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To assist the poorest of the poor by providing essential living support to families and children impacted by extreme poverty and/or HIV-AIDS in Cambodia.
Mar 1, 2016

One of our model farmers.....

Mr. N  is one of our farmer leaders.

Mr. A is  43 years old.  Mr. N  lives in Beng village, Prey Paun commune, Kampong Trabek district, PreyVeng province. His wife is 42 years old and they have  several  children. Two of their children live and depend on them. Mr. N  owns land  used for rice farming  and a home-stead.  Mr. N joined our program in  April 2014 where he has been an active participant  as a farmer but also taking advantage of RAP's training and coaching in technical innovation in organic agriculture. We consider him one of our " model farmers"  due to his hard work and success in learning new farming techniques. 

As a model farmer in our program  he  has received some incentives from the project such as fish fingerling to stock a small pond, vegetable seeds, chicks for breeding , tree nursery, canal rehabilitation, one drilled well and organic fertilizer. As a result of all of these resources:  training, coaching, and exchange visits with other farmers , he  now uses these   innovations in ecologically sound  agriculture and   in 2015 experienced the following results:

  • Raised  150 walking catfishes (each fish weight between 0.5Kg to 0.6Kg per head)
  • Made one tree nursery consisting of 320 seedling trees
  • Raised 15 hens, 1 rooster, and 40 chicks as well as 2 pigs
  • Made  master feed from jack fruit, banana, and papaya
  • Made  one compost pile (well-prepared and storage area for compost  for use on home garden)
  • Changed  the use of dry paddy rice into germinated paddy rice for chicken feed
  • Used  an organic fertilizer on 0.5ha of rice field (in 2014, he harvested 1,100Kg and this year he harvested 1,750Kg. The rice product was increased to 650Kg. Mr. N also used the organic fertilizer on mango trees and  they now produce a significant increase in fruit. 
  • Grew   four kinds of vegetables (cucumber, string bean, water convolvulous, and onion leaf).

Due to  Mr. N's success in  vegetable and rice production, the neighbors and two other organizations came to learn from him on his farm.

His family’s total farming income from agriculture is 4,840,000Riel which is about $ 1250 US Dollars.  (Chicken: 430,000 Riel, Pig: 3,250,000 Riel, Fish: 210,000 Riel, Vegetable: 950,000 Riel ).

Mr. N can  see that since he changed from chemical fertilizer  to organic fertilizer and has changed some of his farming techniques that  his agricultural outputs have increased remarkably. Based on these results, he is committed to organic farming for   his home garden and  maintaining  his entire rice field as an organic farm going forward.

This is a great example of how the success of one individual in a community can build skills in others and in this program promote  a "green" and more ecologically sound way of life while increasing income.

We welcome your continued support of our efforts in this area and hope that you will encourage others to join you in making a real difference for a better  world.

Barbara & Mark Rosasco

Feb 9, 2016

Helping our college ready students to access success

Getting accepted into college is a great accomplishment , but paying  college tuition  is only a part of the challenge for our students. Our  college students come from extremely poor families and some   are also impacted by the dual challenge of extreme poverty and the impact of HIV/AIDS in their immediate families. Within this context, it is amazing to consider that our  college students have for years  , despite formidable challenges,  set and achieved   annual goals  such as  completeing a year of school,  passing exams to move upward to the next class, graduating  from grade schoool, middle school and then high school . Keep in mind that it is estimated that only 40% of all Cambodian students finish high school and the national educational average is thought to be 6th grade.  

However, regardless of the breathtaking accomplishments of our college age  students to become "college ready" , the simple fact is that they come from families  who are just too poor to help  them with any  aspect of paying for a college education.

Tuition , books, supplies and transportation  can run from $ 400 to $800 per semester in Cambodia.  Beyond those costs,  our students also need assistance with housing, food ,and   small personal expenses which can average  $ 100  or more per month per student.

.As a small non profit, we are closely involved with our program participants and sometimes we are able to harness the power of  one  project to benefit more than just the  group initially intended. Pairing our College program with Jobs for Youth is a great example of this.For some years we have run our Our Jobs for Cambodian Youth program  side by side our program to help our  college students to access the college education they have strived to reach.   

Our Jobs for Cambodian Youth program has become a key " success link" for these students,  providing  vital employment income to several of our college students  who are employed in various capacities at our Champey Academy of Arts project.

A central theme to all our programs is a focus on the power of  education.Indeed, education and mentoring  are key to helping children  mired in the hand to mouth  lifeftyle of poverty,   see that  bettering their lives is possible. The benefits of employing these college students goes far beyond the income that the jobs provide as their accomplishments also position them as peer mentors for  the disadvantaged children who participate in our Champey Academy's art, dance and music programs.  It is staggering to consider the impact that some of these kids must feel when they can see that  their  peer  mentors are actually  in college  and to realize that one day, that could also be them !

Your support has allowed us to pay for tuition and books for our students and  create one more " success link" in a chain of actions needed  to  enable these young people to continue to move forward in achieving  our main goal for them of helping them to break the cycle of inherited poverty.

Our heartfelt thanks on behalf of all of our program's participants for your past and continued support.


Barbara & Mark Rosasco

Jan 19, 2016

Our new college graduate !

Our college program currently serves 11 students. We are so proud that one of our students graduated this past  year. Sdoeurn,  graduated in October 2015 with a degree in accounting. Her ultimate dream is to become CPA .

Mark recently visited her familiy in Prey Veng. The family is of extremely modest means, even by local Cambodian rural standards, so much so, that the family relies on accessing basic amenities, such as a restroom,  with a neighboring family. Most adults in her neighborhood have little education and many are illiterate. Sdoeurn's family farms a small plot for rice.

Sdoeurn came to our attention as a result of our dance program at Baphnom District High School in rural Prey Veng province. Baphnom High School has a student population of about 2500 students who come from throughout the district of Prey Veng.  Kasumisou Foundation has, for the past several years sponsored a modest dance program in traditional Khmer ( Cambodian ) dance  for 30-35 students. It is worth noting that many students attending the district high school walk or ride bikes along dirt roads for several miles , some coming as many as 5 miles to attend school.

Sdoeurn was one of several graduating high school students in the dance program at Baphnom High School who had approached Kasumisou Foundation to see if there was any way that we could help them continue on to attend college. Graduation from high school in Cambodia is quite an accomplishment in and of itself, as it is estimated that only 40% of all students graduate from high school.

Determined to attend college, Sdoeurn and her family borrowed money against their small farm to help her  get a start in her college studies. She began attending classes in the autumn of 2012 and in January 2013 we started our college program, helping her and a few other determined new high school graduates to begin college.

During her college years , Sdoeurn worked as a junior dance teacher at our Champey Academy. Her modest earnings helped her to support herself . She shared a room with a roommate, with her share of of rent and utilities costing about $40 per month . Her staff job at Champey not only provided income but also helped to provide her with food: we provide rice and cooking facilities at Champey and each one of the staff chip in $0.50 per day (2000 riel) to buy some cooked food from a market stall which they then all share.

For the comning year Sdoeurn will work full time as a book keeper in our Jobs for Youth Program at our project, Champey Academy,  where she will be building a work resume in her field to move her forward professionally to a better position.

Sdoeurn continues in her efforts  to achieve her dream of becoming a CPA. Your support of this program has been vitally important in helping her and other students like her to move forward and break the cycle of inherited poverty.

We are deeply grateful to you all for your generous support and we are so very proud of our new college graduate, Sdoeurn.

Barbara & Mark Rosasco


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