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Dec 1, 2017

Monthly Progress Report Nov 2017

Summary of the report

Re-visiting of the families affected by the flood and assessment of the damages has been completed. According to the assessment, twenty-one families qualify to receive the support. But the budget is limited so we have started with five families whose homes are badly damaged. Construction materials, such as bricks, cement, bamboos, cement pillars and soil that required to repair/rebuild the homes have been delivered and the work has started. To rebuild the livelihoods, we have provided 200 kilos of potatoes and garlic seed and, aubergine and cauliflower plants.

The main activities carried out in the month

1. Re-visit the families affected by the flood and assess the damages:

Sunita and Suresh cycled through all the villages in Mahadewa municipality to re-assess the damages. They found twenty-one homes are damaged by the flooding. Five of the twenty-one homes are severely damaged. Hence, we have begun to repair the five home immediately. The five home owners are; Rama, Jugeshwar, Ramchandra, Chandeshwar and Bishundev of Durgapur village, Saptari, Nepal.   

2. Prepare an estimate of the construction materials required and find a supplier:

The main stuff required to repair the five homes are; 350 bamboos, 41 cement pillars, 12ft long 100 pcs of Tin, 3 thousand bricks, twenty sacks of cement, 100 tractors full of soil, 120 days of labour. We also required 200 kilo of seeds, two female goats and materials for five toilet and water-pump. Bamboos is the main material in the construction and, it is used in wall and roofing. The labours are preparing the bamboos which we found from a local supplier.

3. Find a contractor to rebuild or repair the homes, toilets and water-pumps:

Tulsi and Rabin are the contractors to repair the homes, toilet and water pump. We have a written agreement with the contractors to complete the work within time and at the highest standard possible. The construction work will be completed on the 25th of December as per the agreement.

4. Deliver the construction materials to the beneficiaries and start the work:

Two thousand bricks, ten sacks of cement and other construction materials have been delivered. 33 tractors full of soil also have been delivered to build the base of the homes and 79 bamboos are cut into pieces and ready to construct the walls. The damaged tin roof is being removed and the ground is being prepared to put up the walls as soon as it is ready.

5. Provide sufficient seeds and plants to the beneficiaries:

To support the livelihoods of affected families, we have provided seeds to grow vegetables to the five families. In total 200 kilo of potatoes seeds, 5 kilo of garlic, 500 pcs of cauliflowers plants, 250 aubergine and other local green plants have been planted.

The main activities will be carried out in the next month

  1. Provide a cow and a female goat to the beneficiaries
  2. Monitor the construction work daily and ensure the materials are available all the times so the work won’t get disrupted

The challenges

Finding a labour is extremely difficult at this time of the year because it is rice harvesting time and, people are busy at their rice field. Livelihoods of ninety percent of the population in the villages depends on agriculture. Additionally, the general election is on the 7th of December.

But it is very important to speed up the work because winter is approaching. The families affected by the flood are the poorest and, they do not have heating facilities in their home or have sufficient clothing. In these circumstances, cost of labour will be slightly higher than estimated in the budget.


Despite the challenges, it is wise to continue the repair and rebuilding the homes because of the winter. The winter is already started and if the work is not completed on schedule then the beneficiaries will have a very difficult time.

The project team

Krit Sharma-                 Representative of Nepal Village Foundation, UK

                                     M- 079 5437 6665, H- 0207 064 0914 (UK), 9813 742 278 (Nepal)

Ram Narayan-              Representative & Chair of Hamro Samaj Nepal (M- 9815 739 502)

Sunita Mandal-             Project Manager, Hamro Samaj Nepal (M- 9814 799 563)

Suresh Sharma-           Project Assistant, Hamro Samaj Nepal (M- 9818 987 790)

Nov 14, 2017

Give the Gift of Giving

The girls are from the scheme
The girls are from the scheme

‘GivingTuesday’ is on the 28th of November, in less than two weeks of time and, Christmas is also coming soon. GivingTuesday is a global day of giving and millions of people around the world give to charitable organisations on this day. It can be given as a donation or gift card or donation in honor for someone special. To do that visit- and, search for ‘The Girls’ Education Project in Rural Nepal’ by Nepal Village Foundation, UK.

We support girls from the poorest and Dalits families in rural Nepal to retrieve a formal education through the project. Girls’ education has been ignored in Nepalese community for various reasons such as, cultural traditions and poverty. We provide, uniform, study materials, fees and all the supports to girls. Currently, we provide the support to ninety-six girls and, three girls have completed secondary schooling. Eleven more girls will receive the support from this month and, there are many more girls need the support in the community.

Please sponsor a girl on this holiday season. It costs only £5/$7 a month or £50/$76 per year.

Thank you for supporting the project and helping the poor girls in Nepal

Sep 8, 2017

Re-visiting the flood victims

Ram Narayan, Shankar and Sunita are the team in Nepal to respond to the flood victims. They have been working non-stop in cooperation with individuals and organisations to ensure that everyone had something to eat and somewhere to sleep in ten surrounding villages from Bhagawatpur panchayat where our partner organisation is based. 

The current situation of the flood victims as I have received from the team:

- At least 90% people affected by the  floods have returned to their home from the temporary tent that was put up along the canals and roads

- Even though their home is not safe they prefer that way and have to protect the remaining.

- At least 50% of the families affected by the floods have started to cook meal in their own home.

- At leat 25% of the families have taken a loan to begin their life from a private lender at very high interest rates (48% or above)

- Most of the families walk a long way to collect clean water for cooking and drinking 

- None of the families have an electricity in their home

- Almost all the families have a mosquito net, a hand tourch and some clothing 

- Now, the families need construction materials to rebuild their home, clean water and something to rebuild a livelihood on

- NVF team is committed to this and we need your support. Please spread the word and donate generously. 

Thank you for your support ...

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