A Spring of Hope

A Spring of Hope is a non-profit organization that provides schools in sub-Saharan Africa with sustainable water sources for drinking, sanitation, irrigation, and food preparation to improve health conditions, combat poverty, promote education and create self-sustainability within each of its partner schools. Through partnerships, A Spring of Hope strives for the long-term success of each school through increased school attendance, graduation rates, and community involvement.
Leap School, Jane Furse Campus; A Spring of Hope water and garden project: clean water, coupled with on-going training/support will improve education, combat poverty, and improve health.
R533, Bushbuckridge 1280, South Africa
(-24.84065, 31.04616)
Leap School/Jane Furse
D4220, South Africa
(-24.76071, 29.87200)
The Leap School, Jane Furse
Sekgwarapaneng, South Africa
(-24.76273, 29.87371)