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Apr 7, 2017

Education program's first field trip of the year!

A group of 60 anxious little feet patter around excited as they hop of the bus straight into Temaikén Biopark. It’s friday 17th and thanks to the help of friendly donors and institutions such as Fundación Potenciar Solidario, we have made it all the way here.

From first to seventh grade, they are all full of expectations and wonder as to what awaits inside. What animals they will discover, if they’ll be able to touch any, will they see them playing around? Together with their tutors and our beloved volunteers who join us for these events too, they all walk in after a group photo. 

Temaikén is a ver peculiar type of zoo. It doesn’t only keep animals and take care of them, but creates a whole environment based on where these creatures come from, fills it with plants and in some cases even recreates the weather of their local habitats. Also, it’s very aware of global warming and the urgent need to take better care of our planet so the biopark undertakes the task of educating and informing all who steps in on the topic.

It’s a beautiful sun shiny day, so the kids get to see the tiger roll lazily in the grass and the flamingo’s flap from one end of the lake to the other. Fingers point around like crazy as they call out “seño” or “profe”, which means teacher, to show us what new things they have discovered.

After a long walk, as the sun gets stronger and higher up in the sky, the whole group sinks into the darkness that is the aquarium. They are all awed as they gasp at the sharks swim above them in the underground tunnels. When asked what their favorite animal of the day was, the shark definitely took the lead. 

A tour guide from the park walked us through the day, and after the big thrill they had up to then, we stopped for lunch in one of the open spaces the park has to rest. Surrounded by birds and animal footsteps imprinted in the promenade, we all sit down and rest.

But the adventure is far from over, and after a brief recovery, we are taken to the 360 cinema in the park to see a short documentary on animal rescues. There are no seats, only rails to lean on,  so one can look up and turn around to admire the whole ceiling made of screens. 

The rest of the afternoon is for the children to choose. We split up in groups and let them explore, accompanied by an adult, or go back to the different animals they are interested in, giving them their fare share of freedom to wander.

It was a very exciting day for everyone. We all enjoyed ourselves spending recreative time together out of the school; sharing laughs and doubts about where we live and how much there is in this world that’s unknown to us.

Tired but satisfied, we made our way back home to Villa 21-24. The field trip proved to be a very promising jump start into 2017. Overjoyed by such a productive beginning, we hope this year we can encourage our kids in the education program to learn more and motivate them to be more curious and filled with hope about what is yet to unravel. 


Thanks to all of you who made this amazing experience possible!



Jan 11, 2017

Pilares: celebration time at the Education Program

A big stage and an excited crowd waits for the 100 students of the Education Programa to perform the end-of-year acts that they prepared with a lot of enthusiasm during the last months of 2016.

The music starts and the girls and boys of 1st and 2nd grade group stand on the stage with funny and colourful costumes chosen by them during their Theatre lessons with "seño Pili" (as they call drama teacher Pilar). With the help of their teacher they give an outstanding circus show in which they share dances, singing, actings and hidden talents. It is a great spectacle! 

Next, it's movies time! The 3rd and 4th grade students present a series of short films they shooted during the year with their tutor, Matías. They even try some special effects! The public (formed by the student families) loves it and they receive a huge applause.

Now it's time for some dancing. The girls of 5th, 6th and 7th grade present a coreography that they prepared together and rehersed during the Theatre Workshop. Then it's the boys turn. They surprise the big crowd with a great coreography as well.

Apart from the performances, each class exposes stories, paintings, arts and crafts that they created during the year at the Arts, Literature and Theatre Workshops. The children share with their families and with the tutors the happiness of showing what they worked on during the year.

It is the first year the Education Programa implements recreational workshops and it has been a great adventure and a great place for the students to express and find theirselves learning new ways of expression, discovering new talents and sharing it all with their classmates. 

We end 2016 with a very positive impact and very motivated to start a new year of the Education Program to encourage comprehensive and quality education for 100 kids from Villa 21-24 in the City of Buenos Aires. 

Thank you to all our donors for making it possible!!


Oct 14, 2016

Talleres Artisticos: Art Workshops!

A few volunteers gathered their bags and began to walk to the bus stop after a morning of working in the Pilares education program in Villa 21. Dani, a 3rd grade student in the education program, walked down the sidewalk alongside the volunteers, excitedly joining them in singing a song he had learned in his theater workshop earlier that morning.  

Every Friday morning during this theater workshop, the students spend an hour participating in different team building and theatrical activities.  A few of these activities include playing warm up games like “Simon says,” learning choreography to dances to perform in front of the large group, designing posters for hypothetic shows they brainstormed and created themselves, and performing mock red carpet interviews as their favorite character or persona (superwoman was a popular choice!).  This workshop not only teaches the students a little bit about theater, but also presents students with the opportunity to use their creativity and express themselves in a fun and new way.

In addition to the theater workshop, the education program has implemented 3 other artistic workshops for the kids to participate in once a week: literature, art, and English.  These workshops are geared toward giving the students a creative outlet, safe space, and an opportunity to explore a form of expression that they might not otherwise have access to or opportunity to try! These hours are spent laughing and learning, and have become a vital part of the Pilares education program! 

As always, thank you for your continued love and support! Pilares could not continue to do what do without your help!


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