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Nov 1, 2016

100% Percent School Enrolment

Girls with new uniform
Girls with new uniform

NVF is working in partnership with Hamro Samaj Nepal for the Girls’ Education Project. The project is running in three village panchayats (Bhagawatpur, Mahadewa and Bathanaha). 3,000 families live in the panchayats with a population of just over 21,000.

We are supporting 101 girls to retrieve a formal education in these panchayats. Fourteen volunteers and one full-time project assistant is monitoring the girls to ensure that they go to school regularly.

You will be pleased to hear that 100% school enrolment has been achieved in the panchayats. It took five years of hard work, strong commitment and generous support from people across the world.

School attendance of girls in these panchayats is below 50% on average, and quality of teaching is very poor. Despite that, school attendance of the 101 girls is 80% and above. Now we aim for 90% and above over the next two years. We will also work on to improve the quality of teaching in the local schools.

Summer uniform was provided in this quarter, including of trouser, shirt, scarf, scandals and school bag to all the 101 girls. Uniform materials were purchased from a nearby wholesaler and contracted with three family tailors in the villages to stitch the uniform. The girls had a five weeks’ summer school holiday which was perfect for measuring their uniform sizes. Now, they are exposing their new uniform in school.

The new school of twenty-one girls in the scheme is far to walk so we decided to provide a bicycle. Six of the girls (Renu, Ruby, Lilam, Kabita, Nirmala and Pooja) urgently needs a bicycle. As we have raised enough funds to buy six bicycles, the girls will have a bicycle by the end of this week.

Annual cost to run the Girls’ Education Project is £5,200 excluding of the bicycle scheme, and so far, total £3,420 has been raised in this year including of online and offline. The remaining of £1,780 is needed to fund the project fully for the year.

Please sponsor a girl today. It costs only £50 to keep a girl in school for a year, providing uniform, study materials and support.

Similarly, a bicycle costs £60 in Nepal, and it enables the girl to attend school regularly leading to completion of secondary schooling. For your information, donor’s name will be written on the bicycles and a photo will be sent to the donor.

Sep 20, 2016

Project Report

We have already raised funding for eleven bicycles. This includes offline fundraising. Our aim is to provide these bicycles to the girls in January as, the need for it has became evident. 
Nabisha, one of the girls from the Girls' Education Project dropped off her schooling because her school is too far to walk. So we lent her the office spare bicycle. 
Her school attendance improved gradually and few months ago, Nabisha has finished her secondary schooling. You can amazing from this that how important role a bicycle can plan in educating girls from the poorest families in rural Nepal.
A local supplier is willing to supply these bicucles at very reasonable price. But we require funding for ten more bicycles. Please spread the word for the remaining funding of the project.
Thank you
Krit Sharma 
Project Leader
Aug 2, 2016

Also creating livelihood opportunities in Nepal

Uniform sewing lady
Uniform sewing lady

We have a provision to provide school uniforms to the girls in the scheme. Currently, we support 101 girls most in need of schooling from the poorest families in rural villages of Nepal. The girls receive a shirt and skirt or trouser every year in July as part of the summer uniform.

We contracted with four small family-run tailors in the village to sew the uniform, and this created a job for a whole month for them. Sometimes, the tailors do not have any job for months, and they struggle to support their families. So a month packed of jobs is fantastic.

Similarly, we have also created fourteen part-time and one full-time job in the villages. The unemployment rate in rural villages of Nepal is as high as 80% and finding a job even for an educated person is extremely challenging. So, creating fifteen jobs in the communities is a significant achievement.

Last year, we spent £6000 pounds (900,000 Nepalese rupees) in the village's economy through our two main projects, the Girls' Education Project and the Mosquito Net Project. 900K rupees is lots of money in Nepal, particularly in rural villages. So when you sponsor a girl, it doesn't just keep a girl in school. It also supports the local economy and create job opportunities.

Please sponsor a girl today. It costs only £4/$6 a month.

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