Jun 25, 2019

Project fully funded

It is with great excitement that we announce that our Water System for Peace Demonstration Farm has been fully funded! HUGE Thank You to all of our donors and supporters who have stood by us these past few years.

If you would like to keep contributing towards our empowerment cause, we do have other ongoing projects with GlobalGiving in need of support. These include: Libraries in Rural Uganda, Fruit Trees for Uganda, House of Hope Orphanage and School, and Support Orphans in Uganda.

Again, Thank You all for your continued support. It may seem small to you- but your dedication has been MASSIVE to the people’s lives we have touched.      


Mar 25, 2019

Self watering planters

Self-watering planters are a great way to grow a single, healthy plant efficiently while conserving water and minimizing the growing space needed. They provide a constant supply of water so the plant does not get stressed by constantly fluctuating between dry and drenched. The cotton wick allows the plant to wrap its roots around it and use it as a straw, allowing the plant to absorb as much or as little water as it wants. As they are stand-alone planters, weeding is almost nonexistent, and the planters can stand independently- or many of them can be bunched together.

Plants we’ve grown successfully in them include strawberries, oregano, thyme, basil, tomatoes, sage, cucumbers, kiwano melons, and tarragon.

For our self-watering planters, we use 5 gallon (non-reusable) Rwenzori water bottles. We cut them in half just above the mid line. The top section is inverted with a long wick of cotton (we use t-Shirt fabric) extending from the top half to the bottom of the lower half then the two halves are combined. Soil is then poured into the top half and packed around the cotton wick, and a seedling is planted in the center. A hole is punched on the side of the bottom water receptacle even with or near the end of the inverted bottle spout. This allows excess water to drain out so the plant does not get water-logged. Fill the lower receptacle with water and WHALLAH! A self-watering planter.

We have these planters at the farm, teach villagers to make them, and I even have a few at my home. There are a few plants that do not like the planters. They are not effective for growing root crops, plants that grow very tall, or plants with a an extremely shallow root system.

All in all, self-watering planters are a great way to beat the hot African sun, conserve water, and have fresh herbs, berries, and veggies all year long.


Mar 18, 2019


"I just find myself happy with the simple things. Appreciating the blessings God gave me. Naming them, ONE by ONE."
~Jenifer Tumwizere

Today I want to talk a little bit about the driving force behind House of Hope- Founding Director Jenifer Tumwizere.

 I met Jenifer about 13 years ago. She was fresh out of University with a teaching degree, her father had bought her a piece of land, and a woman in her church contributed $5,000 USD for her to build her dream. Jenifer was young, motivated, strong, and outrageously naïve as she struggled to create a home for many children in an area she had ministered to with her father- in Nakateete.

With her passion and dedication she convinced me and other funders to join her cause.

In a rural area where culturally women are supposed to be seen not heard, and definitely not educated- Jenifer shined and made her presence known.

Jenifer built House of Hope from the ground up and she works every day to ensure that her kids have food, education, clothes, and that they are safe and loved.

Jenifer is an inspiration. With people like her in the world, and with the support of donors like you, the hopeless are hopefull.


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