Nov 30, 2020

Progress Report CnF Nov 2020

The Coronavirus confirmed cases are increasing faster in Nepal.  The treatment cost in a private hospital is beyond affordable so many with mild symptoms or even some with severe symptoms do not get tested and go to the hospital. The government hospitals are running at full capacity and yet don’t have any bed. It is also almost impossible for general people to get a bed in a government hospital.

Even though there is no lockdown in Nepal businesses are running at limited capacity with reduced staffing level. The government spending in the public sector is also at hold. So finding a job nowadays in Nepal is extremely difficult. The poorest people whose family rely on income from daily labouring in factory or fields are suffering the most.

Nepal Village Foundation has helped to one-hundred and ninety families who are struggling to feed themselves in the villages of Mahadewa Municipality, Saptari, Nepal. We have provided 25kg of rice, 2kg of Lentils, 1ltr of cooking oil, a packet of salt, soap bar and 500-rupees cash for fresh vegetables per family.  This will feed the families for a month. Luckily, December is the rice harvesting time and most of the families in the villages grow rice so, now the rice will feed them for a few months.

On the other side, the families whose houses were damaged by the seasonal monsoon are still in the struggle. Seventeen families need help in the villages where we work. The main damages are the walls of the houses, mudslides and some houses are completely wrecked. These seventeen families are the poorest ones and its very unlikely that they can afford a repair anytime sooner. The southern parts of Nepal where we work is in the fourth week of winter. The families sleep with their children in the house which has no walls. First Corona then monsoon and now winter, it can be imagined how terrible is the life of the poorest.

We wrote an email to GlobalGiving for some funds from the South-Asian flood relief and recovery project but we haven’t heard back anything yet.  We understand that everyone globally is impacted by the Coronavirus so it might take some time to reach help. In the meantime, if anyone whose income is not impacted and wish to help the families then please donate to the project today or contact us.

Nov 28, 2020

Progress Report Nov 2020

We are very happy to share with you that all our girls in the Girls’ Education Project in rural Nepal and their families are safe so far from the virus. But they are in a very difficult situation because their livelihoods have been disrupted. It is also difficult to find a job nowadays because businesses are running at limited capacity and with reduced staffing level. To help the girls and their families in this difficult time we have provided a grocery support package last month. The package includes 25kg of rice, 2kg of Lentils, 1ltr of cooking oil, a packet of salt, soap bar and 500 rupees’ cash for fresh vegetables.  This will feed the families for a month. December is the rice harvesting time and most of the families in the villages grow rice so, now the rice will feed them for sometimes.

The Coronavirus is still a matter of concern in Nepal and it will remain for sometimes. So to stop the virus to spread in wider the schools are still closed. An online class is in operation for elder pupils along with classes through television and radio. To support the girls further in their education, we have arranged a private tuition class with teachers who live nearby their home for all the girls.

Even though it is difficult, we ensured all the girls have sufficient study materials so there is no disruption in their study. We also keep in touch regularly through phone and visit by maintaining the social distance. Currently, seven of our girls who are in the final years of higher secondary schooling are taking the final exam.

Continuing the work during a difficult time and providing extra support to the families definitely will increase the project expenses and we have to rely on our loyal supporters. We organise a few fundraising annual events but this is not possible this year. We also know the income of many has been affected by the global pandemic yet we request our supporters to donate whatever is affordable because it is needed to continue the vital work in Nepal.

We have lit candles to wish the good health of everyone globally. Finally, please participate in our Pub Quiz organised by the NVF Team and led by Ewan.

Aug 1, 2020

Annual Progress Report July 2020

Summary of the report: Nepal Village Foundation has supported three major activities in this year through the Girls’ Education Project in Nepal. £11,050 was expended on the activities and ninety-seven girls from the poorest of the poor families have benefited. The global corona pandemic has made everyone’s life very difficult however the girls and their families are safe. Despite all the challenges we have faced in the year, our total fundraising was £9,615 which is still higher than the last year.

In this year, we have supported ninety-two girls studying in class three to class twelve from Bhagawatpur, Majhaura, Dhikuli, Mahadewa, Durgapur, Kajoli, Chakala, Ekbarpur and Bathanaha villages of Mahadeva Municipality, Saptari Nepal. We wanted to take more girls into the scheme from May 2020 but due to the global corona pandemic, the local schools are still closed so we plan to take more girls into the scheme next year.

Please read the full report attached

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