Oct 7, 2019

Congratulations are in order !

Ms. S
Ms. S

Great news for one of our students! 

As we had previously reported, the path to entering into a full time college program can be a challenging and  multi-step process. One key qualification is that students must pass the national high school examination to obtain  a high school diploma. It is estimated that about only about 65% of students pass the rigorous national exam on their first try ,  leaving many students to try again. Another challenge  is that the exam is held only once per year, which can mean putting life on hold  as students take time to study.

Our student, Ms.  S, age 22  had not passed the exam  last year and so she could not enter a bachelors degree program directly but instead would need  to enroll in a Associates Degree program. Upon completion of an AA degree, she would be allowed admission to a full bachelor degree program.

Over the past year, Ms. S has continued to study English and other courses at night in preparation to re-take the national exam and at the same time working full time at Champey Academy.

We are thrilled to report that Ms. S took her exam in August and she  has just learned that she   passed the national exam which  will allow her to enter college as a bachelor degree candidate.

We are very proud of our new graduate who has worked hard to achieve this milestone. Ms. S has grown up in Kasumisou Foundation programs and she  has , over these many years ,  always been cheerful ,positive showing  a wonderful " can do" attitude as she continues to conquer new challenges.   The steady and persistent support by our program of  Ms. S and our other students allows them the opportunity to work toward a much brighter future. 

Your generous  donations to our program offers these students the opportunity to break the cycle of inherited poverty and work toward building a new life.

We are deeply grateful to you for your support.

Barbara &  Mark Rosasco

Aug 26, 2019

Daily life.....

Our AIDS Patient Family Support Program  provide the 18  fragile families who remain  in our program , with  modest, bare bones living assistance.  Determining the amount of  financial assistance  is complex, taking into consideration actual expenses like  rent, utilities food as well as unexpected needs, such a  medical or other family emergency.  Beyond the actual cost factors, we also have to look at the ability of a family or family member to contribute to their living expenses through regular or  occasional work. Budgets overall and by necessity are tight and extremely modest. The monthly total   program costs per family currently range from $150 to $200.  A recent  hospital visit for one program participant  added another $ 130 .

It is now estimated, by our staff on the ground,   that it costs about 10,000 riel  ( about $ 2.50 ) per day per person  for food, which totals about $75 per  month per person. Current  “ official” statistics  estimate food inflation at 3% per year, but numbers like these can often be stated to represent a desired political message that may not reflect the purchasing power of real people.  Program food subsidies  currently range from $50 to $ 70 per household. Our long held policy is that families need to try to contribute to their own support whenever possible, but each family situation is unique. For example, in cases where there is but a single person in the household whose health does not support any sort of employment income, we will determine the amount of  additional support that may be needed. Consequently, we  have  raised some food allowances in recent months  and we continue to evaluate the subsidies that we provide each family in the program.

In memory

We recently lost a member in our program family.   Ms.  S. who had AIDS,  came to us 17 years ago from a Catholic program  in Phnom Penh, where she had been treated for other medical reasons. Ms. S was in her mid 40’s when she passed away. Her numerous health programs did not allow her to work. Our program allowed her to live and die  with simple dignity.  Her ashes have been returned to her hometown in the countryside.

Your kind and generous donations support  the fragile  families remaining in our program to live in dignity in  a modest , simple lifestyle and to assist  them in their final journey at the end of their days.

Barbara & Mark Rosasco

Aug 13, 2019

Art in action and Little x Little matching campaign Aug 12~ 16

" Bustin' a move !
" Bustin' a move !

We are always so proud  to show  photos of our students all  dressed up  for performance .... but there is of course, another side to our students. 

For our project update we are attaching some photos of our students in action.  It can take hours just to get a particular movement just right . Here are photos of some of our students " busting a move" as they work toward improving and perfecting their skills.

Student programs at our Champey Academy provide  " at risk " children and youth with a safe space to learn about their rich heritage of art, dance and music as well as providing hours of fun,  friendship and mentoring.  These wonderful programs are only possible due to the kind generosity of our donors.

Little x Little Matching donation campaign

This week, August 12~ 16 , GlobalGiving has a Little x Little campaign which celebrates the  significant role that small donations play in the success of small non-profits like  Kasumisou Foundation.  There is a 50% match on a per organization basis  on new donations up to $ 50, with "Superstar" ranked projects like ours eligible for another 10%. We realize that you may have  recently made a donation, so please do not feel obgligated to participate, but of course, if it fits... then we would be very grateful. 

One last thing - you can help  us to  spread the word about our work and continue to grow our community of supporters like you. If you’re willing to share the story of our work with your network, we’d be incredibly grateful.if you forward our progress report to a friend. 

Warm regards and sincere thanks, 

Barbara  & Mark  

sharing the stage
sharing the stage
positioned for success
positioned for success
sounds of music
sounds of music
artists in the making
artists in the making
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