Dec 3, 2018

A Successful Adoption Awareness Workshop

Experts Panel Discussion
Experts Panel Discussion

In the area of enabling holistic child care, we support child care institutions in the areas of Health & Hygiene, Sanitation, Nutrition, Education & Life skills, Infrastructure support, Recreational activities, Vocational skills, and aftercare.

CSA not only cares but also goes beyond thus, enabling children to be self-sufficient and become contributing members of society.

As a part of optimal child rehabilitation, CSA facilitates Adoptions in the country; we work with existing adoption agencies in rural areas to facilitate the quality, speed, and a number of adoptions in India. We have successfully facilitated over 200+ adoptions in India, so far. We believe that Adoption is the best form of child rehabilitation. Our intention is to ensure that every adoptable child should find a home.

It has been observed most of the time that once the child is placed in the family, we think and sometimes hope! that everything is fine and now we have found a permanent solution for the child and adoptive parents.

Ironically, adoption is still not welcomed in a positive manner in the society. Adoptive parents and adoptees face lot of issues in socializing and discrimination is experienced at every step. This results in a form of isolation of the child, getting addicted to various vices, aggressive behavior of the child or even merging with antisocial groups. Anothr lingering thought - what's the process in order to go for birth mother’s search and what is the exact procedure for it?

Parents on the other hand are always under fear or pressure how and when to tell the child about the facts of his/her life. Whether to tell or not? If the child comes to know, he/she may go to find out birth parents and we may lose him/her. How to handle the question which comes in related to resemblance with the family? What type of language and attitude is appropriate as per the age of the child?

To find out the answers to all these issues and questions, a workshop for Adoptive Parents was arranged in Pune, India on 17th November 2018

Our objective was to make the adoptive parents and the adoptees strong enough to face the society and to help the children to get into the society without discrimination.

Making all possible solutions available was the purpose to create a forum of support which is always needed by the parents and adoptees.

Many points were discussed at the adoption awareness workshop -

  • CSA’s work in adoption stream
  • Stigma attached to the concept of adoption (before and after the adoption)
  • The workshop shed light on how to deal with the family and friends and get their positive support to start adoption Journey
  • How, what and when to tell the child that he or she is adopted?
  • How to answer children’s related questions according to their fear?
  • Fear of whether my child will go for root search (search of birth parents) was discussed positively 

This workshop catered to adoptive parents biggest fear of “talking about adoption” with the extended family members, family members, partners, neighbors, relatives and ultimately children. Many times, people change their decision to adopt as they consider this will make them face many odd situations. To address these issues, we have focused and targeted discussions and possible solutions to all those situations which are big hindrance for the adoptive families and ultimately adoptive children in socializing.

All in all, the workshop was very positive and beneficial to all attendees.

One of the sessions in progress
One of the sessions in progress
Dec 3, 2018

Joy of Giving - #WeGiveToo!

Cleanliness Drive organised by CCI children
Cleanliness Drive organised by CCI children

Catalysts for Social Action(CSA) is a nonprofit organization with a mission to create a brighter future for children under institutional care. With an objective to create an awareness & importance of Joy of Giving CSA held a series of 'Daan Utsav' (Joy of Giving) events across all our location offices in Mumbai, Pune, Odisha, Goa & Madhya Pradesh. 

Joy of Giving or DaanUtsav is a movement that seeks to inculcate the ‘giving’ habit in individuals. JoG is not an organization; nor an NGO. Individual volunteers promote the cause and encourage people to initiate acts of giving leading to some societal change-no matter how small.

The choice of the ‘Giving’ act as also, its recipient is the decision of the individual/group. As an organisation that believes in giving back, CSA decided to spread awareness & get involved in the JoG movement this time a little differently compared to the past years.

Children living in CCI’s are always receivers. From the day they are admitted to CCI, they are given basic necessities. They are usally at the receiving end and fail to have an experience/ opportunity of joy of giving. So this Joy of Giving week, we gave them an opportunity to experience giving in different CCI’s from Goa, Maharashtra, Odisha & Madhya Pradesh, where the CCI children actually played the role of a giver and experienced the joy of giving. the event hashtag was #WeGiveToo

Children from one of our Mumbai CCIs had an emotional engagement with a cancer hospital which was a special experience where they interacted with children at the hospital, gave them colourful joy of giving bands with drawing books & crayons, snacks.

Children from other Mumbai & Odisha CCIs visited service departments fire brigade, bank, traffic police just to make them feel special by felicitating them with thank you cards, sweets  and gifts.

Few special events were planned in order to fulfil few things from children’s wish list like;

Fruit box installation - A simple way to create awareness of JoG - encouraging people to donate fruits instead of donating fast food & sweets.

Book box installation - This was again an idea where children can receive school materials.

Wall Painting Activity - Every child will paint a wall with a good message, which will also renew the walls & children got an opportunity to show their talent as well.

Self Defence training - Our trained children made other children stronger by training them for self-defence.

Few locations also planned the Joy of Giving in a way to educate children by celebrating “Mentoring Day”.

This Daan Utsav has been an enriching experience for all the children & left them with fond memories!

Stationery collected for CCI children
Stationery collected for CCI children
Felicitating Firemen
Felicitating Firemen
Nov 26, 2018

Adolescent Health Awareness for Girls

Empowered through AHP!
Empowered through AHP!

There are over 355 million menstruating women and girls in India, but millions of women across the country still face significant barriers to a comfortable and dignified experience with menstrual hygiene management.

Catalysts for Social Action conducts ongoing menstrual hygiene sessions  with girls from orphanages in some remote districts around Mumbai, Madhya Pradesh, Pune & Goa to explain the importance of hygiene, usage and disposal of sanitary napkins.

Special Adolescent Health Program (AHP) is also designed in very elaborative way so that this module of 10 sessions will educate girls about menstruation, menstrual hygiene, usage and disposal of sanitary napkins, puberty, reproductive system etc.

These girls have many questions to ask but in daily life they hesitate even to speak about it and it leads to many health & hygiene related issues. Questions like how to keep hygiene? When menstruation starts? And why it is important and what are the consequences if it is not handled properly. Adolescent Health Program addresses some of these questions & dilemmas. We conduct AHP sessions at various Child Care Institutes (CCIs) pan India from the age group of 13 years and above.

Menstrual hygiene awareness is also one of our critical approaches to understand the menstrual status of girls at the CCI’s by the doctors. After health check-up, doctors spend some time separately with adolescent girls and help girls understand menstrual issues and hygiene. We are also in the process of creating a period tracker for girls at CCIs so as to record their cycles & other observations. The same information can help the doctor during periodic checkups. Sanitary napkins are given by CCI to respective children and usually disposed in an environment friendly manner.

With an aim to strengthen facilitator capacity to deliver awareness training, improving the reach and quality of low-cost pads and ability to manage their menstruation, CSA is trying to create maximum awareness between these girls.Girls are very open these days and feel confident to deal with such issues.

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