human error with our account. We are happy that after five months we have finally received all of the donations that were made to our project and we have been able to settle our rent payment and the renovation work is ongoing now.  And we are working overtime to be able to meet up with the re-open date set by the government and the ministry of education. We want to be thankful to globalgiving and all of our donors for their support over the years; you are really making a difference and we are very much appreciative to you. Actually if it hasn’t been for your supports and donations, we couldn’t have being getting ready for school reopening this year. We are be very happy if we can hear from and how we can continue working together to provide the educational for these vulnerable kids of Liberia. Remember that the Ebola epidemic has a lot of challenges to the future of Liberia.

Oct 14, 2014

The impact of the Ebola outbrak on the kids


Dear Supporters of VAAFD,

We appreciate your support and generosity toward the future of the children and the people of Liberia. School should have reopen this gone September 2014 but due to the Ebola epidemic the government has closed down all learning institutions to avoid further spread of the virus to school going children. It is really a challenge in Liberia when it comes to the Ebola epidemic, thousands have died and new cases continue to rise on a daily bases. It really worry me especially the kids we deal with most of them strive to survive in term of food and other basic need.

There is no information as when we expect school reopening but it is our hope that we will all fight this Ebola and stop it spreading further so that these kids can return to school again be happy.

However, you may have been reading from the internet or media, Liberia is really experiencing a health crisis with the outbreak of this Ebola virus, which has caused all education establishments to close until the outbreak is dealt with.

Due to the closure of schools it has caused a lot of difficulties for our staff as well since are unable to continue paying them salaries. Our land-law is also requiring us to pay her since the rent is due. We paid the sum of $2,700.00 as a yearly rent the said amount due on the September 1st every year but there has delay in payment due to the crisis. The rain has caused serial damage to more of the building and it need renovation before the reopen of the school that we don’t know yet.

Our team has been strongly involved with the Ebola awareness in Liberia since this has become a major concern everyone. The Carolyn A Miller School and the VAAFD team have turned their energies towards fighting Ebola, teaching health education and disseminating supplies to clinic. Details of the new Ebola awareness project can be found here on Global Giving. 

We are still be seeking donations for the school supplies, medical supplies and our school textbook project.

It is our hope that within couple of months the situation in Liberia and West Africa will chance and our kids will happily return to school. Please continue to support this project without you donation we cannot continue to run this project.

  May God bless you all




Jun 20, 2014

Queens and Quizzes at Carolyn A Miller

End of semester party
End of semester party

It's been an exciting end of term this year at Carolyn A Miller High School, with new projects being developed, visitors from the UK coming to stay, and the usual array of end of term activities. 

Hannah Garrard, who first volunteered at the project in 2006, came for ten days in June to catch up on all that's happening in the school and Liberia. Her youth group in Norfolk, England recently Skyped with CAMHS students, and both sets of young people enjoyed making links across the globe. With Internet connections being sketchy in Liberia, it was great that the school were able to pull it off! CAMHS students have also been writing penpal letters to Tower Bridge Primary school, and are working on uploading the letters onto their website. 

Hannah was treated to a true Liberian style farewell, where students volunteered to treat her to some free-style dancing. The teachers and parents also made her a beautiful shirt in the CAMHS colours. 

This years' end of semester quiz saw both teams battling head to head for the grand prize, and the compares were especially charismatic this year. It was a close run in the end, but both teams proved how much they have learned and absorbed over the year. 

This years' Queen is an 8th grade student and she looked stunning in red velvet. Her teacher, Eugine, handed over the crown from last years' Queen and the school erupted into applause. It was a wonderful atmosphere on the last day of semseter. 

It's all go this week for the WAEC exams, and students have been busy revising at school. Now that the monsoon has come, it really shows how desperate the school is in need of repairs. There's rain coming through the upper level, but this doesn't put students off from working hard.

School textbooks and uniforms are the priorities at the moment, and with the school's volunteers, Karrus Hayes is developing new projects that will help provide these materials free for Liberia's poorest students.

Thanks to all the efforts of of our donors and fundraisers over the last few weeks. A sponsored walk event in the UK with North Norfolk Youth Hubs, is taking place on 28th June, so we're looking forward to developing a bigger presence and awareness in England thanks to the youth groups over there. Global Giving UK matching day is 25th June, and 16th July in the USA. So if you plan to give, then either of these days will help double the money you choose to donate. 

Thanks to everyone who has supported VAAFD so far, you are helping create opportunities for Liberia's poorest young people. 


 The VAAFD team 

Hannah receiving her leaving gift
Hannah receiving her leaving gift
Quiz team
Quiz team
Hannah and the tenth grade chemistry class
Hannah and the tenth grade chemistry class


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