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Jul 9, 2020


Dear everyone,

You are welcome to another edition if this report. It is late because of the crises that we are experiencing. Another problem is that we were totally cut from the internet together with electricity which was difficult for us to charge our phones.

We are glad to report that upon the destruction of schools as a result of this crises, our school was not affected. We are also happy that because of the calmness where the school is located, we were able to keep on preparing some classes that were not yet ready for use by putting ceiling boards. We were also able to keep the school yard clean and tidy while waiting for eventual peace to return so that as children are resuming school, we will not have any difficulty.

One of the wall that was affected by heavy was also put in place and erosion controled. As such, we are ready to keep on making the structure more conducive while expecting the school to resume by September.

We appreciate our donors very much because this project is an outstanding project from it looks and from it quality. As soon as peace refret and schools resume, we will be able to have more children than before. This is because with the recent situation we are registering more orphans and vulnerable children ready to be admitted.

We sincerely thank our donors and well wishes and those yet to donate because we are providing education to the less previledge who could have not acquired any education without us. Your donations are giving permanent impart which will be use for anloa  lasting period in helping the less previledge ones.

May God bless you abundantly for your sutas we still request that you continue making another donation or promote this project for us. We pray to have electricity so as to attach pictures in our next report because we are using but a phone for now. 


Jul 6, 2020

Progress report of Empowerwomen in the rural Cameroon.

Dear Donors,

You are again welcome to another edition of the report. 

We have continued to assist these women even with the local resources in addition to your financial support without which we cannot do anything reasonble.

With your support we have been able to follow up women idps and those in the bushes who had to run for safety.  

Thank you very much for your financial support and we are doing our best by continuing to help these needy women with the available resources.

As the situation is calm now, some of them have started coming back from.bushed even though most their homes have been burnt and properties destroyed. We therefor have a lot to do if we ate financially viable. 

Infact the situation is terrible and very sympathetic. We are at work and hope to do much if we are supported.

We wish to thank all of you for the previous support and would be happy if you would consider another donation or promote this project in your various plat forms.

May God continue to bless you all.


Jul 6, 2020

Progress report of Help Takija build a nuresy school

Dear brother and sisters,

Accept greetings from Takija Community.  I am glad to report that the situation in Takijah as reported last time is  a bit calm and our home base programe regarding the nursery education is going own very well.

As reported last time we have been able to intensify our home base nursery programme and most of the participants even though at the heart of crises and war zone,  these children were not left behind without beind drilled or given some basic lessons in their various groups  in the hinterlands.

Burning of homes, loating and destruction of property has been greatly reduced and we are looking forward for peace to come so that we can get the children back to school.

Takijah population was highly destroyed because it is situation along the highway where separaties fighters hang around before fighting with the military.  As such they sufferered a lot  as much was damaged as a way forward to fight the separaties.

we are actually very grateful to all of you who have donated to the project so far.  we are really looking forward for peace to come so that we can finalize the structure and put in place Benches  to put up our final report.

Now that the area has peace, we are expecting any wellwishers to help us complete the building and get it set for September resuMption of schools as we  hope and pray.

kindly promote this project for us to compete it as soon as possible to get it realy for the kids  come Sepember 2020.

May   God the almighty bless all of you as you reconsider another donation to complete yours cause which you had chosen.


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